Seeing a Clinician at the CSCH Clinic

 The Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism offers a supervised student clinic that is open to the public. 
We have 22 new student clinicians joining us this year who will be ready to start seeing clients on September 27th, 2021. Read more about the clinic process below, and call us at 720-406-8609 (ext 2) to schedule time with one of our student clinicians. 

Clients come to us for a myriad of reasons, including nutritional guidance, support for addressing food intolerances, respiratory health, immune support, reproductive health, and metabolic balancing. For diagnosed conditions, our student clinicians are trained to work with other healthcare professionals as part of a team._________

The CSCH Clinic offers a safe and inclusive space for all. Intake appointments are two hours long and during this time client history, diet, lifestyle, sleep, exercise, health issues, and goals are discussed. We look for health patterns in each individual person and offer education, support, and guidance for making positive changes. We recognize that everybody is unique and has different goals and needs. We do not diagnose or treat diseases.

After the first session, the clinician researches and writes up the client’s case. The case is presented to supervising faculty and their clinical colleagues during a clinical round table. All personal information is confidential and cases are presented anonymously. During round table, other students and faculty ask questions, give suggestions, and provide additional viewpoints.

Based on information from the intake session, research, and feedback, the clinician creates individualized support and educational materials for the client, and they meet for a follow-up discussion. This may include information on nutrition and dietary adjustments, supplements, sleep hygiene, stress-reduction exercises, herbal support, flower essences, and more. This may also include a referral to another healthcare provider if we believe this would benefit the client or if any ‘red flags’ indicate that medical attention is advisable.

After the intake and follow-up session, clients have the information they need to make progress with their health. Some clients continue to see a clinician for regular follow-up appointments, usually every 2-4 weeks or so. This provides accountability and allows us to fine-tune our guidance as our clients move toward greater health and vitality, one step at a time.

Clients have the option to meet with student clinicians in person or over Zoom. We welcome clients over the age of two. All are welcome at our clinic. CSCH and the clinic adhere strongly to practices grounded in diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Clinic visit are $35 per hour.

Clinician Bios | 2021-2022 

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