Clinical Herbalism

(For Graduates of 2018 Advanced Certificate Program)

September 6, 2018 to May 24, 2019

385 Total Hours • Program Costs $5000
($4450 Tuition +$300 Capstone Project/Thesis fee
+ $100 Books and Materials + $150 Application Fee)


The Clinical Herbalism Certificate Program is designed for students who wish to develop skills in the practical application of Fundamental and Advanced Vitalist herbalism and nutrition, including interview and assessment procedures, case write-ups, safety and referral screening, scope of practice requirements and limitations, health and wellness education for clients, apothecary and herbal pharmacy skills, and student teaching. Clinical Herbalism students select a weekly four-hour shift in the Evergreen Center clinic, where they practice interviewing and writing up client cases. These anonymized cases are evaluated by faculty and fellow clinicians and discussed during regular Round Tables on Thursday evenings from 6-9 pm. In addition, clinicians work on educational literature, research and write a thesis, complete practica in clinic management and classroom teaching, and attend bi-monthly professional development seminars.


Advanced Herbalism program or equivalent advanced studies in herbalism, nutrition, interview skills, and clinical safety.


  • Clinic Attendance: 120 hours
  • Case Review: 165 hours
  • Thesis in Materia Medica: 40 hours
  • Teaching Practicum: 12 hours
  • Client Education: 18 hours
  • Practice Management Practicum: 30 hours

Occupational Objective

This program prepares the graduate to develop a practice in clinical herbalism and nutrition.

Payment Plans

In order to make the Clinical Program more affordable for promising graduates of Advanced Herbalism, extended payment plans and a limited number of partial work-exchange opportunities may be available for those with genuine need. We do not qualify for Federal Financial Aid programs.

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