Revitalize Digestion Seminar for Practitioners, Students Welcome

How to Guide Your Clients Through an Anti-Inflammatory Elimination-Challenge Diet & Gut Healing Program

January 25 – 26th, 2020 | 10 am – 4 pm


As holistic health practitioners we’ve learned that to address the health of our clients, we must first start with their digestive health. That’s why we’ve been taught protocols such as Functional Medicine’s 5Rs gut healing protocol, how to design elimination-challenge diets to determine inflammatory foods, and what herbs and probiotic supplements to recommend for rebalancing the microbiome. Our clients must have a healthy digestive system in order to begin their journey back to health and vitality.

When I began to address the digestive health of more and more clients in my busy practice, I knew I had to create a way to repair their digestion and reduce inflammation in an easy-to-understand, efficient and effective way…. And, after guiding hundreds of clients, The Revitalize Digestion™ Program was born. As I have successfully done, this Program gives you the tools to effectively and confidently restore your client’s digestive health and varied health goals in a short period of time.

-confidently guiding clients through a gut repair program to get positive results even with complex cases
-using proven supplement protocols for a variety of digestive conditions and symptoms, and having the flexibility to use the supplements you determine are best for each client
-guiding clients through a gut repair program one-on-one or in groups, in person or remotely
-marketing your professional gut repair program to practitioner partners

Attend this seminar designed to save you time, energy and money!
The Revitalize Digestion™ Live Seminar provides you with step-by-step instructions on HOW you can guide clients through the following in about 45 days:

  •  A gut repair program that includes the 5Rs protocol
  • Supplement protocols that clearly recommend effective products
  • An Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • A 21-day Elimination Diet to identify food sensitivities
  • A Challenge Diet or the reintroduction phase of the elimination diet
  • Instructions to balance blood sugar
  • Guidelines for Conscious Eating to reduce mealtime stress

The Revitalize Digestion™ Program delivers results to every client, increasing your effectiveness as a practitioner and streamlining your business. Clients feel supported referring to the Revitalize Digestion™ Guidebook’s step-by-step instruction, 21-day Meal Plan with 125 recipes, Shopping Guide, as you provide your individual, professional guidance.

After successfully guiding hundreds of clients though the Revitalize Digestion™ Program, these are the results I see:

  • Repaired leaky gut, and elimination of gut infections and a variety of digestive issues
  • Improved energy levels and brain fog relief
  • Reduction or elimination of headaches, sinus issues, skin issues, and chronic pain
  • Lowered auto-antibody levels in those with autoimmune disorders
  • Improved menstrual cycle symptoms
  • Weight loss (up to 8 pounds for women and 12 pounds for men)
  • Improved diet and dietary compliance (e.g., gluten, dairy, etc.)
  • Symptom relief and an understanding of the food source of symptoms after the Challenge Diet

The practitioners who have already completed this training are achieving these same results with their clients, and you can too.

They enjoy using the Revitalize Digestion™ Program’s structured, yet individual approach, as each client is an individual, so practitioners have the ability to choose their own gut-repair protocol of supplements, depending on the client and their education, for example, Eastern herbs for acupuncturists, Western herbs for nutritionists and herbalists. There is also an individual dietary approach I recommend for vegetarians, and practitioners will be able to guide clients through the entire program in person or remotely, one-on-one or in groups, as they choose.

Think of this as more than a seminar as you’re joining the Revitalize Digestion community!

Along with the 2-day training in this live seminar, you’ll receive the following materials:

  • PDF downloads of Slide Presentations
  • 7 Handouts: Business Forms & made-for-you Client Handouts
  • 1 copy of the Revitalize Digestion™ Guidebook for Practitioners and their Clients
  • Bulk order discounts on Revitalize Digestion™ Guidebooks when sharing with clients (5 & 10 copies) OR your clients order the book directly from Amazon
  • Ongoing support in the private Revitalize Digestion™ Facebook group for course graduates only
  • Discounts on Advanced Level Courses featuring related and supportive topics
  • Certificate of Completion after completing a short 11-question exam and seminar evaluation
  • With a Certificate of Completion, you’re eligible for 11 CEU credits from the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (for members only) and other organizations


Post-seminar, every attendee will receive a discount code to purchase the Revitalize Digestion Online Course for $25, which gives you lifetime access to all course materials.

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DATE & TIME | January 25 – 26th, 2020 | 10 am – 4 pm
LOCATION | CSCH, 424 E. Simpson Street, Lafayette, CO 80026
COST | $395 for Professionals, $195 for Students

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Your instructor, Erin Livers, is a well-respected nutrition therapist, digestive wellness specialist, author, and health educator. With 15 years of clinical and teaching experience, she focuses on helping her clients resolve their digestive issues with her Revitalize Digestion™: Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Gut Healing Program, so they can experience optimal health. She can be found online at and

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