Do-It-Yourself Herbal Bath Salts and Bombs

Shevey_image_blog_TPTristen Shevey, Certified Herbalist

Have you ever wanted to enjoy a relaxing hydrotherapy treatment in the comfort of your own home? Fall is a great time to decompress and release tension and what better way to do so than with a hot bath including bath salts and bath bombs!

Bath salts and bombs can provide an impetus of healing under times of stress, anxiety, pain, congestion, and inflammation – in your very own tub! Hydrotherapy (the use of hot and cold water) is a traditional technique that assists in bringing blood flow to certain areas of the body and can help with different metabolic functions. With hydrotherapy as the vessel, bath salts can bring a huge relief to the body in many ways.

We will explore the benefits of bath salts/bombs by understanding the essential ingredients of each during this hands-on learning experience. Sneak peak benefits include supporting detoxification of the skin, relaxation of the muscles, and encouraging relaxation for sleepy time. During this class we will learn what makes up a bath salt versus a bath bomb and the different methods of using each one. You will be able to create your own with the core ingredients discussed, plus learn what different herbs you can incorporate to make a unique blend for a unique you!

With a plethora of herbs to choose from, figuring out what you want to address is a good place to start. Some examples of herbs might be Chamomile and Lavender to help relax and unwind from a long day; or Calendula to help soothe swollen muscles from a long day of standing, or with general inflammation. We will also explore different essential oils to mix and match, and make a great-smelling take-away. Bath salts and bombs can be a wonderful ally for soothing skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, insect bites, sunburns and free radical damage. In addition, soaking the body with salt is a great way to absorb minerals and re-energize the skin. You will walk away with a comprehensive list of do-it-yourself recipes to make at home or with a group of people for a fun craft session. We can do a sample foot bath as well to feel the relaxation effects.  With the Holidays on the way, bath salts can be an enduring and beautiful gift to give to someone you love as a thank you, love you, miss you.


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