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The Clinical Herbalism Program is designed for second-year students who wish to further develop and apply the skills learned in the Fundamentals and Advanced Herbalism programs at CSCH. Student clinicians learn by coaching multiple clients in Vitalist herbalism, nutrition, and lifestyle changes; develop interview and assessment procedures with live clients; share case write-ups, critiques, and evaluation with senior faculty members and their peers; practice safety and referral screenings; study scope of practice requirements and limitations; create health and wellness educational materials for clients and the public; develop practical apothecary and herbal pharmacy skills, and engage in public teaching opportunities.

Required Prerequisite

The Clinical Herbalism program is open to qualifying graduates of the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism ~ Advanced Herbalism program. The Clinic year is busy, demanding, transformational, and well worth the effort invested as it prepares students for real-life practice as Certified Clinical Herbalists.

Clinical Program

August 31, 2023 - May 28, 2024
Classroom Hours
  • $800 Deposit
  • + $300 Capstone Project / Thesis fee
  • Clinical Experience
  • $5,950 Tuition
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Student Schedule

Students in the Clinical Herbalism program select a weekly four-hour shift in the sliding-scale CSCH Clinic, where they schedule clients and create extensive case write-ups for each visit. These anonymized cases are evaluated by senior faculty (including the Clinic Director, Paul Bergner, and Dr. Tania Neubauer, ND) and fellow clinicians, and discussed during a series of 30 weekly Round Tables on Thursday evenings from 6-9 pm. In addition, student clinicians create client handouts, research and write a thesis and/or senior presentation project, complete practica in clinic and apothecary management and classroom teaching, and attend bi-monthly professional development seminars on topics such as business practices, legal requirements, marketing, advanced Materia Medica and formulation, and therapeutic issues.

Course Study & Hours

TOTAL HOURS = 475 classroom hours
Don’t forget to add homework time!

Clinical Program to become an herbalist. Trade School. CSCH. Colorado School of clinical herbalism.
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Extra Benefits for Students & Alumni

Being a CSCH student and alumni means gaining access to world-renowned knowledge and training, as well as additional benefits, including: