Sustainable Herbalism Class

Herbs and supplements are part of a $10 billion industry. As herbalism grows in popularity it’s important to keep our plant allies safe. Learn the skills you need to keep your practice sustainable.

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Herbs are a Finite Resource

When I first got into herbalism, one thing that really excited me was how intricately connected to the planet, sustainability, and the health of all living things are. Herbalism and sustainability go hand-in-hand. Everything we do depends on the health of the planet. While herbs can be regenerative and can be cultivated, they are not an infinite resource, and I fear that, while everyone can benefit from the power of the plants, not everyone has the right intentions to do so sustainably. We’ve been taught to always grow and consume—something that is not sustainable in the long term. Sometimes, I just want to keep herbalism to myself and tuck it away in a velvet-lined box, close the lid, and lock it away for safe keeping. But thats the antitheses of the spirit of the plants.

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Nov 15 2021


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



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CSCH Campus


Rachel Clark
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