Clinician Bios | 2020-2021

Our regular supervised clinic program is currently on hiatus until September of 2021. Until then, in addition to faculty and graduates, the following practitioners are working within our current Clinical Intensive, Flower Essences, and Nutrition programs.

Each of these clinicians is a graduate of our Advanced Herbalism program, with over 500 hours of training in anatomy and physiology, pathology, herbal Materia Medica, therapeutic strategies, clinical nutrition, pharmacology, interview skills, and safety in clinical practice.

Practitioners within the Clinical Intensive can support you with guidance around diet and lifestyle changes, as well as herbal formulas tailored to your specific needs.

The practitioners in the Flower Essence Clinic Program are training in guiding clients with Bach Flower Essences, a form of energetic plant medicine that specifically focuses on mental and emotional well being.

Each clinician below provides a sliding scale upon request, as part of their work within the CSCH programs.

Please contact the clinicians below directly to make an appointment.

Nikki Dorn – Clinical Intensive

Nikki is a clinical herbalist and Registered Nurse at a local community hospital.  She has been a practicing critical care nurse for over a decade, including years of ICU experience. Having seen the devastating effects of chronic, preventable illness first hand, Nikki developed a passion and purpose. Her mission is to guide her clients towards emotional, physical, and spiritual wholeness by reconnecting to the Earth’s healing through the alchemy of plant medicine. 

Through nursing, Nikki discovered her healing nature and deep desire to help people avoid chronic illness. She understands the extraordinary power western medicine has to treat an emergency or acute illness. It saves lives. However, with many illnesses, treatment often includes suppressing symptoms rather than getting at what’s causing the issues in the first place. She has directly seen how this way of practicing medicine only leads to a worse manifestation of illness. Nikki was initially drawn to herbal medicine in her desire to reduce exposure to environmental chemicals. She began making her own body products and quickly realized the power of plants and the healing available in this kind of medicine. She believes that when we open our hearts to Nature, we blossom, we heal, and evolve.

In her spare time, you can find Nikki loving on her pup, cooking healthy meals, taking a million pictures of flowers, reading and writing, hiking, and skiing. She is originally from Miami, Florida, and has lived in Colorado for 20 years. Nikki desires to have a healing and trusting relationship with her clients in order to discover what is at the root of dis-ease and help them shine brighter in this beautiful life. 

To book an appointment with Nikki, please contact her at

Megan Berry – Clinical Intensive

Through her clinical work, Meg aims to bring more awareness to the mental, physical, and emotional bodies.  Our world can move fast and feel overwhelming in many ways.  It is her goal to help you slow things down and address what issues are coming up.  As a clinician, she focuses her practice on anxiety/depression, disordered eating, the gut/brain connection, GI tract conditions, and a whole foods diet. 

While now her life is focused on awareness, health, community, and sustainability, this was not always the case.  Through her education and her own health journey, she began exploring “alternative” solutions with success.  She was inspired to learn more, to expand access and knowledge with others, and continuously share what she’s learned with her community.  She believes the power to heal is within us.  With the right support and guidance, we all can have stronger vitality.  

  Meg is also a graduate of sociology from St. Joseph’s University, completed a 200-HR yoga training at the Yoga Garden, a permaculture certificate at Whole Systems Design, the Fundamentals of Medical Herbalism, and the Advanced Herbalism programs at CSCH.

To book with Meg, please contact her at

Available Thursdays & Fridays.

Rachel Clark- Flower Essences

Rachel Clark is a certified herbalist, flower essence practitioner, and freelance writer. Born and raised in the Denver metro area, Rachel found her passion for herbalism when she was given a beginner herbalism book for her birthday in 2017. At the time she was recovering from a series of physical injuries, as well as both mental and physical illness. Finding herbalism was like a breath of fresh air that brought purpose, passion, and autonomy back into her life. It allowed her to tap into her intuition, advocate for herself, and regain control over her health.

She is passionate about the planet, sustainability, and helping her clients reconnect to nature. She is especially passionate about the conservation of medicinal plants. Using her writing skills, she plans to share both the science and magic that is found in herbalism. Keep an eye out for her upcoming first book! 

Rachel believes that vibrant health is possible for everyone. Through a balance of herbalism, lifestyle, nutrition, mindset, and supportive healthcare professionals everyone can find vitality. She is committed to holding brave space for her clients. She knows that healing takes work and can be really scary, but as an herbalist, Rachel holds a container where it is safe to be uncomfortable. She believes that real transformation happens outside of our comfort zones. She is committed to guiding her clients outside of their comfort zones in a loving and compassionate manner. She is currently offering flower essence sessions and clinical herbal sessions. 

When she is not seeing clients she can be found rock climbing, reading, writing, knitting, reading tarot, and traveling. 

