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Fundamentals of Medical Herbalism

Day Program

Whether you’re stepping into herbal medicine, or headed toward becoming a Certified Clinical Herbalist, this in-person course is where you begin.

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Fundamentals Day Program

August 7, 2023 to November 21, 2023
Mon, Tue, Wed 10AM-5PM

Harness the Healing Power of Nature

We teach students from all walks of life. Most come for clinical training. Others are looking to connect with nature and become good land stewards. All want to engage with like-minded people to learn new things.
Whatever the reason, what unites all our students is their deep love and respect for Earth, its inhabitants, and its healing resources.

Why This Medical Herbalism Course?

CSCH’s Vitalist Curriculum

Our clinical herbalism programs incorporate all aspects of science, including human physiology, pathophysiology, and materia medica. The programs value knowledge from traditional medicine, empirical observation, instinct, and intuition. The vitalist tradition uses foods and herbs to support the body’s natural healing abilities. A Vitalist education from CSCH prepares the student for a life-long journey of wellness, vitality, and service to others as a certified clinical herbalist, nutritionist, and flower essence practitioner.

Grow within a Community of Certified Clinical Herbalists

Indoor and nature classrooms help CSCH teachers provide immersive and practical lessons that give you the best learning experience.

How the Program Works

The Fundamentals of Medical Herbalism day course is an intensive 370-classroom-hour program that requires 8-10 hours of homework time per week.

Courses begin on August 7th, 2023 – November 21st, 2023.  Classes are held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. With an hour lunch from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

Getting Started

  1. Review the Catalog
    Our extensive catalog shows all the programs available at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism.  It details requirements and what to expect from the different programs and what’s expected of you.  
  1. Apply to CSCH
    Applicants need to have a US social security number and a high school diploma or equivalent.
  1. Transfer credits
    Provide transcripts or resources to transfer credits from previous training, experience, or education. These courses are reviewed and accepted on a case-by-case basis.  However, we highly encourage starting with the Fundamentals course, where you receive extensive education on botany and the concept of vitalism.
  1. Interview with Student Affairs Director
    You’ll meet with the Student Affairs Director to determine if you qualify for the Fundamentals of Medical Herbalism day program or if you can move into a more advanced curriculum.
  1. Enroll in your first course
    The Student Affairs Director will help you do this the first time. 
  1. Pay Your Tuition
    See below for more information on fees and payment options.
  1. Log in to the Learning Management System (LMS)
    There’s lots of good information on our LMS, Canvas.  You can start accessing materials immediately, view the catalog, and immerse yourself in the CSCH online community.  
  1. Attend, learn, connect, and grow!
    Attendance, timeliness, and engagement are crucial for success in this program.

What You Can Do With The Knowledge

The Fundamentals program provides introductory-level training in medical herbalism and clinical nutrition to anyone looking to work in the herb or health food industries. After completing the Fundamentals of Medical Herbalism program, you’ll be prepped and ready to apply your newfound knowledge in the real world or take it to the next level with the Advanced Medical Herbalism program.


Fantastic school with incredible teachers. An amazing herbalism school that offers a Fundamentals program, an Advanced program and a Clinical Program . . . Highly recommend for anyone even mildly interested in the herbal world.

Dana Hutchinson

Awesome place, intelligent teachers, life-changing experience.

Emily Huddleston

A fantastic place to work - beautiful teachers and students both!

Kat Mackinnon

Get Trained by Herbal, Flower Essence & Nutrition Experts

In the ClassroomWe’ve spent years studying, analyzing, and learning from our students, teachers, nature, and the community at large.  We know what people expect from a clinical herbalist and nutritionist today.  Our intensive program is designed to help you apply that knowledge in the world or move into a more advanced program.

Other programs don’t provide the intensive, practical, and science-based curriculum we offer at CSCH.

CSCH is the best option for your herbal education because we have multiple programs for working adults. The curriculum is constantly enhanced from both current scientific research and feedback from students who went before you.

Program Includes:

TOTAL HOURS = 370 classroom hours
Don’t forget to add 8-10 hours per week for homework!

Affordable Tuition Options

You can pay everything upfront or opt for a convenient monthly payment plan.

Program Item
Item Cost
Books and Materials**
Application Fee

*  Initial deposit is $700, which goes toward the total cost of tuition.
** Student will purchase books and materials independently, so this price may change depending on the provider.
Tuition is paid in monthly installments.

Would You Like a Closer Look at the Programs?

I went through the Fundamentals of Medical Herbalism Evening course that started in January 2020, just before the COVID pandemic hit the US hard. This has been one of the greatest, most fulfilling, useful, and applicable investments I have ever made in myself.

Jordan Gärtner

Why Invest in Yourself at CSCH?

You can build your herbalist community, honor your ancestors, and heal your world.

Our culture tends to rely heavily on pharmaceutical and over-the-counter medications for common ailments and problems.  So many people are looking for the “magic bullet” for medical and health concerns, undergoing invasive procedures and drowning their bodies in unnatural chemicals. Our ancestors knew better.  They taught us that health and healing are different.  Now, herbalists and vitalists use that knowledge to advance the field of botanical and natural medicine. We’ve expanded our collective knowledge and improved the quality of life for those living with serious health conditions like digestive issues, skin disorders and insulin resistance, and more. Health is what you maintain; healing is what you need when something goes wrong. We train herbalists to search, test, experiment with, and document the invaluable knowledge of the world’s most efficient and effective medicines from nature.

Imagine looking around you at any given moment and identifying each grass, weed, bush, tree, and flower; not only their names but their properties and how to prepare them for such use.

Imagine walking through the grocery store and instantly understanding which foods will hurt and which will help.

Imagine being able to determine food from poison in the wild.

Imagine being able to use those grasses, weeds, bushes, trees, flowers, and foods to address problems like chronic pain, migraines, heart disease, fevers, stomach aches, menstrual problems, sexual dysfunction, and more.

Imagine having a community of like-minded people who can help you find natural solutions to common and uncommon problems.

Imagine being the person your family, friends, and clients trust because you have the expertise and knowledge of a trained clinical herbalist.

Covid-19 Information

These days, we must take things in stride and get back to life safely.  We have stringent policies to protect you and everyone else in the school from contracting Covid-19 or any of its variants.  We’ll provide you with all the information you need if the virus affects you personally or someone in your care.  Here are the basics:

Extra Benefits for Students & Alumni

Being a CSCH student and alumni means gaining access to world-renowned knowledge and training, as well as additional benefits, including:

Take the Next Step to Become a Clinical Herbalist

Limited Space - Don’t Lose Your Seat!

We have a limited number of seats to accommodate appropriate distancing for this in-person program.  Classes start August 8th, and it fills up fast. Don’t miss out by waiting too long to apply!

Want to connect with a real person? We’d love to talk to you! Please visit our contact page or the footer for our info.

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