Herbs in the Workplace

Cara O’Neal, Certified Herbalist

According to the American Psychological Association, a third of Americans experience chronic stress from work. In addition to this, a poll conducted by YouGov found that 45% of Americans report feeling tired three or more days out of the week. Regardless of how much you may like your job, there is a good chance that at some point you may experience the symptoms of stress, burnout, brain fog or fatigue in the workplace. Luckily there are ways to help alleviate these symptoms by incorporating nature, herbs, and natural techniques into your workplace routine.

There has been a lot of discussion in the media recently regarding work-life balance. A lot of large corporations are acknowledging that employee health has a direct impact on performance and productivity. While corporations may be working to improve employee health through benefits, increasing paid time off, or even by offering rewards or financial incentives in return for their employees making healthier choices, there are several ways that individuals can improve health on their own. Even if your organization does not offer extraordinary benefits, you can still leverage good health and vitality as a means of improving performance, satisfaction, and confidence at work.

Easy ways to improve your work day:

  • Herbs can be beneficial in many different situations. Incorporating a daily tea into your work routine can be calming and nourishing, or stimulating and refreshing. A tincture of Kava or Linden could be used to relieve anxiety and improve confidence before making a presentation.
  • It’s well known that practices like eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough sleep are great for improving your health. But with good health comes increased energy, improved mood, and it can even mean a higher level of confidence in your appearance. All of these things will trickle into your work life and could mean increased productivity and satisfaction in your work.
  • Having a supportive spiritual practice, using meditation, or keeping a gratitude journal can all be helpful in discovering life purpose and experiencing a greater level of clarity in both your personal and professional life.

All of these techniques are wonderful for enhancing your current career, or can even be useful if you are stuck in a rut and want to find a different job or pursue a different career.

In a study conducted by Ernst and Young, 33% of Americans feel that it is becoming increasingly difficult to have a healthy work-life balance. Whether this is a problem that you are experiencing or not, there is benefit to improving health and finding healthy ways to cope with stress and achieve success. Using natural techniques such as herbs, diet, and lifestyle changes can have dramatic effects on both work and home life.


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