Children and Flower Essences

Keane_FE_blog_imageBy Colleen Keane

Childhood is full of new experiences and is a time when we are learning to process emotions. Patterns established in childhood, especially those regarding how we deal with our emotions, can set the stage for how we will handle things as adults. Patterns of emotional imbalance manifested in adulthood may have their origins in childhood. Flower essences are a safe method to provide support for the constant change and development that children experience.

Flower essences provide assistance by creating subtle shifts allowing one to be more in tune with their inner self and the expression and processing of emotions. They provide a quick response in children, as their habits and patterns are not yet well established. Children’s sense-of-self have not been distorted by their experiences so they are also naturally in tune with those essences that might suit them best. For this reason, it is important for the child to be part of the process in picking essences and to not be forced to take them if they resist.

In order to decide which essences to give to children, it is critical to take note of their behaviors as well as those of their family. Children are very receptive to the emotions of their parents and other family members. Often, when a negative state in a child reoccurs or does not fully resolve despite proper use of essences, it indicates that another family member is contributing to the situation due to their own imbalance. When working with children and flower essences, it is important to also work with those who have an influence on the child.

Working with flower essences for children is much like working with adults. Determining which essence to give to a child depends largely on the underlying cause of the situation. However, there are some essences that stand out as working well for common childhood issues:

Cherry Plum

Provides support during times when a child or parent has (or is about to have) an angry outburst. This essence enables one to gain control and composure of their self, which can be beneficial, for example, during periods of bedwetting and tantrums.



For children who are fearful of specific, tangible items. Mimulus allows for an understanding of one’s fears. This essence can provide support when beginning school, dealing with fears of the dark, etc.



Holly flower essences offer support to be more at peace with others. It is especially beneficial for children who find themselves jealous of others whether it is because of their toys, friends, or even a new sibling and the attention they are getting.


Every flower essence has a place in working with children, depending on what is going on with the child. The main consideration is to listen to the child and take their guidance in determining which essence is right for them.



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