Fatigue: Pathophysiology, Natural Therapeutics, and Adaptogens



Saturday, October 28th & Sunday, October 29th, 2017


10AM-4PM each day


$249 ($199 for NAIMH/CSCH students)


Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism

2900 Valmont Road, Unit F-1

Boulder, CO


In this course you will learn the tools and skill set to assess and address the client with a primary complaint of fatigue. We’ll cover the pathophysiology, differential diagnosis, and root causes of fatigue, and learn methods for using herbal medicine and formulation to improve sleep and correct sleep debt. The categories of adaptogens and Chinese tonic herbs are covered in depth. Included is a critical view of the contemporary concept of the adaptogen, with illustrations of how the misuse of this herbal category can promote burnout rather than relieve it. Included are sections on the right use of Chinese tonic herbs for the Western herbalist, and Chinese herbs to enhance athletic training and performance.

  • Review the pathophysiology and differential diagnosis of the client with fatigue as their chief complaint
  • Learn the role of key nutrients in fatigue
  • Learn the role of dietary selection and food intolerance in fatigue
  • Learn the basic science of sleep, sleep cycles, and sleep debt
  • Learn a method of lifestyle intervention to improve sleep time and quality
  • Learn a complete¬†Materia Medica¬†and formulation approach to improve sleep
  • Learn to critically evaluate claims made for herbal adaptogens
  • Learn the legitimate uses and the most important adverse effects and potential harms of adaptogens as a class, and of 18 specific herbs
  • Learn how to use 18 Chinese tonic herbs appropriately in the context of Western herbalism


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