Stress Less:

The Power of Adaptogenic Herbs

Discover the power of adaptogenic herbs in managing stress and its impacts. Our carefully crafted module provides an in-depth exploration of these unique herbs, guiding you through their identification, mechanisms, and clinical applications. Ideal for both herbalists and those seeking natural stress relief, this course offers valuable insights into the role of adaptogens in promoting health and well-being. Embrace the knowledge to effectively manage stress through the natural benefits of adaptogenic herbs.

Course Overview

In today’s world of chronic stress and burnout, herbs that alleviate stress are incredibly valuable. As herbalists, we see clients facing issues like poor sleep, anxiety, chronic diseases, and digestive problems, often linked to stress. Adaptogenic herbs, which help us adapt to various stressors, are uniquely effective in managing stress. This module, led by Ben LeVine, covers the identification and mechanisms of adaptogens, clinical considerations, and a detailed materia medica of individual herbs. You’ll learn about the definition and description of adaptogens, their contraindications, hormonal impacts, and stages of stress response. Join us to understand how adaptogens can enhance well-being in a stress-filled world.

Features and Benefits

Over 2 hours of videos comprised of 12 In-depth lessons with Ben LeVine Nahar, Co-Founder & Chief Herbalist at Rasa

Gain a thorough understanding of adaptogens, including their identification, mechanisms, and clinical applications

Dive into a rich materia medica of individual adaptogens, exploring their specific benefits and uses.

Learn practical strategies to manage stress through the use of adaptogenic herbs, enhancing overall well-being

Expert insights and personal stories to enhance your learning journey

Herbal Experience Kit for you to follow along at home

Features and Benefits

12 In-depth video lessons with Liz Faermark, a seasoned herbalist

Comprehensive understanding of skin anatomy, functions, and disorders

Rich materia medica featuring essential herbs for skin health

Practical demonstrations of herbal strategies for skin wellness

Expert insights and personal stories to enhance your learning journey

Worksheets and slides to reinforce your knowledge

Herbal Experience Kit for you to gain first hand experience at home

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1

History & Definition of Adaptogens

Unearth the essential knowledge about your body’s largest organ in this foundational lesson. Explore its vital functions and intricate structures. Gain a solid understanding of your body’s first line of defense and how it supports your overall well-being.

Lesson 2

The Stress Response

Delve into the fascinating world of inflammation and wounds. Learn about the stages of inflammation, wound healing, and associated cautions. Discover valuable insights into managing and supporting the healing process.

Lesson 3

How Adaptogens Work

Explore common skin pathologies and discover effective support for conditions from acne to eczema. Gain valuable knowledge on natural approaches and holistic strategies to address these conditions and more.

Lesson 4

Clients, Constitutions, & Contraindications

Learn herbal strategies and acquire practical skills for crafting various skin preparations including fomentations, infused oils, salves, and more. Develop strategies to apply these preparations effectively.

Lesson 5

Adaptogens Materia Medica

Unveil the remarkable world of herbal allies for skin wellness. Dive into detailed explorations of Chaparral, Plantain, Calendula, and many more. Gain insights into the unique properties of each herb and their applications for different skin conditions.

Lesson 6


Navigate cautions, dos, and don’ts for optimal skin care and wound management. Equip yourself with practical guidelines for maintaining healthy skin and making informed decisions in skin and wound care.


Herbal Experience Kit

The Magic of Adaptogens at Your Fingertips!

We believe in learning by doing, and that’s why we’re thrilled to include our exclusive Herbal Experience Kit as part of your course materials. It’s our way of empowering you to take charge of your skin’s health and embrace the magic of herbal wisdom.


This carefully curated kit contains the very herbs mentioned in the course videos, allowing you to put your newfound knowledge into practice. Explore the world of skin decoctions and preparations firsthand. As you craft your own herbal remedies, you’ll forge a deeper connection with the plant world and the age-old tradition of herbal healing. 

Meet Your Instructor

Ben LeVine Nahar is the Chief Herbalist & Co-Founder at Rasa, an adaptogenic coffee alternative company, where he formulates blends and manages sourcing, sustainability, quality control, and herbal education. In his own words, “the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism has played a huge role in my love affair with herbalism. It’s where I found my people and my passion, and discovered the power of plants.”


In addition to his studies at CSCH, Ben has an MSc in Clinical Herbalism from Maryland University of Integrative Health and was formerly an herb buyer at the tea giant Celestial Seasonings. Ben currently teaches a series of classes on the international herb industry as well as a class on adaptogens for the CSCH Fundamentals program.

Meet Your Instructor

Liz Faermark is a Certified Clinical Herbalist and Clinical Nutritionist who has embarked on a unique and diverse journey into herbalism. Her unconventional path reflects a rich tapestry of interests, including farming, culinary arts, wildcrafting, foraging, crafting plant medicine, teaching, and community care.

Her training at The Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism provided Liz with a solid foundation, allowing her to seamlessly merge the art of herbalism with clinical care. Today, Liz is a dedicated herbal educator, guiding aspiring herbalists in honing their skills and coaching the herb-curious in her community to enhance their well-being.

At the core of Liz’s mission is her commitment to being an advocate and ally for individuals on their healing journeys. She takes great satisfaction in empowering others to self-care with confidence, using the nourishment of food and the power of plants. This empowerment fuels her hope for a brighter future, both individually and collectively. Liz firmly believes that herbal knowledge and power should be accessible to all, and she actively works to make this a reality.


Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism (CSCH) is a premier herbalism school located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Lafayette, Colorado. We’ve been educating herbalists for over 25 years in Western Herbalism, Integrated Nutrition, Field Botany, and Flower Essences in the Vitalist tradition. Our curriculum is vetted and approved by the Colorado Department of Education.

This course is suitable for anyone interested in herbalism, whether you’re a beginner looking to explore the world of plant medicine or an experienced herbalist seeking to deepen your knowledge.

No prior experience is required. Our course is designed to cater to individuals with various levels of expertise, from beginners to advanced learners.

You’ll gain an understanding of the body’s stress response, adaptogenic materia medica, and various stress-related conditions. You’ll also learn practical skills, such as preparing adaptogenic teas and tinctures, to address stress and enhance well-being.

The course consists of video lessons that you can access online at your convenience. You’ll also receive downloadable materials and worksheets to enhance your learning experience.

Our course integrates  anatomy, pathophysiology, and traditional herbal wisdom through expert instruction and hands-on learning with the Herbal Experience Kit. This approach offers a holistic view into providing a comprehensive approach to herbal care creating a fundamental understanding of both the how and the why of herbal healing.

Our Herbal Experience Kit is an essential part of your learning journey. It’s designed to provide you with a hands-on, immersive experience that complements your course materials. Here’s what you’ll find in this carefully curated kit:

  • Bulk Herbs:

    • Panax ginseng 14 grams
    • Schisandra berries 3 grams
  • Tinctures (5 mls each):

    • Rhodiola rosea 
    • Schisandra chinensis 
    • Withania somnifera
  • Additional Items:

    • Rasa Adaptogen & Mushroom Instant Classic (no caffeine)
    • Rasa Adaptogen & Mushroom Instant Coffee (contains caffeine)
    • Coupons and Stickers

Pricing & Payment

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