CSCH Clinic 2022

Monday – Friday
Zoom and In-person Sessions Available

Clients come to us for variety of reasons, including nutritional guidance, support for addressing food intolerances, respiratory health, immune support, reproductive health, and metabolic balancing. For diagnosed conditions, our student clinicians are trained to work with other healthcare professionals as part of a team.

About the Clinic

The Clinic at CSCH provides holistic wellness consultations to the general public. We work with herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle changes to educate and empower our clients to take charge of their own health.
Each clinician at the CSCH Clinic is a Certified Herbalist with at least 910 classroom hours in nutrition, herbalism, and related topics. All cases are reviewed by senior faculty for additional safety. Our clinicians have access to faculty for any questions or concerns.
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Kat MacKinnon

Kat Mackinnon

Clinic Director – RH (AHG), CN

Kat is a certified clinical herbalist and nutritionist, as well as a certified Bach essences practitioner through the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism. She is also a Registered Herbalist through the American Herbalists Guild.

She mentors students, is a principal reviewer of student cases, is a core faculty member for first-year programs at CSCH, including Rocky Mountain Field Botany, and offers workshops on botany and wild foods

Adrian Mintzmyer

Clinic Shift Manager – CCH, CN

In addition to supervising student clinician case work within the clinic program, Adrian is also faculty for the first year programs at CSCH.

As an herbalist, he believes that the deepest healing can come from building reciprocal relationships with land. He teaches botany, ethical wildcrafting, and bioregional herbalism as a way to reconnect humans with their local ecosystems.

Paul Bergner

Senior Case Reviewer – CCH, CN, Author

Paul has 40 years’ experience in holistic health, nutrition, and Vitalist herbalism. He directed the free public clinic at the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies in Boulder from 1996-2003 and is the founder and director of NAIMH, our predecessor school. Paul also serves as a guest teacher at CSCH .

Scope of Practice

The services at the CSCH Clinic do not replace those of a licensed physician or any other licensed healthcare provider. Our clinicians are not trained in the diagnosis and treatment of disease according to the standards of medical science. Our clinic is happy to provide suggestions for available sliding scale medical services in the local area.

Standard Fee

$ 50    per hour


Vitalism in healing is a clinical strategy based on the principle that Life, Nature, and the Great Spirit from which they arise are fully present in all the tissues of the body, and also in the psyche, the spiritual heart, and the soul, sustaining life and health, providing momentum for personal evolution on all levels, and for the fulfillment of the highest purpose in social and spiritual life. Vitalist practitioners employ clinical strategies and methods which support this life power through the encouragement of nourishment, digestion, rest, and appropriate activity, identification of purpose in personal life, connection with nature, an active spiritual life, identification and removal of obstacles to cure on all levels, and avoidance of methods which suppress or distort life processes. The Vitalist incorporates all aspects of science, especially physiology and pathophysiology, but equally values knowledge from traditional herbalism, empirical observation, instinct, and intuition, and is not confined to the narrow materialistic worldview that dominates much of modern science, medicine, and social life.


All conversations and session documentation are strictly confidential. Health-related records can only be released with your written consent or if legally subpoenaed. By law, circumstances regarding impending suicide, homicide, or child abuse require a health professional to seek guidance from authorities.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment please do so at least 24 hours in advance. A $20 cancellation fee will be charged in the event of a missed appointment or a cancelled appointment without 24 hours notice. (Exceptions will be made for emergencies. However, please let us know as soon as possible so we can reschedule the visit.)


CSCH Clinic
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