Lemon Balm

lemon balm

Author: Matthew Becker

Wonder is the sinuous ember of truth. Every statement we make is a question and wonder is always the answer.

I have noticed many times that lemon balm fresh tincture can bring on a state of wonder. To amplify this effect I combine it with fresh tinctures of rose blossom and gotu kola.

When the sunlight is soft and the warm air is fragile we can sense a vanished world. This is the land of sacred simplicity and at this moment the only reality is a feeling of awe which is nothing more then the touch of our own incandescent coals, the tenderest fire that calls us back home.

Lemon balms specialty is silence. As she warms our hearts she gives us permission to let go of the useless noise inside our heads. Then we can embrace the summer shadows of our lives and the autumn fireflies of our dawn.

Wonder can only arise when we notice it. It is always knocking on our door.

Grace is the ability to keep our Hearts open while knowing that sooner or later everything will come tumbling in.

Lemon balms secret is that it is timed to the rhythm of silence.

Silence brings on awe and wonder and in that precious moment you are just you.

In the deep end of a dark evening we can feel the quiet soulful poignancy of our own short lives.

All of us share the same wistful sigh.

The stars speak in dreams to the holy white poplar, if you hold my hand I’ll have no need to hide.

Cherry blossoms turn into clouds one by one leaves fade away.

Written by Matthew Becker. Published on CSCH blog with permission from Matthew Becker. 

Matthew Becker is a long time friend and guest teacher of CSCH. We appreciate Matthew’s amazing materia medica knowledge, herbal wisdom, and of course his writing of poetry. If you’d like more information about Matthew’s poetry,  please contact info@clinicalherbalism.com. We are happy to hear from you!

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