Clinician Bios

Each clinician at the Evergreen Center is a Certified Herbalist with at least 800 classroom hours in nutrition, herbalism, and related topics.

Our student clinicians are currently taking clients. Please call the clinic at 720-406-8609 to set up an appointment.


Cynthia Killingbeck

Cynthia is a Clinical Herbalist, Nutritionist, and Flower Essence Practitioner at the Evergreen Center Clinic. As a Clinician, she brings her intuition, attention to detail, and passion for deep healing through plants and nature. She grew up in Colorado camping and hiking as much as she could. The beauty, magic, and power of nature and reconnecting to it have been a lifelong path for her.

Her spiritual journey brought her even closer to plants and their medicine. She gardens and works with the Earth in all Her cycles. She loves to work with plants and make medicine with them. Plants have their own language and she is always working to become more fluent and understanding of their needs and the gifts they offer us through their energetics, and physical medicine. She believes in a synergistic approach to healing by utilizing the whole plant as she also works with the whole person.   She believes the healing of our emotional body, our physical body, and our spiritual body is the key to complete wellness. Her areas of interest include digestive health, stress management, allergens, women’s health, and emotional stability.

In her life outside of CSCH Cynthia is a certified Warrior Goddess Training Facilitator. Through this training, she has honed the ability to hold space for others in non-judgment and support others through their shared troubles and the trials of life. She works through book groups and classes that facilitate and help women in healing and empowerment in the Warrior Goddess Way.

When she came to the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism Cynthia truly found her calling, a genuine connection with helping others through the Vitalist path. Cynthia takes a practical, compassionate, and whole being approach with her clients. In a world of stress, and overwhelm, she works to help guide her clients to wellness, and balance in their lives. Cynthia believes in a deep inner connectedness between all Life on the planet, that we all have a vital force and that sometimes it can be blocked or its flow diminished and with a little help and intentional support it can be awakened and nourished to flow. Blessed Be.

She looks forward to helping you in any way she can.

Courtney Hughes

Courtney is an herbalist at the Evergreen Center at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism.  She has a passion for natural health and believes that true healing comes from within.  Courtney understands that the body has an infinite capacity to heal and when obstacles are removed and the right environment is created, the body and soul can thrive.

Courtney’s journey to Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism began at a young age.  She grew up surrounded by healers and as a child read medical texts for fun.  Being exposed to many different modalities such as nursing, nutrition, herbalism, massage, reflexology and reiki as a child greatly influenced Courtney’s life.  She knew she would end up in a healing field.

Courtney holds a BA in psychology from the University of Tennessee.  Early on in her professional life she became a social worker.  Courtney spent several years in Chicago working with foster children, stabilizing placements in foster homes. In 2006 she felt the call to come to Colorado and while working on her own health issues she began delving deeper into herbalism and nutrition.

Courtney’s core areas of interest include autoimmune disease, thyroid disease, food intolerances, stress management, women and children’s health and transitional phases of life.

You can contact her at

Sarah Cisneros

Sarah is a Clinical Herbalist, Clinical Nutritionist, and Flower Essence Practitioner at the Evergreen Center. Her adoration for plants started very early as she ran around in the forests she was raised in. The Colorado mountains have been her home her entire life. Her family has always been avid outdoorsmen and women, always making sure to spend as much time as they could getting out in the wilderness. This developed her great respect for nature and nature’s gifts.

As she grew older, Sarah began integrating more and more natural ways of healing. Always feeling drawn to help others, she blends intuition and knowledge in her practice. She wants to help clients be the best they can be, ready to assist with the many layers of healing. Equipping clients with ways to improve their lives.

When not in nature or working with her herbs, Sarah can also be found racing dirt bikes. With seven years of racing under her belt, she has acquired knowledge in helping extreme sports participants in a multitude of ways. These ways include nutritional and emotional support and physical body healing. She also has an area of focus on anxiety. Having raced, she knows the anxiety concerns extreme sports athletes may experience.

