Wise Woman Weekend

Join CSCH for a long weekend of renewal and connection!

Camping and limited lodging available onsite

Delicious, local, fresh organic meals will be provided (dinner Thursday night to breakfast Sunday morning)

Allergen-friendly, vegan, and paleo choices offered



Merging science, senses, and spirit, the Wise Woman Organoleptics workshop is all about cultivating your herbal instincts. Learn about plant constituents, edible and medicinal uses, botany and plant ID, folklore, and more from both the plants as teachers and some people who listen to and love them. We will taste, touch, smell, see, and learn with our hearts, minds, and bodies, tuning in to the unique medicine of the plants as our ancestors have done for generations.

Organoleptics is the art and science of learning the medicine directly from the plants themselves through sensory exploration. Through the practice of organoleptics, we experience the profound connection between people and plants: understanding the language of the natural world through direct experience … a down-to-Earth method of plant communication! You will also learn practical skills of plant identification and botany, through recognizing patterns within plant families and deepening your understanding of the ecosystems of the Western Slope and Southwest. 

Join in for an early morning walk to sing up the Sun, learn Vitalist practices to awaken your life energy, cultivate your intuition, and enjoy the healing and cleansing powers of plant brushings and smudges. At night, we’ll celebrate our connection to the Green world with song and story around the creekside firepit.


The registration fees include camping and meals.

Meet The Instructors

Led by Mary Barnes, Lisa Ganora




Mary Barnes

Mary W Barnes is the Clinic Program Director at CSCH. She mentors students, is a principal reviewer of student intern cases, is a core faculty member for first year programs and offers workshops in pharmacy skills. Mary is a lifelong student of the human spirit and its relationship to the natural world. Her passion is plants, people and creative endeavors. She is an accomplished botanical illustrator and gardener, and an aspiring violinist. She is the owner of Alfen Swan LLC, a business supporting vitality and creativity.




Lisa Ganora

Lisa Ganora is the director of CSCH, and is is also an Adjunct Professor of Pharmacognosy at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona, and has lectured and taught classes at numerous schools and conferences around the U.S. Lisa began studying herbs in the Wise Woman Tradition back in 1986 and fell profoundly in love with medicinal plants and natural healing. While studying wildcrafting and medicine-making with traditional herbalists from New England to the Appalachian Mountains for ten years, she began creating herbal products and travelled the festival circuit with an herb booth and as a workshop presenter. In 1997 Lisa decided to study botany, chemistry, and health sciences at the University of North Carolina, Asheville, and graduated with highest honors and several awards. Lisa combines a deep understanding of traditional, Vitalist herbalism with a scientifically-integrated and holistic approach to natural health.

Visit her website and check out her textbook on herbal constituents at herbalconstituents.com




Kat Mackinnon

Kat is a certified clinical herbalist and nutritionist, as well as a certified Bach essences practitioner through the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism. She is also a Registered Herbalist through the American Herbalists Guild. She currently works as the Botany course director, as well as faculty and student services coordinator for the Fundamentals and Advanced programs at the CSCH. Kat also has her own small clinical practice and runs a small endeavor, Meet the Green, through which she teaches classes on herbalism and primitive skills. Check out her blog at meetthegreen.com.





Sheri Hupfer

As the maiden of The Alchemy of Artemis, through the collecting of bone, petal, root, metal, and leather Sheri offers much of her medicine in the form of adornment. She believes that in a time when much of our plant medicine is being misused, clear-cut, or over-harvested, the creation of amulets and talismans, flower & gem essences, and the use of drop doses can serve to support the sustainability of our plant allies and the medicine they offer. Sheri has been teaching for over 9 years at CSCH and has offered community classes at Sacred Journey School of Herbalism, Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine, Sage Country Herb School, & Naropa University. As a nomad, she continues to teach, create, & weave together her love of art & medicine wherever she is called. She believes in teaching from the heart & sharing from personal experience as she gathers the songs & stories of the natural world. Visit her website at thealchemyofartemis.com.