9 Flower Essences for Chronic Pain

Wolfson_FE_blog_imageHannah Wolfson, Certified Herbalist

The emotional pictures associated with chronic pain conditions are as varied as the people who live with them. However, specific patterns frequently surface, and this is where emotional therapeutics, including flower essences, may be incredibly effective aids. In such cases, the essences can be taken orally, or applied topically from the bottle, or in lotions, salves, or liniments. Frequent emotions that arise may be supported by the following essences (by no means a comprehensive list):

1. Gorse

For those who have given up hope of recovery, and encouragement is refused and bothersome. However, unlike Sweet Chestnut (which is indicated for the darkest despair), there is some spark of hope that the end of pain is possible.

2. Gentian

Indicated for those who are often faced with setbacks, and these come with a sense of downheartedness and frustration. Unlike Gorse, Gentian is more specific to those who are willing to try again: another treatment, another medication, another chance.

3. Star of Bethlehem

While this essence is used for the aftereffects of trauma, whether old or new, these events may ripple through the body and cause long-term physical pain and discomfort. Star of Bethlehem may soothe these effects, and over time, help dissolve hardening and walling off of the physical tissue.

4. Mimulus

Chronic pain may incite many fears—the greatest of which being that such pain will last forever. Mimulus is indicated for any known fear, and may calm this reaction and generate the courage needed to believe that recovery is possible.

5. Holly

Long-lasting pain can harden the heart and wall off others, sometimes even wishing them ill. This may arise as suspicion of their intentions, irritation, and even envy at their state of health. Holly allows the heart to open into a space of love for others, even when vulnerability may be frightening.

6. Red Chestnut

When we are cared for by others, it is typical to experience feelings of guilt and over-concern for their wellbeing. Red Chestnut allows us to break away from the co-dependence that may lock us into a state of constant fear for others.

7. Heather

Those in the Heather pattern may excessively utilize others to discuss their pain and illness. Their desire to be constantly around others and usurping their energy may push them away, causing perhaps a deeper loneliness than before. Heather allows us to listen well, and to see our suffering within the context of others’. 

8. Rescue Remedy

Originally known as a Crisis formula, Rescue Remedy can be used in any moment of stress, severe pain, fear, and anxiety, and allow us to come into the body enough to act, while at the same time soothing in emergency situations.

9. Walnut

This essence protects us against the influences of others, often when we have decided to act on our health and make an important lifestyle change. It engages our personal will to forge ahead anyway for the sake of our personal evolution, even when others may not be supportive.


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