“If you want to be an herbalist, and be taken seriously as a professional, this is the program for you. It is 100 percent worth the investment, and I feel fully prepared to start my own clinical practice after graduation.” –CSCH Clinic Graduate

“CSCH has offered me a robust education, valuable clinical opportunities and practical herbal experience in a container of deeply supportive community. I have always felt seen, heard & held by the faculty of this incredible school. I will cherish every moment of the years I spent learning there & I leave feeling thoroughly prepared to walk my path as a clinical herbalist. Highly recommend.” –Clinic Graduate 2022

“I went through fundamentals, advanced and all of the clinical programs. I would recommend all of them. The clinical focus, the botany and the knowledge of the teachers were very helpful. I would recommend the clinical program for anyone who would like to learn how to start a clinical practice, build a business and/or a product line. I felt supported in my clinical practice and business from my fellow cohort and faculty. The program is challenging and useful in personal growth and growth as a clinician and as a new business owner. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of the flower essence program and learned so much about myself and how to use flower essences in clinical practice.” –CSCH Alumni

“I do not have enough words to express how amazing this place is. I have gone through all 3 programs: Fundamentals, Advance, and Clinic and I don’t regret anything about it. The amount of information, energy, passion, and commitment that every teacher puts into each class is outstanding and full of love, they are the best people you will ever meet and you will say: I want to be Kat when I grow up!” –CSCH Graduate

“Every step of the way you are going to grow personally and learn about plants and about your body in a way that makes complete sense! You will learn to formulate and create products as well as help people with infinite types of pathologies. Even more importantly, they will give you the tools you need to approach every disease with caution and a complete understanding of how to utilize nutrition and herbs to achieve balance. During your time in the program, you will heal yourself or at least start the process!” –CSCH Graduate 2022

“Botanical walks,  herbal organoleptic, tincture making, safe circles for sharing, ceremonies, camping trips, herbal songs, amazing community, and Lisa! All my gratitude to all my teachers Kat, Adrian, Meghan, Lisa, Josh, Paul, Mary, Sam and Lisa, Linda and John for keeping the school alive!” –CSCH Alumni

“Going to CSCH is without a doubt the best thing I’ve ever done in my whole life. I had known about CSCH for a while as my father attended the first iteration of the school 25+ years ago. While I had always wanted to attend herb school it wasn’t until I was furloughed from my marketing job in 2020 that the stars aligned and I finally had the opportunity to take the leap and I’m so glad I did. This program has genuinely changed my life, not only has it provided me with a new career path (one in which I will be able to do something I love and work for myself), it also placed me into a loving and beautiful community, I have never felt more safe and seen as I have in my herb school cohort. While the focus of the program is to learn to help others as they navigate health struggles, I can safely say that I don’t think there is one person in the program that didn’t experience personal health benefits as well. Ultimately, this program has allowed me to heal in ways I never thought possible, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I cannot recommend this program enough. If you are thinking about attending an herb school – this is THE school! You won’t be disappointed.” –CSCH Graduate

“In a world of allopathic medicine controlled by big pharma and insurance companies, there is a better way.  Alternative and natural medicine modalities, such as herbal medicine offer individuals the opportunity to heal their bodies, support their spirit and deepen their relationship with the world around them.  What you learn in herb school empowers you to support yourself in this way but also the skills to support those you love in a similar fashion.” –CSCH Alumni

“When I decided I wanted to study herbalism, there were a lot of options, but CSCH was by far the most extensive and in-depth program I found. Plus it’s In person. I have learned more in this program than I knew there was to learn! We learn about the plants and how they are used medicinally but we also learn botany, plant identification, body systems & patterns, A&P, interview skills, medicine making, practical apothecary skills, how to hold space, herb safety and interactions, research skills and so much more! Plus it’s all topped with a little bit of magic!” –CSCH Graduate

“CSCH offers a science-based program that also opens up your intuitive relationship with plants, people, and yourself. I searched for a school that combined a strong academic base with an equally strong clinical program, and I have to say that words can’t express how happy I am that I chose this school. A truly inspired program, run by a fantastic staff and faculty.”

– Sheila Luna, dopolincendio.com

“My experience at Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism has been, at once, the easiest thing and the hardest thing I have ever done. It was a life-changing experience that I am so grateful to have gone through. The curriculum, faculty, and staff are amazing, thoughtful, and in a league of their own. I would highly recommend the school to anyone who wants a top-notch herbal education. #herbalbootcamp”

– Malia Thompson, alatebloomer.net

“The Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism provides so much more than just an education in herbal medicine. It is a life-changing experience and has forever altered the way I look at plants, health, illness, and the world around me. The program is an ideal coalescence of science, tradition, and intuition. The staff of qualified and talented herbalists, botanists, nutritionists, and more, are not only wonderful educators, but they also truly care about your personal experience and your success.”

– Kaley Heckert, indigoearth.org

“Being immersed in a community of people who are just as excited as I am about herbs is a fertile environment for study.  CSCH provided the rigorous schooling I was looking for, but also resources and relationships that I’m still tapped into after graduation.  I left my clinical year confident in my skills and ready to share them with my community.”

– Alex Svoboda, arisebotanicals.com

“I finished the Fundamentals Program at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism and gained so much knowledge about herbs, health ailments, and how the body works. This program really prepared me for being able to use what I learned in practice. I work for an herbal products company, so I have been able to use my notes, homework assignments, and what I have studied from this program and apply it in many areas. I have also been able to greatly improve my health as well as that of my family and friends by applying herbs appropriately when needed. I am extremely pleased with this program and highly recommend it.”

-Raquel Roney Benson, Taspen’s Organics