Clinician Bios | 2019-2020

Each clinician at the Evergreen Center Clinic is a Certified Herbalist with at least 910 classroom hours in nutrition, herbalism, and related topics. Our student clinicians are currently taking clients.

Please call the clinic at 720-406-8609 to set up an appointment.

Cheyenne Brown | Clinician

Clinic Blog Post | Nourishing The Addictive Person

Cheyenne is a Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist at the Evergreen Center Clinic. Colorado native raised among the Rocky Mountains, her love for the Earth sparked by delving into nature at an early age. You’ll see Cheyenne enjoying opportunities to connect with the community around her or passionately using her voice as an advocate for environmental/human rights. When not at the Evergreen Center she can be found dancing, immersed in outdoor movement activities, or relaxing in her self-built, sustainable tiny house on wheels.

Cheyenne has devoted her time to acquiring knowledge and experience around plant spirit medicine and the mind/body connection. Cheyenne studied ancient bodywork techniques at the Crestone Healing Arts Center; the catalyst of her journey into herbal medicine! She then attended Artemisia and Rue’s Community Herbalist program which centered on healing local communities and enriching women’s circles while emphasizing the folklore and ceremonial traditions of herbal medicine. Cheyenne has participated in an array of nature therapy/outdoor education programs to better embody her passion for walking in the stewardship of the Earth; an ode to bridge connections between people and nature. Now, a practicing student of clinical herbalism, Cheyenne combines these tools with a focus on Vitalist practices and the importance of food as medicine. She is especially fascinated with the psychological-gut-health correlation as well as how stored emotional trauma may show up within the physical/mental body. She is committed to supporting an individual’s ability to connect with their inner vitality. Cheyenne is ecstatic to offer deep listening and conversation, provide space for all of you to feel welcomed, and truly look forward to being of support in your unique healing journey towards vibrant health and vital well-being!

To schedule an appointment, call the clinic at 720-406-8609
Shift Time: Wednesday, 4 pm – 8 pm

Lexy Currier | Clinician

Clinic Blog Post | Heal Thy Gut

Lexy is currently enrolled as a Clinical Herbalist, Nutritionist, and Flower Essence Practitioner at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in the Evergreen Center. From a young age, Lexy was always surrounded by Herbal medicine. Growing up in Southern California, the winters were mild which meant her family could maintain a garden throughout the year. Every winter her mother treated her and her siblings with herbal remedies from the garden anytime they began to get a cold. With her mother being a gardener, and later her sister owning a farm, Lexy began to find a deep connection to the plants and a great appreciation for the Earth. She found herself being fascinated by Ancient Medicine and healing modalities. She acquired certifications in Reiki I & II, she got her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training certification and began self-studying herbal and Chinese medicine.

After deciding to leave San Diego to head east for the Rockies, Lexy enrolled in CSCH where she gained a deeper knowledge for our plant friends and learned more about how to live a vitalist life. She is dedicated to finding the root cause in her clients and her mission with herbal medicine is to help people by giving them the tools and knowledge they need to live a healthy and vitalist life.

By connecting the body, spirit, and mind, Lexy believes in the innate ability herbal medicine has to support her clients toward total wellness. She is fascinated with the gut-brain health and how it is all connected. She believes the mind has a huge impact on health and loves using flower essences to assist with the emotional body. She hopes to spread her love and knowledge in herbal medicine and help her clients on their healing journey.

To schedule an appointment, call the clinic at 720-406-8609
Shift Time: Wednesday, 12 pm – 4 pm

Liz Faermark | Clinician

Clinic Blog Post | Oral Health

Liz is a Midwest-made artist and herbalist with a passion for empowering people to use accessible tools in their pursuit of feeling at peace in their own bodies. Through the use of intentional listening and clear communication with her clients, she aims to offer permission to come as you are.

