CSCH offers Fundamentals, Advanced, and Clinical training in Western Herbalism, Integrated Nutrition, Field Botany, Aromatherapy, and Flower Essences in the Vitalist tradition. The Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism was founded as The North American Institute of Medical Herbalism in 2003 by Paul Bergner. Our current Director is Lisa Ganora. Our school is located in the heart of Lafayette, Colorado, a botanically-rich area where the Rocky Mountains meet the Great Plains. We are approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Private Occupational School Board.

CSCH Offers The Following Programs:

  • Fundamentals of Medical Herbalism: a five-month, 370-hour certificate program in introductory-level Vitalist herbalism and nutrition
  • Advanced Herbalism Program: a six-month, 540-hour certificate program in intermediate and advanced-level Vitalist herbalism and nutrition
  • Clinical Herbalism Program: an eight-month, 385-hour certificate program in the clinical practice of Vitalist herbalism and nutrition
  • Clinical Nutrition Program: a two-year certificate based on nutrition studies in the Fundamentals, Advanced, and Clinical programs with additional weekend hours in advanced Vitalist nutrition studies
  • Flower Essence Practitioner Program: like the Clinical program, a two-year, 56-hour certificate based on FES studies in the previous programs with additional evening hours
  • Rocky Mountain Field Botany: a stand-alone summer course that meets mainly in the field
  • Clinical Intensives: four- and five-day concentrations in Materia Medica, interview and evaluation skills, and other advanced studies with visiting and senior faculty
  • Ideas for future studies include an Aromatherapy program and an Evening program
Please see the Certificate Programs page for more information. Current CSCH CATALOG and CSCH Application CSCH continues in the tradition of NAIMH using the core curriculum developed over more than 15 years by Paul Bergner. We are dedicated to comprehensive education in Traditional Western Herbalism, Vitalist Nature Cure, Integrated Vitalist Nutrition, and Flower Essences.