To contact and set up a consultation, please email her at


Sarah Troupes

Sarah has a deep passion for helping others wake up to their full vitality and potential. She works to inspire people to see the light in their own eyes and remember they are worthy of feeling the best they possibly can. She blends knowledge with intuition in her practice and uses her training in nutrition as well as anatomy and physiology to help her clients. She is a firm believer that diet and lifestyle play an enormous role in our health and if we learn to nourish the body from the inside out, we can create space for transformative healing.

Sarah got her start with herbal medicine when she lived and apprenticed with a Native medicine woman in Taos, New Mexico for six months several years ago. Her style of practice is one that honors the plant spirit and mind-body connection. She believes there is sacred and ceremony woven throughout daily life, it’s just a matter of opening ourselves up to it. She practices mindfulness, gentleness and works to operate from a heart-centered place. She is drawn to deep, authentic conversations that allow people to share the medicine of their hearts.

Her academic background comes from her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology she received from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She has since worked on organic herb farms in Oregon and New Mexico and has let the plants be her teachers.

Sarah is fascinated by the connection between gut health and mental health. Thus, some of her areas of focus include gut health, anxiety, depression, flower essences, insomnia, stress management, trauma and beyond.

Outside of the Evergreen Center, Sarah can be found working at Rebecca’s Apothecary, attending ecstatic dances, hiking in the mountains, or near a body of water. Sarah is excited to offer her full presence, deep listening and compassion to anyone that has a desire to enhance their well being. She looks forward to meeting you where you’re at on your journey.

You can contact her at with any questions.


Hannah Michaels

Hannah Michaels is a Clinical Herbalist, Nutritionist, and Flower Essence Practitioner at the Evergreen Center. As a clinician, She primarily focuses on nutrition, herbs, and lifestyle changes in her approach. She is also passionate about helping people address emotional imbalances with flower essences. After attending many seminars and studying nutrition and holistic health practices independently for 10 years, Hannah began her formal studies in herbalism, nutrition, and pathophysiology. Hannah has always held a deep love for the wild and feels she has found her calling to empower others to heal themselves using methods in tune with nature. She has also studied Ayurveda and received her yoga teacher certification at Manitou Yoga School.

Looking beyond the physical aspect, Hannah encourages joining the mind, body, and spirit to maintain health. She believes the body has an innate and conscious intelligence that can heal itself. Hannah can provide breathwork techniques as well as mindfulness practices in her guidance. She provides a safe space to be your raw and real self and will meet you where you are. She listens to your personal health goals and inspires you to follow a plan that suits you and your life. Being a mother has made Hannah passionate about supporting other caretakers. She offers strategies in how to take care of ourselves while caring for others. She can also offer support in finding ways to overcome challenges that arise in a household when making lifestyle changes for individual needs.

Hannah is studying to specialize in autoimmune conditions, children’s health, and food intolerances. In addition, she has a particular interest in the connection between emotional health and physical health and is excited to dive into the practice of unveiling these connections.

Hannah has a bubbly personality that embodies playfulness. She enjoys field botany, gardening, crafting, and medicine making. It fills Hannah’s heart to pass on the knowledge she has acquired. She guides herb walks to teach others about edible and medicinal plants on the trail or growing out of the sidewalk. Hannah currently works at her local apothecary in Salida, CO supporting her community in using nutrition, herbs, and flower essences to achieve health.

Hannah wants to connect with you and join you on your journey! To schedule an appointment with Hannah, contact her at


Kathryn Delaney

Kathryn is a Clinical Herbalist, Nutritionist and Flower Essence Practitioner at the Evergreen Center, at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. Prior to studying Advanced Herbalism at CSCH, her experience within the field of holistic health was rooted in Clinical Aromatherapy, raw food preparation, and healing foods preparation.  As a clinician at the Evergreen Center, Kathryn brings her attention to detail through observation, ability to listen on a deeper level, appreciation for the body’s expression, and an investigative interest.  She believes that by listening and being watchful of the body and how it carries itself, along with tracking our daily rituals and routines, it allows for a deeper understanding of one’s state of wellness and where it would be most useful to set the attention toward self-care.

