Making Oxymel - HartOxymel is a very traditional and delicious way to administer herbs that might not taste so great on their own. The herbs are infused into a mixture of honey and vinegar. Oxymel is a great carrier for botanicals to address fungal issues and respiratory conditions (e.g., as a cough syrup), and can even make a delicious salad dressing. Garlic, Horseradish, Cayenne, Ginger and Nettles are fantastic herbs to use in oxymels.

Before formulating an oxymel for someone, a person’s “constitution” or overall energetic balance must be considered. There will be discussion about creating an oxymel for individual cases, considering a client’s health patterns, constitution (or false constitution), and which herbs are appropriate and safe for that individual.

The Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism is offering an evening class on making herbal oxymels – details below.

Oxymel Class Hart 2 SmIn this fun hands-on Oxymel class, offered by Hart Castleberry, CH, you’ll learn how to pick out herbs for particular people and purposes, and how to infuse them into a mixture of honey and vinegar.

Formulation and recipes will be covered. We will also discuss other recipes for you to make on your own at home. Yummy! See you there!


Class begins at 6 pm, Tuesday, January 28, at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. See our Contact page for directions. Donations of $10 would be greatly appreciated (voluntary for students, faculty and Alumni of CSCH).

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