Calling Ritual in to Help Women Heal Menstrual Woes

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your monthly menstrual cycle?  Do you struggle from severe PMS?  Do you feel your emotions hold you back or interfere with your relationships when menstruating?

Our female bodies are dreamy – our energy levels, moods, and physical health are constantly changing.  It can feel confusing and frustrating at times. An issue we see in our culture is little support or acknowledgment of this reality. We teach women to ignore it and carry on no matter what they are feeling. Many women enter into menstruation with little guidance and end up feeling ashamed or embarrassed when they bleed. Often what we need is more tender, love, and care around our cycle.  We can create more ritual around any cycle we enter into as women, whether it be nourishing the menstrual cycle, supporting pregnancy, tending to the postpartum, or entering into menopause with ease and grace.

Self-care plays a vital role in all of these cycles for women. Finding time and space to connect to ourselves and what we need in those moments to deepen our devotion of love and service to our temples.  When we create ritual around our lifecycles we can find deeper harmony with ourselves and our lives. We can gain a greater self-knowledge and self-acceptance for our bodies. We can open up the connection between our hearts and wombs, offering space for more healing. We often don’t realize how much of our stress and trauma we carry in our womb space, which can lead to stagnation or excessive pain during our menstrual cycles.

We tend to not honor our time of bleeding by truly taking it easy and finding more time for rest. In our busy lives where we are constantly on the go, it can be very counter-intuitive for our bodies during menstruation to be doing physical labor or to be up on our feet for long hours. In many cultures they don’t allow women to cook, do dishes, or really be on their feet at all during menstruation. They really honor and allow space for women to truly rest. Creating space for the moon time can be very rejuvenating and vital for mental health. Through creating this space, we can reflect and allow stillness in our minds.  When we carve out time we can truly honor our body’s natural rhythms and create a deeper connection to ourselves.

We can find simple ways to call in more ritual during our moon time whether it be turning the phone off, lighting a candle, burning some herbs or resins, or getting snuggly into bed.  We can be as simple as we want or we can get really luxurious in how we tend to our bodies. My favorite way to honor my moon time is dimming the lights (it really helps me drop into a more relaxed state) and sipping my favorite herbal tea. Any of these things can allow us to just drop into a more restful state and to honor our bodies as they sheds what no longer serves us.

We can also find ways to drop into a few different activities that can help us connect deeper to our cycles. One of my favorites is writing a moon letter. Every moon cycle, try sitting and writing a letter to one of your sisters where you can share your dreams or visions for the month ahead. This can include reflections, quotes from books, or a poem you have written.  It can be a really profound way to reconnect to your cycle while sharing beautiful wisdom with another sister or friend.  It can also be a way to deepen your relationship and offer support back and forth during our cycles.  Other ways to nourish your temple during your moon time can include making a lovely face mask or soaking your feet in Epsom salts.

Once we begin to find more time to nurture our bodies during our moon time, we may find more energy or joy around our cycles.  We may experience less cramping and more grace every month when we bleed. We may find our relationships improving, as well as growing a deeper sense of self-love that we all deserve. The moon time is a time for self-care, deep nourishment, and reflection.  Just simply listen and honor what it is you need for yourself!


Join clinician Cristina Cantieri for her 3-part series as she unveils the lifecycles of women and ways we can bring more healing ritual in our lives. You’ll learn how to honor the natural rhythm of your menstrual cycle, nutritional support for pregnancy and tending to the post-partum, as well as entering into menopause with ease and grace. Classes will be held Wednesday October 25th, November 1st, and November 8th. Check out our workshops page for more information.



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