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Certificate in Nutrition at Herbalist School

The Nutrition Certificate Program consists of nutrition courses previously taken as part of the Fundamentals and Advanced programs, with several courses from the Clinical Program, an additional 96 hours of advanced nutrition coursework (one weekend per month), and a 64-hour thesis. This is a thorough education in advanced, integrated Vitalist nutrition principles and practices for students wishing to gain a deeper understanding of the role of diet and supplementation in health promotion and wellness.

Required Prerequisite

Advanced Herbalism program or equivalent advanced studies in herbalism, nutrition, interview skills, and clinical safety.

Certificate in Nutrition

Pending Dates
Classroom Hours
  • Advanced Nutrition
  • Thesis
  • $1,800 Tuition

Occupational Objective

This program prepares the student with the skills necessary to earn income offering consultations on diet, nutrition, and supplementation in a retail or private office setting. It is specifically designed to integrate the training of the professional clinical herbalist with that of a clinical nutritionist.

Course Study & Hours

TOTAL HOURS = 160 classroom hours

Clinical Herbalist School Classroom

Extra Benefits for Students & Alumni

Being a CSCH student and alumni means gaining access to world-renowned knowledge and training, as well as additional benefits, including: