“CSCH offers a science-based program that also opens up your intuitive relationship with plants, people, and yourself. I searched for a school that combined a strong academic base with an equally strong clinical program, and I have to say that words can’t express how happy I am that I chose this school. A truly inspired program, run by a fantastic staff and faculty.”

– Sheila Luna, dopolincendio.com


“My experience at Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism has been, at once, the easiest thing and the hardest thing I have ever done. It was a life changing experience that I am so grateful to have gone through. The curriculum, faculty and staff are amazing, thoughtful and in a  league of their own. I would highly recommend the school to anyone who wants a top-notch herbal education. #herbalbootcamp”

– Malia Thompson, alatebloomer.net

“The Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism provides so much more than just an education in herbal medicine. It is a life changing experience, and has forever altered the way I look at plants, health, illness, and the world around me. The program is an ideal coalescence of science, tradition, and intuition. The staff of qualified and talented herbalist, botanists, nutritionists, and more, are not only wonderful educators, but they also truly care about your personal experience and your success.”

– Kaley Heckert, indigoearth.org

“The intense focus on clinical experience at CSCH helped me finally truly bridge the gap between the massive amount of abstract studying I’d done through multiple herb schools over many years and the uniquely complex client who walked through the clinic door.”

– Adrian Mintzmyer, mountainplantmedicine.com

“Being immersed in a community of people who are just as excited as I am about herbs is a fertile environment for study.  CSCH provided the rigorous schooling I was looking for, but also resources and relationships that I’m still tapped into after graduation.  I left my clinical year confident in my skills and ready to share them with my community.”

– Alex Svoboda, arisebotanicals.com