Flower Essences For End-of-Life Care

O'Brien_Aspen Flower ImageBy Jennifer O’Brien CH

Of all of the major life events, death is perhaps the most mysterious, scary, and intense. This is true for whether we are the caregiver to a loved one at the end of their lives or if we ourselves are approaching this paramount transition. The dying process can bring up a myriad of emotions for everyone involved. This intense time gives us a special opportunity to process past memories, both painful and joyful, as well as grief, regret, and spiritual contemplations. One of the most supportive therapies throughout this time is the use of flower essences. As a botanical medicine that acts through the vibrational imprints of various flowers harvested at their peak of vitality, it can be used without any concern of having an interaction with a medication or physical frailty.

One of the most specific essences to be used in the dying process is that of Angel’s Trumpet. This essence supports one’s surrender to the process of leaving our bodies and gives strength to the soul’s ability to prepare for passage into the spiritual world. Angel’s Trumpet is often combined with Angelica, which helps someone to find ease and protection from the angelic realm. Very often the veil between our world and the spirit dwelling realm is thinned for those who are dying, and they may talk of seeing spirits around them or people who were close to them and have already passed on. These occurrences often become a source of fear and Angelica is specific for this. If someone is waking often throughout the night, filled with anxiety, is hypersensitive, and seems to be dealing with generalized fear, Aspen is a helpful essence in this picture.

When faced with death we often reflect on the past. While this is necessary, one can find themselves stuck there and this can impede the process of letting go. Honeysuckle supports coming into the present and letting go, no matter how hard that may be. While one is surveying life’s lessons and experiences, the memories of traumatic events often comes up. The essences of both Star of Bethlehem and Comfrey will provide support for processing these experiences. Comfrey in particular can also work with trauma that we bring into this life from other past life events. When the feelings of anger, long held family feuds, and a closed heart are present, Holly can help one to forgive others and make amends before death. This essence is often applicable to family members when there is a pattern of familial conflict.

In the days and moments leading up to the passing of a loved one, Forget-Me-Not can be used to create deep spiritual links that later make connecting with those who have transitioned palpable. As one moves through the grieving process Bleeding Heart offers support in the release of attachments to loved ones who have passed. While essences such as Borage, Hawthorn, and Motherwort offer nurturing support to the emotional heart.

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