Liz worked for years as a vegan cook at an underground, non-profit restaurant with radical roots in community organizing, music, and nourishing food. She has also spent the last several years growing organic vegetables, flowers, and medicinal herbs in central Illinois on small-scale farms. Throughout her years of cooking and farming in the Midwest, she developed a passion for learning and experimenting with wild edibles and medicinal plants. Making herbal medicine with safe and abundant medicinals from her garden and nearby wild places was her first peek into the potent and powerful world of herbalism. She was inspired by her discoveries. Her deep love for plants, food, art, and community healing eventually led her to study at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in 2018.

Her work at the Little Herbal Apothecary in Lafayette, CO invites her to continue the study of safe and simple herbal preparations. There, she can be found in the kitchen mixing teas and whipping up a host of skincare products, or at the counter blending custom formulas and helping customers get acquainted with herbs. While at play, Liz likes to weave together music and comedy with her band, ride her bike, and read Tom Robbins’ novels creekside.

Through her creation and studies, she humbly wishes to share life’s many medicines — be it a meal, a tea, a salve, or a song — that can uplift individuals and communities alike.

To schedule an appointment, call the clinic at 720-406-8609
Shift Time: Tuesday, 12 pm – 4 pm

Harry Funk | Clinician

Clinic Blog Post | Natural Repair of the Human Body

Harry is not your typical herbalist. After a lifetime of playing competitive sports and exploring different obscure professions like backcountry guiding, he stumbled upon herbalism by chance in an online forum when trying to cure himself of a 6-month bout with sinusitis. After seeing success with the practice of herbalism, it became his calling and the beginning of a long journey that included irreplaceable education and self-healing.

This journey has shaped Harry into a positive energetic and mindful healer, with an affinity for helping those who feel drained, depleted, and stuck battling chronic illnesses, as he once did. He also specializes in optimizing the body’s abilities when it comes to physical exertion, with a great deal of knowledge in muscle repair and supplementation.

Harry also has a passion for expanding the Male herbal body here in America. With herbalism here being mostly female dominant, he wishes to break down the walls of prejudice that seem to refrain other men from exploring this world of healing, hoping to make it attractive to people from all walks of life.

All together, Harry is a people’s person. Always with a smile on his face and passion in his eyes, he is eager to assist anyone willing to have a session with him.

To schedule an appointment, call the clinic at 720-406-8609
Shift Time: Monday, 4 pm – 8 pm

Evan Galhotra | Clinician

Clinic Blog Post | Vital Fermentation

Evan Singh is a queer herbalist and craftsperson of Indian and European descent who grew up in the Great Lakes region of Turtle Island. Four years ago, Evan turned to the plants in their Chicago backyard to explore the food, medicine, and connection they were freely offered in the busy and overwhelming city. After several months of plant exploration, the weeds were finding their way into Evan’s meals, tinctures were being made, and the forests were Evan’s newfound sanctuary.

The following year, Evan went on to apprentice at Ardea Homestead Sanctuary in the Appalachian foothills of North Carolina. After a season of walking barefoot, making plant medicine, growing food, foraging, and learning to process animals for food, Evan’s heart had shifted deeply. They were eager to continue living in close relationship with the land. In the next few years, Evan completed several internships at primitive living schools in the Northeast where the arts of basketry and hide tanning became important skills in their repertoire.

The enrichment, medicine, and solace plants can offer in our modern times became more apparent to them after collecting these experiences. In the summer of 2018, Evan moved to Colorado to pursue the knowledge and skills it would take to bring herbal and nutritional healing to the communities in their life. Through this experience, they have come to realize the role that individual health plays in helping us achieve our hopes and dreams, and heal personal and collective wounds. Evan would like to help others enliven the health and vitality that will enable them to do the work they feel most called to do in the world.

