Summer Solstice Mead-Making

Herbal Medicinal Mead & Summer Solstice Fire Celebration at Elderberry’s

 | Mead is an ancient delight made by fermenting honey with yeast. In this weekend workshop we’re going to Make Mead like a Vitalist! Using honey to extract the virtues of medicinal fruits and herbs, then fermenting this honey into mead, creates a delicious hybrid between strong medicine and enchanting beverage. Our medicinal meads contain less alcohol than tinctures or elixirs, but still represent a potent herbal extraction that not only preserves for years but continues to improve with age.

We’re going to learn the cold process, where the herbal-infused honey and must (the mixture that will become mead) are only gently warmed, not simmered or boiled. This preserves the delicate flavors and constituents in the medicinal meads. We’re also not using sulfites or other chemicals, so in order to keep our meads from becoming contaminated with random molds, yeasts, and bacteria, we’re going to learn how to be super sanitary! Medicinal mead-making is also a slow process, where gravity does the clearing and time works the magic. Unlike herbal beers, these meads take their own sweet time to mature.


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