Understanding Trauma and Addiction

Trauma Informed Care: Understanding Trauma and Addiction

Join Ashke Zinctala for a class series on Trauma Informed Care. In this first class, Ashke will unpack trauma and addiction.

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Trauma-informed care is a relatively new topic of conversation in the realm of modern healthcare. With an ever growing body of information on the effects of trauma on individuals, we have begun to fully realize the importance of this conversation for healing a society in pain.  While there are many aspects to trauma-informed care, much of which I will not cover in this blog post, there are two main categories to understand: 

  • The physiology and psychology of trauma: how trauma affects the body & the mind, and the inseparable nature of the two. 
  • How to put this knowledge into action in a clinical setting.


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Jan 11 2022


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Ashke Zinctala
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