To schedule an appointment, call the clinic at 720-406-8609
Shift Time: Wednesday, 4 pm – 8 pm

Shelia Gracey | Clinician

Clinic Blog Post | Metamorphosis of Menopause

Sheila is currently enrolled in the Clinical and Nutritional programs at Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. Her vision is to help others live a vital, healthy life. She has always been drawn to the magic of nature and knows the healing power it can provide.  Her passion is to help others discover that power.  Since she was very young she could be found reading in an apple tree, in lilac bush caves, day-dreaming in the clover, or sitting in a meadow in her beloved Rocky Mountains.

Life took her down many paths from Colorado to New Mexico, California, and Cozumel Mexico.  She has been an office worker, a Sports Medicine Technician, an underwater photographer as well as a ski and scuba instructor.  Life has always seemed to call her back to nature and movement.  It was when she was connected to the Earth through photography and movement that her vitality was strongest.  It has become clear to Sheila, that movement, air, nutrition, creativity, and joy are necessary for a vital life that will sustain oneself for long, fruitful life. Sheila’s focus is to help guide others to discover that same truth.

In her spare time, she can be found in a pine forest, playing music, practicing yoga, kayaking, skiing, camping, and working on her tiny house.

To schedule an appointment, call the clinic at 720-406-8609
Shift Time: Tuesday, 8 pm – 12 pm

Barrett Hartley | Clinician

Clinic Blog Post | A Botanical Approach To Eating Disorders

Barrett is a Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. Her passion for plant medicine began after experiencing multiple health complications of her own that left her feeling hopeless. After seeing profound results from the use of herbs and lifestyle changes, she decided to dedicate her time to the study of herbal medicine. She moved from Charleston, South Carolina to Colorado to expand her knowledge of Clinical Herbalism at CSCH. Adapting to a dry climate with substantially different terrain than her Southeastern home gave her a new sense of appreciation for the abundance of natural medicine that grows at our fingertips, as well as the importance of living off the land.

Barrett has worked hands-on with children for many years. She worked in a daycare for five years as well as working with new mothers throughout the postpartum period. Barrett plans to broaden her practice by becoming a Certified Ayurvedic Doula in the near future. She is fascinated by fertility and child development (mental and physical), as well as the significance of a healthy lifestyle throughout their primitive years. In her clinical practice, she is interested in hands-on experience with children as well as adults. She is dedicated to helping others heal the mind, body, and spirit using herbal formulas, nourishment, and vitalist practices. While stressing the importance of removing obstacles to heal, she will help you seek balance and harmony to the best of her abilities. Barrett finds joy in growing her own food, having her bare feet on the earth, and her hands in the soil. She is inspired by the art of medicine making, self-expression, and the therapeutic power of music.

Barrett looks forward to holding space for others, building relationships, and using the art of herbal formulation to clear a path for mental and physical wellbeing.

To schedule an appointment, call the clinic at 720-406-8609
Shift Time: Tuesday, 8 am – 12 pm

Lara Holland | Clinician

Clinic Blog Post | Medicinal Plants, Their uses, history, & lore

Lara is currently enrolled as a Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. Her love of plants as medicine and faith in natural modalities for healing has been lifelong. She took several herbalism and nutrition courses through different apothecaries and online schools and under a variety of different herbalists, including Rosemary Gladstar’s home study course, before deciding to commit to studying full time.

Lara studied Sustainable Building and Design at Colorado State University. After college, feeling totally burnt out and on the wrong path, she took off to live on the road climbing across the mountain west for almost a decade. Eventually, she took a job as a power pole inspector in the same areas of the US. Hiking 10-15 miles a day in a variety of landscapes she loved being in nature full time.

Eventually, nagging health problems began to take over and limit her ability to climb, kayak, and ski as well as work on power poles. She began a business of her own out of her house to limit her travel and physical exertion. Bouncing around from doctor to doctor, after years of digging, she was diagnosed with multiple auto-immune disorders. Having never been a fan of the modern medical model, everything she was being told simply didn’t resonate with her.  She began to change more things in her diet and research all that she could find on the subject from other AI patients. It was as if these diagnoses were a sign that she should indeed follow her passions in a more serious manner, which is what led her to finally enrolling at CSCH.

