By Hannah Michaels, CH

From picking Dandelions to spending time in the garden with our grandmother, many of us share similar experiences that led us to the plant path. It is now our time to pass this along to the next generation. Raising an herbalist is about engaging your children in herbalism and weaving plant medicine into their lives. There are numerous ways to initiate, support, and help guide their own journeys to becoming an herbalist.

Because of modern day distractions, we sometimes lose the connection we had with nature as children. Immersing your child in herbalism can preserve their connection to nature as they grow into adulthood. Showing your child they can make tea from the Dandelions they pick, or simply bringing attention to plants during the changes of seasons can keep this fire burning.

Adding culinary herbs to meals can help kids associate tasty food with herbalism. Growing an herb garden (even if it is a few pots on the window sill) can provide the experience of harvesting these spices and bring inspiration to use them. When appropriate, allowing kids to put on or make their own medicine can generate enthusiasm, such as letting them apply their own salve or add water to herbs for tea. Infusing herbs in their bath water is another method to increase their contact with plant friends!

Children can have a stronger reaction to herbs than adults, so using the herbal allies known to be safe for kids and administering the proper dose is imperative. There are many gentle herbs to choose from in our toolbox! Some examples:

  • Elderberry can decrease the duration of a cold
  • Lemon Balm can soothe nervous tension
  • Catnip can promote sleep
  • Stinging Nettle can alleviate allergies. Nettle also supplies a multitude of minerals and vitamins. It tastes good as an iced tea and can be added to smoothies, homemade popsicles, or jello.

To dive deeper into raising an herbalist, join me for a class on engaging children in herbalism and using herbal medicine to support children’s health. Topics to be discussed are initiating or supporting herbal interest, safe herbs for kids and their indications, and how to calculate the appropriate dose for your child. Some specifics we will discuss are the common cold, nervousness, hyperactivity, nightmares, bedwetting, skin afflictions, and bug bites/stings. We will also shed light on quality botanicals and herbalism games for kids on the market!

Raising an Herbalist

Igniting herbal passion and building an herbal toolbox for parents

Date and Time: January 18, 2019 – 6:30-8:30 pm

Location: 424 East Simpson St. Unit A, Lafayette, CO 80026

For more information, contact Hannah at:


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