Kathryn’s interest in plant medicine began at a young age when she realized she had sensitivities to chemicals commonly used in products such as fabric detergent and soap. This led to the discovery of one of her first plant allies, essential oils.  Moved by the concept that essential oils have the ability to affect multiple levels of our being, what first provided a non-irritating alternative way to scent herself, laid a pathway into a study of the human body and holistic wellness. After years of her own study and learning medicine making skills, she went on to earn her Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy at the Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy in 2010. While in the Clinical Aromatherapy program she developed a series of Chakra Oils as a meditation tool to help people access and understand their energetic system. Her holistic practice is called Roots of Alchemy, LLC; She also makes all-natural body care and face care products through her company, Bolder Botanicals.

Kathryn’s reverence for the power of herbs and food as a primary source of healing was deeply anchored after her mother passed away at the age of 56, nearly ten years ago. After losing her mother, and months of being depressed and eating only minimally, Kathryn began to consider food as a possible route to finding her well-being. Taking purposeful steps in this direction created a shift in her awareness around self-care. She went on to study Healing Diets and Herbalism at the School of Natural Medicine.  It was during her study here that she decided to pursue a deeper study with herbs, and through kismet timing and manifestation of a heartfelt wish, found herself studying Medical Herbalism at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism.

In addition to her herbal interests, Kathryn has also studied astrology, numerology, and tarot as self-development tools and hand-drew her own tarot deck as part of a ten-year apprenticeship. She weaves imagery with words to allow for a story to open up possibility. Through life’s trials and storms, she has come to witness the mystery of the journey and how often our perceived weakness can lend light which allows one to find their greatest resources of strength.  This intersection between our mind, body, emotions, and spirit, lays the foundation for our vital force to actualize.

Kathryn developed a deep love for the mysteries and wisdom of the natural world at an early age.  She grew up in Boulder, Colorado and has enjoyed a history of hiking and camping throughout the Front Range.

Her core areas of clinical interest include skin issues, musculoskeletal concerns, digestive concerns, anxiety and stress management, pain management, nervous system support, restorative formulations, food elimination guidance and support, the emotional thread within wellness, and food preparation assistance, in addition to others.

When not at the Evergreen Center, Kathryn can be found: dancing, sewing, hiking, tending to her vegetable garden, medicine making, and working with her distiller.

Kathryn has received her Bachelor’s of Arts in Environmental Studies, and Bachelor’s of Science in Journalism, at the University of Colorado, in 2002. She is also licensed as a NIA teacher, which is a somatic movement practice. Passionate about wellness and essential oil safety, she built Esenta, the Aromaticum App as a reference to guide people in the safe and practical use of essential oils.

To set up a consultation with Kathryn, contact her at


Samantha Grant

Samantha Grant is a Clinical Herbalist, Nutritionist and Flower Essence Practitioner at the Evergreen Center at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. Samantha learned to garden at a young age and was surrounded by her family’s fruitful gardens which sparked her relationship with plants. Having grown up in the mountains of Colorado, she feels immense gratitude for Mother Earth and the many gifts she has to offer us.

Samantha attended school at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ where the Arizona dessert meets the montane. This unique ecotone provided her with a spectacular playground to explore and learn. Along the way, she discovered her love for human connection, health, and wellness. She long thought her calling was for Physical Therapy where she could help people heal physically, but soon found that this therapy, while a rewarding service, was limiting her desire to promote wellness from a whole-body perspective. After moving back to Colorado she discovered Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism and immersed herself in the plant world that had been calling to her all along.

Samantha’s interest in holistic health is rooted in the desire to deepen our connection with the earth and manifest the vital energy that exists within us. She believes in the body’s innate ability to heal and she promotes nutrition through food, plant medicine and lifestyle techniques to boost vitality and awaken the healing powers. She supports her clients’ journey toward total wellness and finding balance in all aspects of their lives. Samantha is thrilled to have the opportunity to share this knowledge with her community. She hopes to help spread love and reverence for this earth while also creating a safe and sacred space for her clients to blossom and grow.