Lara firmly believes that healing and health, in general, are a combination of connection to something greater, community and relationships, movement, nature, inspiration as well as nutrition and herbalism. Lara is so grateful to have the opportunity to be a student and clinician at the Colorado School of Clinical herbalism and hopes to be able to help educate and inspire others in their paths to well-being.

To schedule an appointment, call the clinic at 720-406-8609
Shift Time: Wednesday, 8 am – 12 pm

Dana Hutchinson | Clinician

Clinic Blog Post | Autoimmune Epidemic

Dana is a Clinical Herbalist, Nutritionist, and Flower Essence Practitioner at the Evergreen Center Clinic. As a clinician, she focuses her practice on auto-immune conditions, women’s health issues, GI tract conditions, and emotional trauma. Dana has been working with herbal medicine for the last 6 years and has operated her own private practice called the Wildflower Clinic since 2017 in an apothecary office-clinic out of Denver, Colorado.

After Dana’s mother was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2010 and Dana was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease a few months later, Dana’s true battle towards wellness began. Finding immense issues with the way the Western world aggressively treated her disease, she unexpectedly found a hole-in-the-wall Chinese Doctor in Sydney that opened her eyes to the world of natural medicine. Through comprehensive self-study, apprentice work, and a substantial amount of herbal education, she knew her passion was to utilize herbal medicine’s potent healing properties.

Dana’s additional practitioner education consists of extensive Chinese herbology training from the Institute of Chinese Herbology, a flower essence certification from the Heart of Herbs Herbalism School, a certificate in plant-based nutrition through Cornell University, an advanced herbalist certificate from Paul Bergner’s North American Medical Herbalism audio program, and a Rocky Mountain field botany certificate from CSCH. Dana is dedicated to continued education and truly considers herself a lifelong student.

Dana is a regular wellness speaker, podcast lecturer, and guest community herbalist for various organizations. She also leads her own herbalism yoga retreats around the U.S. and conducts a plethora of workshops on alternative health education. She holds a master’s degree in Publishing, a post-graduate diploma in Event Management, and a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Sydney. In her free time, Dana loves backcountry skiing, rock-climbing, and practicing yoga!

To learn more about Dana visit and to learn about the educational retreats she offers, visit

To schedule an appointment, call the clinic at 720-406-8609
Shift Time: Thursday, 9 am – 1 pm

Chelsea Hynson | Clinician

Clinic Blog Post | Approaches To Addictions

Chelsea is a Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist at the Evergreen Center Clinic. She views health as an overall balance between the mind and body. She stumbled upon the world of herbal medicine while working in New Zealand as a nanny. During this experience, she witnessed people receive equally as much as they returned to earth. They understood the power that lay underneath their feet and treated it with respect. In turn, this sparked her desire to share the Earth’s wisdom with others. After returning home to Montana, she decided to begin her education in herbal medicine. She enrolled in an introductory program at Green Path Herb School, where she developed a hunger for more knowledge and experience with plants. She searched for an academic environment where she could dive deeper into her studies. She landed at CSCH in 2018, where she has been studying and growing for the past two years.

Chelsea is intrigued by the connections between the trauma we experience and our physical and mental health. Her desire to facilitate healing deepened after witnessing the correlation between trauma and addiction, physical pain, and gut health among her own loved ones. As an herbalist, she is passionate about shedding light on these issues. As well as use the knowledge and experiences that she has to educate and reconnect individuals to themselves. Through her work, she pulls in a combination of diet, movement, and herbal allies that work best with each individual.

Outside the Evergreen Center Clinic, she is always creating. Her personal art practices – rooted in visual and moment expression – inform her ability to approach her herbal work with an air of artistry. You can also find her dancing, enjoying her yoga practice, and traveling. She is looking forward to creating a safe space for anyone looking to reconnect and build their vitality.