To schedule an appointment please contact Rachel at or find her on Instagram @rachelclarkherbalist

Gabrielle Gnall – Clinical Intensive

Gabe began her healing journey at a younger age, working through deep traumas and shadows. She felt a gravitation towards herbalism 3 years ago and began her studies at CSCH where she dedicated over 500 hours in the Fundamentals and Advanced programs and continues her studies in the Clinical Intensive and Nutrition programs. She is also a staff herbalist at Little Herbal Apothecary. She has embraced her role in the healing arts with gratitude, and respects that she will forever be a student of the universe and human experience.

Gabe’s intention is to shed light on the concept of healing past the focused lens of allopathic treatment and detrimental habits. She offers each client the opportunity to come as they are without shame or judgment, welcoming all stories and struggles. She believes in the power of the union of the body, mind, and soul. As she humbly continues on her own healing journey, she encourages those around her to take a deeper look into the root causes of the issues or obstacles they feel or encounter, empowering them through education, patience, and tenderness. She respects each individual pace and honors every journey. She feels nutrition, Vitalist practices, and herbs are true allies for optimal health as well as teachers of healing wisdom.

In Gabe’s spare time, she deeply enjoys yoga, playing with her puppy, making medicine, cooking up a storm, exploring in nature, and connecting with loved ones.

To contact Gabe for a session, email her at

Stefanie Kahn – Flower Essences

Stefanie is a Clinical Herbalist, Nutritionist, and Flower Essence Practitioner at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. Her goal is to assist you in achieving your best life through mental, physical, and emotional balance

Hailing from Monterey Bay, Stefanie spent her formative years captivated by the majestic beauty of the California coastline, forests, and mountainscape. A profound interest and curiosity in the magic and mysteries of the world led her to many years of travel, self-exploration, and a mélange of career paths.

Eventually, her wandering led her to Boulder, Colorado, where she truly cultivated her passion for healing through plant medicine into clinical practice. Stefanie is deeply social and empathic and prides herself on the ability to connect with people from all walks of life. Stefanie has been vegan for almost a decade, and, through rigorous training and personal experience, she can guide anyone through dietary changes and challenges with grace. She genuinely believes in the power of plants to rejuvenate any emotional, mental, or physical state of imbalance, and she hopes to share this gift with you. When she’s not seeing clients, Stefanie enjoys music, yoga, arts n’ crafts, astrology, cooking, cats, social justice activism, smashing the patriarchy, and all things magical and supernatural.

To contact Stefanie for a session, email her at

Nicole Kamen – Flower Essences

Nicole is currently enrolled in the Flower Essence program at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. She is also currently seeing clients online as a Clinical Herbalist, as she awaits her permanent home to open as a practitioner at Sesen Skin Body Wellness in Denver.

She first started her herbal journey studying Women’s Health with Shelley Torgove. This is where her passion lit on fire as she became more connected to the divine feminine and the science of what was actually going on in her own body. She was fascinated with the magic of the ever-changing womb cycle. Within this program she flew to the Yucatan in Mexico to study herbalism and Mayan Abdominal Massage with the locals. From there she knew she wanted to be an advocate for women’s health and needed to continue her herbal journey. She also recently became a certified Vaginal Steam Practitioner and is currently working towards a Plant-Based Nutrition certification.

Nicole’s path has led here due to her desire to want to help people feel heard when it comes to health care. She wants to share the knowledge that there are other alternatives and natural ways to living a healthy life. She believes holding the session can provide just as much healing as the actual medicine can. As an herbalist, she promises to lead with an open heart. Holding the space with compassion, gratitude, and warmth.

When she isn’t immersed in the herb world you can find her camping under the trees, dancing at music festivals, snuggling with her fur babies, or traveling to a new country.

To schedule an appointment please email

Ocean Linden – Flower Essences

Ocean is a Clinical Herbalist who is currently offering Flower Essence consultations. Her vision for her clients is to support and collaborate in deepening their health, vitality, self-awareness, and insight. She’s a graduate of Naropa University and a former Buddhist nun who’s been practicing mindfulness and meditation for over fifteen years. Ocean also enjoys teaching and evolving in T’ai chi ch’üan which is similar to meditation in motion.  For eleven years, Ocean went on a deep journey outside the States to learn wisdom systems and indigenous technology from Elders of various cultures. She spent seven years in Asia and four years in Central and South America and Africa. As a person of color who has experienced racism and witnessed her family and friends experience the injustices of institutionalized racist systems, she is dedicated to social justice and evolving her deep listening and responsible holding of challenging spaces. She also practices ancestral and ceremonial healing in transforming ancient wounds. Ocean’s passion for herbalism is connected to her practice of Plant Spirit Medicine and her deep reverence for the wisdom, intelligence, and medicine of plants, trees, and Earth.  She’s also enrolled at the Hakomi Institute and has been offering Hakomi informed or mindfulness centered somatic healing sessions. In her spare time, you can see her hiking and camping with her furry cat friend, Forest.

