A Day With Ryan Drum at CSCH

Ryan Drum visits Boulder

Herbalist and seaweed expert Ryan Drum, PhD. will be visiting CSCH on Saturday, December 19th, 2015. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to learn from one of the most respected and experienced herbalists and wildcrafters in North America today.

Join us for an extraordinary day of learning on these topics:Ryan Drum Visits the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism

  • Seaweed, Radiation, and Fukushima
  • Autochthonous Herbalism
  • Men’s Health
  • And a screening of his film, The Old Man and the Seaweed!

Ryan teaches organically and by inspiration, so if you want to hear what he has to say on all of the topics, you’ll want to secure a spot in both the morning and afternoon sessions.

Session 1: 10 am – 1 pm

Session 2: 2 pm – 5 pm

There is a $20-$30 sliding-scale cost for each session. You may reserve a spot in one or both of the sessions by emailing LNGanora@gmail.com and calling the office at 720-406-8609. As this is a very special event, there is a chance all the seats will sell out. Pay in advance to guarantee your spot(s). If you plan on paying when you arrive, please check back on this page the day of the event to see if we’ve sold out.

About Ryan Drum, PhD.

Dr. Drum has authored over 30 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals, taught botany at UMASS/Amherst, UCLA, and WWU, and continues to lecture at major herbal conferences and schools today. He inspires many to live the lives of their dreams, rather than those of social construction. His life and philosophies were recently documented in the film The Old Man and the Seaweed. Here’s the trailer for the film, which we will be screening during his day at CSCH.

One of his main areas of interest is using sea vegetables as food and medicine, and he advises their use as part of what he calls a “wise diet.” Anyone interested in incorporating sea vegetables into their daily diet would be wise to lean on Dr. Drum’s expertise on how to best choose, harvest, store, and utilize them.

We hope you’ll join us for a day that is surely not to be missed. Register now while there’s still space!