To schedule an appointment, call the clinic at 720-406-8609
Shift Time: Tuesday, 12 pm – 4 pm

Corine Lightner | Clinician

Clinic Blog Post | Herbal First Aid

Growing up amongst the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains, surrounded by the high desert, Corine found solitude and wonder in her mom’s gardens. There, a strong female lineage of plant lovers passed the torch of appreciation for the beauty of the natural world.

Throughout college, her health struggles impeded her ability to progress academically. Persistent digestive pains, migraines, brain fog, and acne plagued her everyday life. Frustrated with the mainstream traditional practices in nutrition and health care, she searched for an alternative approach. While living in Chico, California, she finally found a doctor who gave her some answers and holistic remedies. That experience not only brought her healing but also paved the way toward a career in alternative medicine that incorporates a medical background with respect for the intelligence of the body.

She has a deep respect for plants, their medicine, and the amazing transformations they can inspire in people. She’s learned the importance of keeping up with a creative exercise routine, cultivating a peaceful home, and treasuring time alone. Corine’s love for cooking continues to grow; balancing dietary changes, and learning new ways to nourish the body have fueled her passion to make food that tastes as good as it feels.

Corine’s passion for doing clinical work is rooted in her own struggle. Having worked for years to heal her own body, she’s developed a toolkit for holistic, self-empowered healing. All the while, she is still working to uncover the mysteries of her own experiences surrounding digestive health and hormonal imbalances. She hopes to support her clients by weaving together the powerful impacts of nutritional and lifestyle choices, movement, spiritual practices, herbal formulas, and time spent in nature. Her own clinical research is focused on digestive issues and the gut-brain connection.

To schedule an appointment, call the clinic at 720-406-8609
Shift Time: Wednesday, 8 am – 12 pm

Tara Miller | Clinician

Clinic Blog Post | Ethically and Sustainably Sourcing Herbs

Tara has always had a passion for health and holistic healing since the conception of her first child. As she sought out the most natural ways to nourish and support her growing child, this commitment extended to natural and holistic child-rearing. In her basket of tools was the profound healing potential of plant medicine. Tara went on to teach childbirth classes and became a certified Doula helping others realize their dream of natural childbirth and holistic child-rearing. She continued her path of self-study and learning about natural health, holistic nutrition, and herbal medicine which she has been exploring and cultivating for the past 25 years.

Tara has a BA in Psychology from the University of Central Oklahoma and completed studies in the Transpersonal Psychology M.A. Program at Naropa in Boulder, CO. Tara then went on to become a registered nurse with an Associates RN degree from Front Range Community College in Fort Collins, CO. She is currently working as a hospice nurse in the Northern Colorado area.

Becoming disenchanted by the changing climate of our current health care system, Tara began to seek out schools that would align more easily with her passion for natural medicine and her calling to become a clinical and medical herbalist. This brought her to CSCH where she is currently a student of Clinical Herbalism. The knowledge she brings from being a registered nurse in allopathic medicine will add much to balance her wisdom of herbal medicine.

A belief in the body’s ability to heal itself and a passion for natural health and healing is the driving force for continuing this journey. Having battled with her own health concerns, Tara has sought out natural healing modalities, including dietary and lifestyle changes and herbal medicine to bring about profound healing changes in her own body. Knowing the body is its own healing vessel, she believes we can empower ourselves as healers with the help of our plant allies.

To schedule an appointment, call the clinic at 720-406-8609
Shift Time: Wednesday, 12 pm – 4 pm

Christine Olanio | Clinician

Clinic Blog Post | Gut Feelings: Herbal and Vital Therapeutics to Support the Microbiome

Christine is a Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist at the Evergreen Center at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism.

She is a graduate of the Agroecology program at the University of California in Santa Cruz and has spent the last 5 years working as a horticultural researcher, farmer, and garden educator in Southern California.

