Heating up Valentine’s Day: The Herbal Way

heartInfusion is one of the oldest, most versatile and effective ways to extract herbs. So why not utilize this most trusted technique for Valentine’s Day? With so many different media in which to infuse herbs, it can seem a bit daunting at first. In this class, we explore the diversity of infusions while making fabulous take-home treats.

I find oil infusions to be my cup of tea, especially living in Colorado; infused oils are an ideal moisturizer. For Valentine’s Day, I always whip out my most reliable recipes; spicy massage oil is just the thing I’m looking for! Okay, so, I originally learned this recipe to be a “body oil,” however, upon conducting my own … personal study, I found this to work very well as a massage oil—a great excuse for you and your partner to get cozy with one another! The combination of the Manuka honey and your infused oil is a great match for some sensual muscle relaxation.

When it comes to oxymels (herbal infusions in vinegar and honey) you can never go wrong with Onions! Onions, in the Amaryllidaceae family, are a gentle medicine historically used for colds and flus that can be helpful to everyone, including children. Garlic, in the same family as Onions, has a more potent action and may be added to your oxymel to really bite a cold in the bud; however, it may be too harsh for some children. Oxymels work wonders for sore throats, too; the vinegar cuts and washes away mucus and phlegm while the honey coats and soothes a scratchy throat. I wanted to include this recipe because, in Colorado this time of year, it is still really frigid and we are all susceptible to catching the ever-dreaded cold (and on Valentine’s Day, that’s the last thing anyone wants)! Oxymels are a great, effective cold and flu remedy that won’t disappoint.

Our last topic of discussion in class is centered around one of the most pivotal moments amongst all the Valentine’s Day adventures: dinner. It’s true that we are what we eat … and what we drink. What better way to wind down from the day than with a glass of red wine at dinner? With a great take-home bag of aphrodisiac herbs like Damiana and Rosemary, you can infuse your favorite red wine just in time for the holiday!

These recipes will have you and your honey savoring this Valentine’s Day for years to come.



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