3 Ways to Feel a Greater Sense of Ease in a World That Demands So Much From Us

By Meghan Pivarnik

Clinical Herbalist

Flower Essence Practitioner


Are you feeling exhausted from work, family life, a commute, or the news? Do you have an injury that is wearing you down? Are you finding it hard to sleep at night or communicate compassionately?

Often our nervous system is frayed and overworked from the stressors of daily life and needs a little nourishing. Our nervous system takes care of us and it is important that we give it extra love, especially in times of stress. I know that adding one more thing to your plate might sound overwhelming but take a deep breath and know you are not alone—and, know that there are small things you can do everyday that won’t take away your time. It will help you feel more ease in moving through your day.

Your sleep is an essential component to restoring and loving on your nervous system. One way to improve your sleep is to eat a high-protein and high-fat dinner well before you get into bed for the night. Your body can then focus its energy on rest without digesting your evening’s meal. Sleep allows the body to enter into a parasympathetic state, decreasing cortisol, and lowering the stress response. Sleep will make task management feel less overwhelming, it will bring softness into your days, and allow for connection to your inner landscape. We sleep every night (I hope you do!) – why not make it the most beneficial and healing hours of our day.

Our cells love water. If you don’t have one already, grab a jar, canteen, or water bottle, and start bringing it with you everywhere. Allow this to be like another limb—love it and it will love you. Often we can feel agitation from not drinking enough water throughout the day. You may also notice fewer hunger pangs throughout the day when you are nourished by water. Hydrotherapy is another way that water can help restore your nervous system. Taking a relaxing bath and switching between hot and cold water to stimulate circulation are great ways to bring water into your daily routine in a more intentional way. If you keep a hydration vessel handy, you won’t feel like you are burdened with a huge change. The beauty is that your subtle shift will have a big impact.

Magnesium and B Complex—these two are an amazing pair when it comes to the functions of the body. Magnesium and B vitamins are co-factors for over 300 functions of the body including the cellular energy production cycle. Often our food does not contain the amount of each that we need and supplementation is an easy way to start feeling the soothing effects of a well-nourished nervous system. These nutrients will assist with mental clarity, sleep, digestion, muscle tension and spasm, and an overall sense of well being. You can take these with your morning vitamin or coffee, or right after brushing your teeth. It really won’t take you any extra time!

Once you start to feel the benefits of these three small changes, you may feel extra energy for burst exercise or herbal therapeutics. Let yourself revel in the sensation of space and ease that hydration, sleep, and the magnesium-B vitamins combo can bring. Your vital self is just waiting to be nourished!


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