ABOUT THE COURSE | The Aromatherapy 100 Course is designed to provide an introduction to the basic arts and sciences of aromatherapy and essential oils for the beginning to intermediate student, in the context of Vitalist herbalism. The course includes both classroom lectures and hands-on experience, along with a variety of lecture formats and labs. Students will learn the history and chemistry of essential oils, EO Materia Medica, blending/formulation, product creation, and clinical skills for the practicing aromatherapist. The course also includes a basic introduction to the anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology of the relevant body systems as they are affected by essential oils. Aromatherapy 100 has been designed to qualify as a Foundation Level School for the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (application pending) and prepares the student for further study in the field. Its unique focus on understanding aromatherapy in the context of Western herbalism and Vitalist health practices will enhance the education of both aromatherapists and herbalists as well as other holistic health care practitioners. Environmental sensitivity and sustainability (e.g., regenerative cultivation of essential oil-bearing plants and avoiding the use of threatened or endangered species) are key considerations in the Materia Medica chosen for our curriculum.

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John Whiteman
John Whiteman