Medicinal Mushrooms

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-12-39-14-pmDanielle Ryan, Certified Herbalist

The mysterious, the slimy, the strange, the misunderstood; the delicious, the remediated, the medicinal. Those living beings that occupy the space between life and death, decomposers, standing at the precipice of everything we know and everything we don’t. Not animals, not merely food, not at all part of the plant world, not bacteria, these beings represent eons more than meets the eye. In fact, only 10% of them does meet the eye. The other vast percentage lives beneath the soil, creeping along forest floors, relaying messages from one species to the next, remediating degraded soil, quietly serving as “the original internet” that communicates in ways beyond our understanding. A kingdom more closely related to the animal kingdom (humans) than animals are to plants, behold: The Fungi.

Discover the depths of the fungal world, from their place on the taxonomic tree of life, to the astounding medicinal benefits of many fruiting bodies (mushrooms), and become part of a hands-on demonstration on how to cultivate these incredible allies in your own home. You will leave with an in-depth understanding of the nature, properties, uses, and growing techniques of both mycelium and mushrooms. We will be discussing the following mushrooms in detail: Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake, Lion’s Mane, Pearl Oyster, and Turkey Tail. Be prepared to leave with newfound awe, excitement, and love for the most mysterious species on planet Earth.

Become a part of bringing our medicinal roots into the present day by invoking the ways of the Chinese and Egyptians, who have been using mushrooms for medicine since at least 5000 BCE. Used over the centuries for reasons ranging from longevity, immune-enhancement, and nerve regeneration, to antiviral, antibacterial, and adaptogenic benefits, medicinal mushrooms contain constituents that are anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating. The power of the fungal kingdom is undeniable! Come bring the mysterious into the known, gain practical knowledge, and walk away with useful skills to be able to incorporate medicinal mushrooms into your everyday life.

We will sip on a decoction of Reishi to warm our bones in the late January chill, and dive deep, together, into the fascinating world of medicinal mushrooms.


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