Fire Photo - Smoke Blends ClassBy Jessica Arconti (herbalist, nutritionist, conservationist)

Connected with the South, fire is an element associated with purification, the sun, masculine energy, strong will, and the Divine Feminine. When in the presence of fire, Mother Nature opens the gateways of existence between the physical and spiritual realms, linking us with the rhythms of the most ancient earth. For this reason, working with fire, such as ceremonial smoking, is a powerful way to move energy.

Many ancient mythical creatures and deities (both male and female) are associated with smoke and fire, including the Phoenix. A Phoenix metaphorically and literally burns itself to death and is then reborn from its ashes. In Paganism, Brighid is the Celtic goddess of rebirth, Imbolc, and fire; she is celebrated on the 1st of February, in-between the Spring Equinox and Winter Solstice. Various types of symbolism and animals are associated with fire and the goddess Brighid – sunrises, candles, warmth, bees, owls, dairy cows, and even serpents are all associated with Brighid’s nurturing presence. Like the symbolism of the Phoenix, Bridhid and Imbolc are a celebration of the coming of new life from fire.  At Imbolc, fire represents the seeds of life planted within the earth and within ourselves. When nourished by fire, these seeds give rise to divine life, wisdom, creativity, and evolution.

Because of fire’s unique essence, smoke is a perfect medium for ritual, especially rituals that emphasize personal growth.  Is there energy you are hoping to transform? Or an emotional state, or past experience, that you are hoping to grow and move on from? Working with fire and/or smoking is a wonderful way to utilize ritual in personal transformation, transitions, vision quests, connecting with spirituality, or moving through certain thinking patterns and just letting go. Fire is the medium through which we see that energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed.

When utilized for inward or intention work, smoking fire frees our spiritual energy, giving us new life. Any vibration that no longer serves us, we can transform and send into smoke, watching as it ripples its way into the universe.

Whether through bringing new life or smoking for enjoyment, a dancing flame is tightly linked to the development of the human spirit. Let’s celebrate it!

Join Jessica Arconti (herbalist, nutritionist, conservationist) for a class on creating medicinal smokes blends, and how you can enjoy them for everything from social settings to ceremonial intention work.

*Medicinal marijuana will not be covered.

Cost: $15

(Cost includes supplies and a sample herbal cigarette to take home)

Location: Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism

Date: 2/11/2014, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

To register, email:

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