To contact Samantha and make an appointment, you can email her at


Theresa Canosa

Theresa is currently enrolled as a Clinical Herbalist, Nutritionist and Flower Essence Practitioner at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. She always had an affinity for the healing arts but chose to take the long, scenic route to pursue her passion. After graduating from the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia, she moved to NYC and started a career in corporate retail as a Buyer for Macy’s. As she continued to work her way up the corporate ladder, she found herself feeling uninspired and depleted. In an effort to restore her health and create more fulfillment in her life, Theresa began to seek out alternative therapies and career paths. In March of 2017, she took a leap of faith and moved to Colorado to clear her head and rethink a better path to happiness. It didn’t take long before she discovered the power of plant medicine and the importance of following your heart and believing in yourself.

Theresa is dedicated to helping others recalibrate their lives to achieve deeper alignment with themselves and their environment. She uses a vitalist approach to restore balance by gently removing obstacles and allowing the natural healing process to take place. Theresa also works as an Herbalist at Rebecca’s Apothecary in Boulder where she enjoys mixing her business background with her passion for plant medicine. In her free time, she loves being with family and friends, playing and listening to music, connecting with nature and expressing creative energy through activities such as dancing, knitting, cooking, and yoga. She looks forward to offering a safe, supportive space to help others reclaim their health, reconnect with themselves, and move forward into the world with more vitality and intention. Theresa believes deeply in the therapies that have helped her to heal and is passionate about sharing them with others.

To set up an appointment with Theresa, you can email her directly at or call the Evergreen Center at 720-406-8609.


Prema Amrita

Prema is a Clinical Herbalist, Clinical Nutritionist, and Flower Essence Practitioner at The Evergreen Center Clinic at CSCH. She is the founder of prema + wellness an all-inclusive wellness practice located in Old Town Lafayette, Colorado. She holds certifications as a Birth Doula + Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula, Energy Healer with various healing modalities, and is also a Culinary Nutritionist + Personal Chef.  Prema’s journey began with her own health; as a cancer survivor, food became her medicine, faith became her strength, and determination became her inspiration.

Since beginning her botanical, nutritional and clinical journey, Prema has experienced a huge transformation in her relationship with food.  After nine years in remission and struggling with a restrictive diet, she has learned how to cook flavorful meals with limited ingredients.  A painful experience brought Prema a beautiful blessing, and an inspiration to share it.  She is passionate about educating others while helping them feel supported during a food elimination process.

As a Culinary Nutritionist and a Personal Chef, Prema is passionate about using food and herbs as medicine. She loves to cook vibrant, delicious, nourishing foods.  She offers private cooking classes and education, label education, meal preparation, and pantry organization. She specializes in supporting the microbiome, support and education with food intolerances-elimination diets, healing trauma, rare disorders, deep soul healing, flower essence + spagyric alchemy, fertility, preconception nourishment and preparation, and birth and postnatal education and services.

Prema offers women’s wellness and self-care community gatherings in her private practice. Prema is passionate about healing the gut and offering support with leaky gut, autoimmune disorders, insulin resistance, Lyme disease, and cancer survivors. Prema celebrates all of her dietary sensitivities. She inspires others to celebrate their life and sensitivities.

To learn more about Prema visit and

We invite you to feel deeply nurtured and supported.  To schedule an appointment with Prema,  please email

Lauren Cannon

Lauren is a Clinical Herbalist, Flower Essence Practitioner, and Nutritionist at The Evergreen Center Clinic at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. She grew up near Lake Erie in New York spending time by the water and feeling enchanted by the beauty of the earth around her. At age 20 she decided to make the leap to Colorado to study environmental science and to connect more deeply with this magnificent land. After feeling dissatisfied with this path, she had what felt like an ah-ha! moment when she found CSCH and discovered what she truly wants to do with her life- she wants to be a clinical herbalist.

