A Conscious Community

At the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism [CSCH], we are continually developing our ability to be inclusive, respectful, and educated on how to move beyond all -isms that we, as individuals and collectively, may unintentionally harbor. We are striving to cultivate a conscious community of learning, care, and respect on all levels. 

CSCH honors the aspect that education is reciprocal. As you learn from us, we learn from you. In our classrooms and clinic, we are actively expanding our focus on how to serve a diversity of people in a way that creates an environment of safety and trust.

CSCH Contributes To Our Community By
Donations of herbs to underserved communities
– Black Mesa Clinic and Herbal Medic
Low-cost herbs and services to all
– Which we continue to do in our clinic
Work trade for financially disadvantaged students of all backgrounds
Staff and clinical student training in Mental Health First Aid 
CSCH Is Creating An Equitable Environment By
Training staff in JEDI [Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion]
Promoting herbalists of diversity in social media
Acknowledging the indigenous people of this area
Training for staff and clinicians in non-violent communication
Creating resources for the ASL community to access herbal care

Herbalism is in a resurgence. It is a people’s medicine and has the power necessary to raise health and vitality to create strong and caring people. CSCH is committed to working towards a diverse and resilient community. We welcome anyone to schedule a visit or call, participate in a virtual meeting, or sit in on an online or in-person class. 
Contact CSCH by calling the office at 720.406.8609
or emailing at info@clinicalherbalism.com

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