February 4, 2020 | 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

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Your teeth and mouth can reveal many stories: perhaps one of your ancestry and their traditional foodways, or of your current relationship with the food you eat and the nutrients you assimilate. Maybe the story tells of chronic disease, mood disorders, surgeries-past, or of the trillions of bacteria in your mouth and gut that make up your microbiome.

Oral health, like many other facets of whole-body wellness, relies on the use of preventative care. The good news? When we take care of our teeth and mouths, we simultaneously nurture other body systems like the nervous system, digestive system, and immune system. Read on to learn about a few nutrients and herbs that can play a powerful part in your own oral health care regimen.

Vitamin D

This fat-soluble vitamin is necessary in order for your body to absorb calcium, a mineral that’s famous for helping us maintain strong bones and teeth. Specialized cells in the bones and teeth use calcium to help build up and maintain their respective structures. A deficiency in vitamin D can lead to compromised calcium absorption, and thus promote dental caries, or cavities. Even if you’re getting enough calcium in your diet, a deficiency in vitamin D can inhibit the beneficial effects of that sufficient amount of celebrity mineral. Vitamin D can also help bolster immunity, improve digestive function, and support the nervous system and brain function.


This mineral plays an essential part in over one hundred enzymatic reactions in the body; its role is versatile. One of magnesium’s jobs is to convert vitamin D into an active compound that then helps regulate calcium absorption. So, we don’t just need vitamin D to properly absorb calcium – we need magnesium, too. A magnesium deficiency may also cause unpleasant systemic symptoms like: anxiety, confusion, hyperactivity, insomnia, nervousness, and muscular woes like restlessness and weakness.

Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare)

Culinary spices often double as powerful herbal allies. Fennel is one such plant. These slightly-sweet seeds are rich in minerals like magnesium and calcium. Crush them up and add them to your favorite herbal tea to boost mineral content and enhance flavor. Fennel seeds are anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and aromatic, making them a fine candidate for an herbal mouth rinse. The seeds can also be eaten whole after a meal to freshen breath, dispel gas, and relieve indigestion.

Calendula (Calendula officinalis)
Inside the body, too. Calendula is anti-inflammatory and wound-healing. It can be used as an herbal mouth rinse, or as an infused oil for oil-pulling. It’s soothing and healing qualities make it appropriate for use in cases of sores, infection, inflammation, and tenderness of the gums, tongue, or tissues inside the cheeks.

Want to learn more?

Join student clinician Liz Faermark for a class on herbal, nutritional and lifestyle therapeutics that will help you care for your teeth and mouth in a holistic way. In this class, Liz will weave together the studies of anatomy, nutritional and cultural anthropology, nutrition, Vitalism, and traditional Western herbalism to provide a comprehensive understanding of our mouths, and a multifaceted approach to oral care. You’ll walk away empowered with ideas for nourishing meals, DIY herbal preparations for oral care, and lifestyle practices that can have a beneficial effect on the teeth and mouth.

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DATE & TIME | Tuesday, February 4th, 2020 • 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
CSCH, 424 E. Simpson Street, Lafayette, CO 80026
$5-$20 sliding scale suggested donation, though no one excluded for lack of funds.

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