Sustainability in Western Herbalism

Mother Earth works diligently to balance the nature of all living things. Are you ready to work with her?

Join herbalist Sabrina Tran as she discusses sustainable and unsustainable practices in the world of Western Herbalism, alternatives for endangered and at risk plants, as well as an introduction to biodynamic farming practices, and seed saving.

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3 Endangered Medicinal Herbs and Their Alternatives

You may have noticed a trend in today’s society focusing on holistic health and more and more people are finding their interests in taking their own health journey into their own hands. We are all for it here, however, with more people discovering the magical healing properties of herbs, the demand for these sacred medicines are too high and risking the sanctity of their future. If we want this trend to continue, we must raise awareness of how we can ethically and sustainably choose and source our plants in order to not contribute to adulteration, overharvesting, or downright extinction. One of the biggest hints of life is moderation, if we can consider only taking what is needed and perceive other options, we will stand a much better chance. Here, we have a list of 8 of the most endangered and commonly used medicinal herbs in western herbalism, along with their easily cultivated, more sustainable alternatives.

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May 03 2022


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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CSCH Campus

Location 2



Sabrina Tran
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