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Sheila Luna at Colorado school of clinical herbalism. Paul BergnerSheila Luna, an integral part of the CSCH community for the past 7 years, passed away and into the next part of her journey in late the evening of February 19th, 2020. She passed at home, surrounded by her family. Sheila worked with and for the clinic program for many years as clinic manager and faculty, as well as wearing the multifaceted hats that go with helping to market the school. These labels leave out a lot. Her kind and pragmatic presence have guided countless students and school community members through times of hardship, as well as to steer the practices and curriculum in the school in a direction of compassion and integrity.

That compassion and pragmatism has continued in the way she has asked to be given back to the earth. She has requested her body to be put directly back into the earth as potent fertilizer for the land, through water cremation. Look for her in flowers!

Sheila was a unique and beautiful soul – and a super herb nerd too. She was one of those rare people who understood the science and yet fully embraced the mysteries of Vitalism and the magic of the healing herbs and the human heart and spirit. A clinician well versed in her craft, she helped cultivate, mentor, and inspire so many others to become skillful clinicians through her work at CSCH.

A stunning woman, a beautiful human. She will be missed – and also carried with every student, every client, every person she touched.

Blessings, Sheila. ❤️