Her passion for this mountainous landscape runs deep, and she hopes to incorporate our abundant local plant medicines into her practice. She finds herself constantly in awe of the gifts the earth gives us, one of the greatest gifts being medicinal plants. Her goal in life is to never stop learning, particularly in the healing arts. She is deeply inspired by the medicine people that surround her and is excited to step into this lineage of healers.

As a clinician, her goal is to hold space for her clients with softness, deep listening, and compassion. She believes strongly that the state of the emotional body influences the wellness or dis-ease of the physical body, and vice versa. In the words of Henry Lindlahr, “Every thought and every emotion has its direct effect upon the physical constituents of the body. The mental and emotional vibrations become physical vibrations and structures. Discord in the mind is translated into physical disease in the body, while the harmonies of hope, faith, cheerfulness, happiness, love, and altruism create in the organism the corresponding health vibrations…” (Lindlahr, 1913, p. 27).

With this in mind, she intends to support her clients on an emotional as well as a physical level to help them uncover their most vital, joyful, radiant selves. In addition to supporting her clients with flower essences, Lauren is interested in women’s health, optimizing digestion, and supporting the nervous system through herbal and nutritional protocols.

Outside of the Evergreen Center, Lauren works at Apothecary Tinctura in Denver where connecting with people and creating custom herbal formulas for them brings her immense joy. As a clinician, she is looking forward to working with her personal clients long term to facilitate deep healing. Her goal is to guide her clients on their healing journey and witness their vitality soar!

In her free time, you can find Lauren walking through the forest, hiking to mountain peaks, exploring different art modalities, or enjoying the sounds of nature in her Evergreen home with her furry friend.

You can contact her at to schedule a consultation. Lauren is looking forward to meeting with you!

Amber Wood

Amber is a clinical herbalist and nutritionist at the Evergreen Center. From a very young age, she became interested in health and nutrition, and she has spent much of her life exploring different ways of using food, herbs, and exercise to bring balance and vitality to the body and spirit. She believes that with the support of herbs, diet and lifestyle changes can create the space our bodies require to heal themselves.

Growing up in the rural south surrounded by wild spaces and deep woods, Amber has always been a lover of nature. She worked as a gardener in the Boulder area for the last five years where she gained a deeper understanding of and appreciation for natural cycles and the innate wisdom of plants. During her first year at CSCH, Amber was delighted to discover the abundance of edible wild plants that surround us. She believes that by learning about and using local plants as food and medicine, we can re-establish our connection to the earth, to ourselves, and to one another.

Amber received a liberal arts education from Berry College where she studied Religion, Philosophy, and Women’s Studies. She holds an MA in Religious Studies from the University of Colorado with emphases in Native American Traditions and the female experience within Native communities. She works as an herbalist at Little Herbal Apothecary in Lafayette. Her core areas of interest include digestive health, chronic and acute pain, diet and exercise, stress management, and fortifying the immune system.

Amber brings compassion, deep listening, and attention to detail to her work as a clinician. She looks forward to holding space for you and supporting you on your path to health! You can contact her at

Melody Baum

Melody Baum is a Clinical Herbalist, Nutritionist, and Flower Essence practitioner at the Evergreen Center, as well as a registered nurse licensed in Colorado.  She has thirty plus years of nursing experience and currently works in the Emergency Department of a small rural hospital. She is a student member of the American Herbalist Guild.

Melody was drawn to herbalism after watching multiple family members struggle with cancer, and seeing the devastating effects of allopathic cancer treatments, even when they were successful.  Herbalism dove-tailed into her lifetime practices of food preservation, gardening, and cooking from scratch. She believes that an herbalist has an amazing opportunity to educate, advise, and encourage people that are struggling or lost in the labyrinth of their disease symptoms.  Melody is especially interested in the treatment of chronic pain and chronic inflammation.

She lives with her husband on their ranch on the eastern plains, where they raise beef cattle, chickens, and a large garden.  You can contact her at


Anna Reusink

Anna is a clinical herbalist and a flower essence practitioner. Arriving at herbalism by way of non-profit work, social advocacy, and an earth-shattering cosmic wake-up call, she hopes to weave all her worlds into one place one day. She holds a B.A. in psychology from Willamette University, Salem, Oregon, writing her thesis on the psychology of sustainability. She has spent a good portion of the past ten years as a counselor, teacher, and wanderer.  Her first introduction to herbal medicine was a bottled Ginseng she received while in Seoul, Korea.

Anna founds her practice on the idea that true healing starts at the corner of telling your story. Where does it begin? As raw, unfinished and incomplete: who is holding the pen? Whether you need acute healing or a long-term wellness plan, there is a place for plant medicine in your life. As a clinician, Anna hopes to hold a gentle and nurturing space to help you put your health back into your hands.  She incorporates western herbalism, flower essences, nutrition, deep listening, and the principles of nature cure into her practice. Her approach to herbal medicine is holistic and progressive. Greek god of healing and hero herbalist Asclepius of Thessaly said it best with “first the word, then the plant, lastly the knife”.

While Anna has some experience with OCD anxiety/depression, relationship traumas, and stress management, her clinical interests are always with the underdogs, misfits, and those nearly flattened by trauma, but not quite. Whomever they may be!

You can contact Anna at


Julie DeVilbiss

Born and raised in Carbondale, Colorado Julie discovered the beauty and art of plant-based healing after 14 years of working as a highly specialized and hospital-based registered nurse. After stumbling into a plant walk in her neighbor’s backyard, she immediately recognized the sophistication and science of plant-based medicine as well as the high level of education of the Herbalist who was leading the plant walk.

That experience rang down into Julie’s bones as a calling to switch gears and become a Medical Herbalist. For the last 4 years, she has applied herself to the study of both science-based and traditional use of plant medicines. She believes that human beings and plants evolved together, and therefore that the human body is able to immediately recognize, utilize and respond to whole plant medicine better than most any other medicine that is currently available.

With over a decade of experience as an RN, Julie brings a broad understanding of acute and chronic health issues to her new clinical practice as a Medical Herbalist. As a passionate and intuitive clinician, wild-crafter and medicine maker, she works with a wide range of clients and plant-based medicines. Julie is honored and grateful to be a student clinician at the Evergreen Center and invites you to come in for a consultation. She looks forward to formulating, blending and customizing a formula just for you! Come see how plant-based medicine can guide you toward greater health and vitality!

Se habla Espanol! Bienvenidos!

I can be reached at, or by phone 720-729-0014.


Altaire Cambata

As Rumi so beautifully expressed, “Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself.” Altaire believes strongly in the miraculous unfolding that occurs in our lives, our families, our communities and the world at large when we choose a path of conscious well-being. As an herbalist her goal is to elevate her clients’ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health so that their vitality may radiate into all of their endeavors, allowing each individual to connect more fluidly with their unique passions and potential. Altaire believes that by finding flow in our bodies we can uncover effortless alignment in our relationships, our work and our explorations of ourselves.

Together, Altaire and her clients learn how to nourish the body’s restorative processes in order to reverse stress-related issues such as insomnia, hormonal imbalances, mood disorders, insulin resistance, digestive complaints, poor immune function, skin conditions, and nutrient deficiencies. She is passionate about energetic tools for clearing trauma from the emotional body in order to access more expansive life experiences. She is also interested in enhancing cognitive function, using herbal and vitalist therapeutics to access “flow” states and increased mental clarity. By serving as a mediator between plants and people, she hopes to unlock her clients’ innate vibrancy while introducing them to the wonders of the natural world.

