Volunteer Clinic
Are you looking for support with health concerns? Want to receive a FREE herbal consultation from a student in the Advanced Herbalism program at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism? We offer herbal and nutritional support for mood balance, sleep improvement, more sustained energy, immune support, improved respiratory health, digestive harmony, hormone balance, stress resilience, and more!

Each year, students in our Advanced program team up to offer free clinic sessions to members of the community. These sessions allow students to put into practice all of their herbal and nutritional studies. Volunteers get to experience the detail-oriented and in-depth nature of an herbal consultation, and receive free, tailor-made wellness protocols, herbal formulas, and/or flower essences that are specifically formulated for their bodies, health state, and wellness goals.

The students will work in small groups to conduct two clinical sessions with you, the first an intake session where they will take a complete health history, and the second a shorter follow up session where they will provide you with educational information, herbal formulas, and dietary and lifestyle recommendations. CSCH faculty will provide oversight for each student group and their clinical recommendations prior to the second session.

We ask that volunteers attend both sessions:

Please note, per state mandate we are unable to work with the following folks:

  • People with a current cancer diagnosis
  • People who are pregnant
  • People who are under the age of 2

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