Certificate in ADVANCED Herbalism

January 10, 2022 to July 11, 2022
Monday through Wednesday • 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
540 Classroom Hours • $6,200 [monthly payment plans available]  Deposit:  $800

ABOUT THE PROGRAM | The Advanced Herbalism Certificate Program courses are taught in unified modules of closely related material. In a clinical setting, the herbalist gathers information, research, and material from basic anatomy and physiology, pathology, herbal Materia Medica, therapeutic strategies, clinical nutrition, pharmacology, and interview skills.


A Certificate in Fundamentals of Medical Herbalism Day or Evening program

or a passing grade of an 80 percent or higher on the placement exam (this exam is for students who have studied herbalism extensively in Materia Medica, herbal pharmacy, nutrition, flower essences, and physiology).

Course Study and Hours:

  • Fundamentals of Vitalist Medicine: 51 hours
  • Vitalist Therapeutics for Acute Symptoms: 51 hours
  • Clinical Nutrition in the Vitalist Paradigm: 45 hours
  • Toxicity and Detoxification: 12 hours
  • Roots of Chronic Disease I – Nutrition, Digestion, and Immunity: 42 hours
  • Roots of Chronic Disease II – Insulin Resistance Syndrome: 12 hours
  • Reproduction and Vitalist Therapeutics: 24 hours
  • Safety, Side Effects, and Contraindications: 36 hours
  • Bach Flower Essence: 18 hours
  • Nature Observation and Field Trips: 36 hours
  • Interview Skills: 30 hours
  • Case Analysis: 30 hours
  • Professional Practicum: 20 hours
  • Materia Medica Independent Study: 90 hours
  • Advanced Herbal Pharmacy: 36 hours
  • Orientation / Exams: 7 hours

Occupational Objective

The program prepares the student with the skills necessary to offer advice on herbal and nutritional wellness in a retail or private office setting. Graduates of the Advanced Herbalism program will have a thorough set of skills in Vitalist Western Herbalism and Nutrition.

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