Before studying to become an herbalist, Altaire cultivated a rich career working in the non-profit sector on issues of climate change and international development for institutions such as The United Nations and The World Wildlife Fund. Although she loved the content and scope of her work, she noticed how the unique stressors of modern living and the exhausting nature of professional and social environments took a serious toll on the ability of individuals to thrive, inevitably affecting program success. It was then she realized that inner vitality is a direct link to the vitality of everything we do and experience, allowing us to take our passions and pursuits to entirely new levels. Altaire takes every opportunity to study ethnobotanical knowledge from around the world, building a global repertoire of nature-based wisdom from which to draw inspiration, fully surrendering to the life-long learning that comes with befriending the plant kingdom. She is a Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner —an ancient Hawaiian method of conflict resolution based on using one’s own energy to solve problems rather than relying on the energy of others. She is also currently training in Past Life Regression Methodologies to help guide individuals through their soul journey. She has a B.A in Anthropology and an MSc. in Climate Change and International Development. In her spare time, she enjoys making art, world travel, volunteering for marine conservation initiatives when possible and laughing with friends.

Learn more about Altaire at and contact to set up an appointment.


Bryan Greenan

Growing up in Spring Creek Nevada amongst the Ruby mountains, Bryan spent his youth connecting to the far-reaching landscape that Nevada’s public lands have to offer. This initiated his immersion into hiking, rock climbing, and exploring the abundant gifts that mother nature has to offer. During his 22 years of exploring the vastness of Nevada, he taught himself certain primitive skills that he has been able to translate into living a simplistic lifestyle.

At the University of Nevada Reno, he studied Neuroscience and Biology which inspired him to focus on neurological conditions ranging from neurodegenerative diseases to traumatic brain injuries. Bryan believes that stress and inflammation in our daily lives are a root cause of many diseases that arise in our contemporary culture.  After college, Bryan traveled the country for a couple of years which brought him to Asheville, North Carolina. He was lucky enough to be immersed in a community that introduced him to the vitalistic approach that herbal and fungal therapeutics can have on the human body. After a transcendent experience living in the Blue Ridge Mountain, Bryan decided to move to Colorado to get involved in the supportive agricultural community that this state has to offer.

For the past five years, Bryan has been working and living on sustainable organic farms to strengthen his relationship with the importance of knowing where one’s food comes from and how that food affects their general health. He specializes in Herbal and nutritional therapeutics to support a healthy gut flora and its symbiotic relationship to the central nervous system. His primary focus has been on healing the central nervous system, especially when working with cases involving anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy, and various other neurological conditions.

Bryan looks forward to holding space for your story and supporting your quest for health. You can contact Bryan directly at



AkilKuumba Began his Herbal journey as an offshoot of his passion for the Lords Tabernacle, Nature. Growing up in the small big city, of Denver Colorado he is grateful for his exposer to the Original world as most of his pears were not inclined to seek out what lies below the concrete. Before there was any talk of providing healing work for others, AkilKuumba sought to heal his own essence. Being a young man, it was not vitality that was lacking but instead a relationship with the Most High, or in other words a Healthy, and Balanced temple. Through extensive time spent unraveling the spiral, AkilKuumba has been able to stitch and patch himself into a whole Holy Human Being here for the work of blessing all others with their own complete design.

AkilKuumba work with plants began studying under a local Women, who practiced the Divine and Ancient art of collecting wild edible foods, also known as forging. Completely amazed by the power in the hills his zeal for the earth was a tinderbox that exploded with the Highest satisfaction, LOVE. Soon, his knowledge base expanded from foods of the earth, into the complex medicines that share a Mother and Father.

AkilKuumba, coming through school filled his cup many times over, allowing a reservoir to be created out of his essence or a watering hole for all who thirst. His experience is in working with the underserved public, those who seek refuge in the wings of the good. AkilKuumba is not new to the healing process, first gaining experience street vending in the intercity of Denver, as well as practicing in a local African goods store. He is Blessed, Grateful, and Honored for each experience that has brought one to this point at the Evergreen center.

AkilKuumba would be Honored to aid one in becoming healthier, Balanced, and Aligned together. Truly all Healing is a Blessing from the Most High, as even any gift in his possession is only a blessing from the Father, and true healer of this creation.  AkilKuumba will no doubt try his best using the eternal remedy of Blessed Love.

Seek and you shall find, Ask and you will be Answered, Knock and the door shall be opened on to you.

Contact Akil at




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