Into The Honeycomb

An Exploration into the Magical World of the Honeybee

Honeybees have been called the heart of our biosphere through the work they do in facilitating life on this planet. Pollinators as a whole perform a crucial mission on behalf of all life through facilitating the reproduction of flowering plants. Today honeybees are responsible for a third of every bite of food we eat and they play an integral role in food production not only in the United States but all around the world. Sadly our honeybees are not doing so well and in recent years beekeepers have seen a very large decline in colonies. Now more than ever the honeybees need us to stand up for them and be a voice of support. We must return to a sacred relationship with these creatures and to do so we can learn from our past.

Ancient civilizations and cultures around the world, such as Egypt and Greece, revered the honeybee deeply. In many of these cultures the bee and the medicine she provided was sacred and honored.  In many ways modern society has drifted away from the kinship we share with the natural world, and we have surely strayed from our relationship to these sacred beings.

This class will explore the honeybee and how we can return to kinship with these amazing creatures. We will travel through time to explore the honeybee in mythology, history, folklore, magic, and art. The honeybee with her sweetness and light has influenced artists, healers, poets, philosophers, and many others throughout time, creating a rich fabric of all that is inspired by her. We will also explore medicines from the hive: honey, beeswax, propolis – and how these products have been used throughout time. We will dive deep into their healing properties, learn how the honeybees with their ingenuity create these gifts, and what they provide to the hive itself.  Honeybees are Nature’s alchemists, and honey if anything is an essence and reflection of landscape. Herbalists and plant lovers alike share a unique bond with these beings in our love of flowering plants; and we can play a crucial role in their survival by helping them thrive in the modern world.

The Into the Honeycomb class will be taught and guided by Courtney Cosgriff. Courtney is a beekeeper from Morrison, CO. Courtney has spent years studying with various beekeepers as well as tending her own hives. She feels called to be a voice for the honeybees in these uncertain and dark times. Courtney frequently works to educate children and adults on honeybees, the magic they provide, and how we can support their conservation.

Date: March 27

Time: 6-8 pm

Cost: $15 ($5 suggested donation for CSCH students)

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