Christine’s experience in herbalism is deeply connected to her passion for ecological agriculture and regenerative systems. It was in the microbial connections between a comfrey plant and a fruit tree where she found that human health and vitality is rooted in the health of the soil and the plants that are nourished by it. Since then, she has harnessed that love and curiosity towards using plants as medicine.

Christine’s practice as an herbalist is in part inspired by her Filipinx ancestry and its indigenous healing traditions, the microbial connection between healthy soil and healthy human bodies, and the intersections between health equity and social justice. She believes that healing and wellness through the use of herbal medicine should be racially and ecologically just and community-driven.

As an Herbal Clinician and Nutritionist, she approaches each person with an open mind while addressing emotional, spiritual, and physical obstacles to health. Her clinical approach is completely individualized to the client. This includes exploring diet, patterns of relationship and work, stress, and personal challenges. She strives to create a safe space to facilitate healing and empowers her clients to reconnect with their bodies’ innate ability to heal itself. She is honored and grateful to be your herbal clinician and wants to welcome and embrace your unique health story with compassion, kindness, and mindfulness.

Christine’s specialty includes digestive health, anxiety, chronic stress patterns, food sensitivities and allergies, skin issues, musculoskeletal issues, and women’s reproductive health.

To schedule an appointment, call the clinic at 720-406-8609
Shift Time: Wednesday, 12 pm – 4 pm

Roni Slavit | Clinician

Clinic Blog Post | Personalized Lotion-Making-Class

Roni has a passion and love for healing those around her. It is her goal to empower and nourish others in any way they may need. She has been on a long journey of self-healing physically as well as emotionally and uses this knowledge and experience to guide others. By working with other practitioners and through years of research she has been able to support a variety of illnesses herbally and she is happy to share that knowledge with others!  Enrolled as a Clinical Herbalist and Flower Essence Practitioner Roni’s main interest is on how the body’s physical state can be impacted by emotional patterns and influences. She believes that it is important to bring all these levels; spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional into harmony.  She also has an interest in working with anxiety, gut health, nourishment, and symptoms related to inflammation as well as an autoimmune disease.

It brings her great joy to work with others and being a healer has been a dream since she was a little girl.  Roni loves sharing her knowledge and love for plants with those who are willing and wishes to make an impact on the healing world. She is excited to personally formulate teas, tinctures, flower essences, and much more for her clients in hopes of creating a glowing change for the better.  With her background in psychology and education, she hopes to bring these skills to her sessions in order to create a comfortable and nourishing atmosphere.  Outside of the clinic, you can find Roni teaching yoga at the CU Rec Center or privately, making and selling lotions, face products and tinctures for her personal LLC, Resiliency Herbals, dancing, playing with her cats and laughing lots.

To schedule an appointment, call the clinic at 720-406-8609
Shift Time: Monday, 12 pm – 4 pm

Ellianna Sternberg | Clinician

Clinic Blog Post | Flower Essences + Food Intolerances

Ellianna (they/them/theirs) is a queer, anti-racist herbalist student, currently enrolled as a Clinical Herbalist, Nutritionist, and Flower Essence Practitioner at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. They currently reside in Arapahoe, Cheyenne, Ute and Očeti Šakówiŋ lands near the Rocky Mountains, but were born and raised in Peoria, Potawatomi, Miami, and Očeti Šakówiŋ lands in the Great Lakes region. As a White person with Celtic and Jewish ancestry, they are dedicated to practicing further decolonization in their life, work, and participation in social systems.

Ellianna is a recent graduate of the University of Denver, where they received two degrees in Physics and Gender and Women’s Studies with honors. Shortly after graduation, however, their ancestors nudged them towards a different, yet profoundly soul-fulfilling path of (re)connecting with the Earth through herbalism and the healing arts. After graduation in the spring, Ellianna will pursue a doctorate in naturopathic medicine at the National University of Healthcare Sciences in Illinois. They are also enrolled in a post-disaster/emergency-preparedness doula certification course with the Herbal Medics Academy run by Sam and Suchil Coffman, and Katia Lemone.

Diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 13, Ellianna has a long history with autoimmune diseases and food intolerances. After years of struggling with bad bellies, systemic pain, and mental illness, they are (mostly) happily journeying along the path to a less-leaky gut. They are intensely fascinated by the human body and the various breathtaking connections we have with our Earth. They look forward to rekindling and supporting your connection with the Earth, your healing journey, and search for joy and wellness. Ellianna is taking steps to become a Health At Every Size (HAES) nutrition counselor and is focused on creating and protecting a queer-affirming and body-positive space for healing.

In their free time, you can find them preparing for the climate apocalypse by learning homesteading and survival skills, with their nose in a novel whilst drinking a cup of tea, dabbling in urban gardening, working as a board member of the Colorado Doula Project, practicing Nature-based spirituality in Colorado’s wild spaces, and gazing lovingly at the moon.

To schedule an appointment, call the clinic at 720-406-8609
Shift Time: Thursday, 9 am – 1 pm

Katie Thompson | Clinician

Clinic Blog Post | Herbal Smokes and Smudges

Katie is a Clinician at the Evergreen Center at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. Born and raised along the Front Range of Colorado, Katie grew up hiking, biking, and spending quality time in the Rocky Mountains. Katie earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies with a minor in International Development from Colorado State University and has worked in a corporate setting for many years. She has always found solace and healing from nature but did not find her way to herbalism until many years down the road of life.

From an early age, Katie struggled with chronic infections, regular illness, and debilitating allergies. Through her teens and early 20s, she underwent multiple surgeries, immunotherapy, and over 20 rounds of antibiotics with no relief to her symptoms. Desperate for healing she turned away from western medicine and sought out acupuncture, spiritual healing, and plant medicine. That has made all the difference.

In her free time, Katie enjoys spending time with family and her furry animal friends, dabbling in arts/homemade treasures, or traveling both stateside and internationally. She has a passion for painting, photography, and floral design. When she is not in the clinic she can be found working as a staff herbalist at Herbs & Arts in Denver.

Katie no longer struggles with chronic infection or debilitating allergies. She has not taken antibiotics in two years. Katie’s desire is to share the knowledge and experience she has gained with those that struggle physically, mentally, or emotionally. Nutrition, lifestyle changed, and fostering vitality healed Katie. Her goal is to help it heal you, too.

To schedule an appointment, call the clinic at 720-406-8609
Shift Time: Monday, 4 pm – 8 pm

Laurie Love Rochardt | Clinician

Laurie was inspired at a young age to develop solutions to create a more sustainable planet. She began her journey as a paralegal and social justice activist but quickly realized her best efforts would be working directly with the land, and teaching others about creating a symbiosis with other parts of nature. Her healing journey addressing an autoimmune disease became deeply intertwined in her quest, and she developed a vision to create a garden-centric wellness education center that provides solutions for affordable food, natural medicine, and holistic wellness education for all.

Since 2006, she’s also learned and practiced holistic wellness methods for personal healing, such as yoga, meditation, nutrition, breathwork, astrology, reiki, and herbal medicine.

 Laurie’s mission is teaching others how to heal themselves as a means to heal and give back to the Earth. She is passionate about connecting her clients and students with plant medicines and holistic health practices that cultivate emotional well-being and nourish the mind, body, and spirit.

Currently, Laurie is a Flower Essence practitioner at the Evergreen Clinic and is now accepting new clients. Flower essences are safe, effective botanical remedies that work directly with emotional well-being, soul development, and bring healing and balance when one is feeling stuck in old or unhealthy patterns. Each session is treated as a sacred ceremony and often integrated with astrological wisdom. This subtle form of plant medicine has been an integral part of Laurie’s personal growth, and she’s excited to share it with others.

To book a session, please email

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