Liddick Class Feb 2015Kalli Liddick, Certified Herbalist & Animal Enthusiast

Vibrational Healing and Flower Essence Therapy

Everything on earth is composed of its own unique vibrational frequency. This energy is dynamic, in a state of constant interaction with its environment. Vibrational Healing is the term for utilizing these energies to return balance to a physical body. Flower Essence Therapy employs the powerful frequencies of blooming plants to positively support the physical body’s own natural energetic balance, allowing us to release blockages, thus promoting health on an emotional, mental, and physical level.

Healing Animals

Science and the media are just now catching up to a concept that many of us were already well aware of – that animals are emotional beings – conscious and empathetic – and experience the world in a way that is not too distant to the way we humans do. Though we may never fully comprehend their perception of the world, we do know that animals are sentient, and just as they suffer from physical ailments, they bear emotional wounds as well. Flower essence therapy can help animals move past these obstacles to health just as they can help us. This type of healing is one that is well suited for animals, as it is very safe, and addresses the emotional piece that is often ignored in other therapeutic modalities. Animals are visceral and highly intuitive – finely tuned to their environment. Therefore, flower essences will often produce rapid, dramatic results.

About the Class

The class will be taught by certified herbalist and animal enthusiast, Kalli Liddick. We will explore how this safe and gentle, yet very effective, botanical remedy can be used to help heal the sensitive beings that have such a big presence in our lives and in our hearts. Our focus will be on dogs, horses, and cats, but discussion about all animals is welcome.

Topics include what flower essences are and how they work, ways to identify when essences may be appropriate and which essences your pet would benefit from, making your own essences, and more.  You will get to experience an essence first hand during class. No experience is required. This class is ideal for those with pets at home, those who work with animals on a regular basis, and anyone who is interested in learning about flower essences and vibrational therapies for animals.

Join us on Tuesday, Feb. 24th, 6 pm, at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism (2900 Valmont Rd., Suite F-1, Boulder, CO). Class will run approximately 2 hours. $35, CSCH student price $15. Prices include a flower essence for you to take home to your pet! To register contact CSCH at 720.406.8609

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