Valerie Blankenship, RH, AHG has over 24 years experience in the herbal field as a clinician, formulator, medicine maker and educator. She is a registered herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild. AHG Registered Herbalist membership requires an intensive, peer-reviewed application process through the professional herbalist’s organization, requiring demonstrated herbal knowledge and clinical experience and skills. She holds certifications from Wild Rose College, David Hoffmann’s Therapeutic Herbalism program and The School of Natural Healing. She attends topical herbal intensives yearly through The American Herbalists Guild and Naturopathic Colleges and is a member of the American Herbalist’s Guild. She has completed intensive training in integrative holistic treatments with herbal clinician Donald Yance, through his ECLECTIC TRIPHASIC™ MEDICAL SYSTEM (ETMS).

Alchemy of Fermentation Weekend Workshop