Mimi Kamp and Essences of the Desert

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 2.17.02 PMDanielle Robare, Certified Herbalist

Flower essences are liquid plant medicine that support individuals with the emotional and spiritual issues they face in their daily lives. Made popular through the work of Dr. Edward Bach, who created his original 38 essences in the 1930s using flowers in his native England, the Bach remedies were the original, and possibly most famous essences. These days, people often come to meet essences though these Bach essences, not knowing that all flowers have their healing gift to offer, and that many other sets exist.

A favorite set of ours at CSCH, is Essence of the Desert, created by Mimi Kamp. Mimi is a female healer based in the Sonoran desert in Arizona, and she is the creator of several lovely sets of essences made from flowers of the Sonoran Desert. Her Sonoran Desert series is composed of 12 essences, which have a common theme of transformation, specifically the transcendence of the effects of abuse and trauma.  Even for those who have not experienced “abuse,” as such, many challenges come with living as spiritual beings in an often challenging world. In addition to this set, Mimi has also created two sets specifically for dealing with trauma and abuse, and a final small set with additional essences called Sea of Cortes.

On her website, Mimi states that she started working with essences as a way to approach the emotional “roots” of physical illness. She feels that these are a missing piece of many healing protocols, and feels that flower essences can fill that gap. This is similar to Bach’s philosophy, but her essences seem to differ in their focus on spiritual expansion and healing from extreme trauma.

One particular essence in this set that we really enjoy is Chaparral. In Mimi’s words, Chaparral is indicated for: “cleansing, clearing emotional, physical, and mental toxins. Inviting guidance or spiritual assistance… transformation.” Experienced FE practitioners dealing with trauma often open up a session by offering this essence to a client. It has profound effects in shifting one from toxic patterns and creating changes in how one relates to the world.

Mimi is settled just a mile from the Mexican border, and as a result has been able to seek knowledge and partnership with curanderos and other healers, as well as learn about folk uses for Mexican plants. She has done spirit work with plants, through dream work, and has also worked as a field researcher and botanist. Information on purchasing any of these sets can be obtained at the Evergreen Center at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism.

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