Ocean is available Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and some Saturdays. To book a session with Ocean, please contact her at

Michelle Mansfield Hom – Clinic Intensive and Flower Essences

Michelle is a recent graduate of the Advanced Herbalism program at Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism and a Flower Essence practitioner at the Evergreen Clinic. As a privileged dweller of the Ute, Cheyenne, and Arapahos nations, Michelle is committed to loving Mother Earth, essentially protecting every bit of the planet through action.

Her love for the planet alone led her into earth stewardship, volunteering and farming from the East coast all the way to the luminous blues of Hawaii. That path of hers aligned with the magic of plant medicine as she struggled with chronic sinusitis and deep inflammations. Michelle’s first plant companion was the golden sunshine turmeric. That was just one breakthrough in comparison to the plant allies she now holds close to her heart. Her deep love for plant medicine, nature, and determination took her to Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism where she hopes to complete her clinical herbalism hours in 2021.

Nothing fires her up more than talking with and empowering people to take control of their own healing. Michelle is currently working with a non-profit in Denver, DOVE, to put power in survivors’ hands to take care of their own precious beings. When Michelle is not working at Rebecca’s Apothecary in Boulder, she is hiking in the mountains for miles and sitting with plants and flowers. Making medicinal food and brews in her kitchen. Snowboarding on the slopes with the aspens and evergreens. Lounging with her loved ones at home. Reading books of all sorts and may or may not be reading the Fifth Sacred Thing for the second time.

Through her studies and connection to the people and Earth, she would love to provide a space for emotional healing, pattern-breaking, self-love + confidence raising, and elevating one’s understanding of self. With the boundless magic of flower essences, Michelle is humbled to lead anyone into the path of inner healing.

Michelle is fluent in American Sign Langauge (ASL). 

To schedule a session with Michelle, please email her at

Mallory McPherson – Clinic Intensive

Mallory is a practicing student of clinical herbalism. Born and raised in Colorado, she is passionate about social issues that affect her community in Denver. She left briefly to live in an intentional community in northeast Scotland where she learned to farm and deepened her meditation practice. While there, she felt the shifting power of hydrotherapy by taking morning swims in the 50-degree ocean.

Since then, she has worked providing trauma-informed care to Denver’s unhoused community: training folx in gardening and landscaping skills, and teaching subsidized art classes to youth. Her current work includes landscape design as well as working on an urban farm/non-profit. Here, she grows herbs for an herbal medicine share that she offers to the community. She also is an herbalist at Little Herbal Apothecary and loves making custom formulas and expanding her herbal knowledge.

Mallory employs a trauma-centered approach. She specializes in women’s health, trauma, and addiction, and is interested in the role the gut plays in our overall health. Her time working the land has taught her that nature is intelligent and resilient. This is the model she practices from, by using her training to remove barriers to vitality.

She is a Colorado Master Gardener with additional certificates in Mental Health First Aid (youth and adult), Harm Reduction, Culturally Responsive Education, LGBTQIA Inclusivity, and is currently working toward completion of Aviva Romm’s Herbal Medicine for Women course. Please reach out to make an appointment in person or virtually.

To book an appointment, please contact Mallory at

Laurie Rochardt – Clinic Intensive

Laurie was inspired at a young age to develop solutions for promoting a sustainable planet. Her career began as a paralegal and environmental & social justice activist. Concurrently, she suffered from chronic health problems and autoimmune dis-ease including insulin resistance and type II diabetes. She educated herself on holistic wellness and nutrition, applied healthy lifestyle changes, and got involved in community supporting agriculture-all of which led to the healing of her chronic illnesses. She realized that by working with the Earth she was healing herself, and by healing herself she was healing the Earth. As a result, she dedicated her life to helping people heal naturally—essentially carrying out her purpose to promote sustainability and healing for our planet.

Laurie’s mission as a clinical herbalist and nutritionist is to provide accessible holistic wellness sessions using personalized tools that educate and empower her clients to master their healing journey. She incorporates herbal medicine, nutrition, flower essences, astrology, yoga, meditation, breathwork, and reiki in her sessions, which are the tools she uses in her personal healing work. It brings her great joy to connect people with the healing power of plants and wellness practices that nourish the mind, body and spirit.

Laurie is currently enrolled in the CSCH Clinic Intensive and Nutrition programs and is now accepting new clients. She is interested in the gut-brain connection and how emotional distress-particularly trauma, depression and anxiety-manifest in the physical body. She is also passionate about empowering womxn to love their bodies by cultivating a positive self-image. Her clinical focus includes seeing clients with autoimmune dis-ease, chronic stress/anxiety, digestive dysbiosis, PMS & menopause complaints, hormone imbalance, insulin resistance, chronic pain, sleeping disorders, emotional imbalances and acute health issues. Laurie is dedicated to providing an inclusive and safe space for her clients to heal, and is excited to support her clients achieve optimal nourishment, vital health and well-being. Learn more about Laurie’s work, including sliding scale information at

To book an appointment please contact Laurie at

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