Clinician Bios

Each clinician at the Evergreen Center is a Certified Herbalist with at least 800 classroom hours in nutrition, herbalism, and related topics.

Our student clinicians will begin taking new clients on September 25th, 2017!


Meghan Pivarnik

Meghan is a clinical herbalist and flower essence practitioner at the Evergreen Center at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. As a clinician, she brings in her attention to detail, appreciation of each sense, softness, and deep listening. She grew up in New England surrounded by color and water and has always been a lover of nature and plant wisdom. As a child, she played in vegetable and flower gardens, in the creek that ran alongside her home, and waited eagerly each spring for the Peony wands to bloom. She can still feel the body memory of each season’s shift.

Her journey to Colorado was to study poetics but in her first semester of graduate school, while drinking kombucha at the Boulder Farmer’s Market, she had an a-ha moment and knew she was supposed to attend CSCH. Eight years later, her husband asked her what the one thing she would love to do with her life was and they immediately sat down and made her dream begin to manifest. She wanted to be a medical herbalist. She had always wanted to be an herbalist. She is exactly where she is supposed to be.

She holds her MFA in writing and poetics from Naropa University’s Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. Image, language, and sensation fuel the lens in which Meghan understands the world. She remains connected to language professionally as a freelancer for Sounds True Publishing. She’s also a teacher’s assistant at Mapleton Montessori where she works with preschool aged kiddos. The ability witness, sit in stillness, and honor their innate desire to learn is her favorite aspect of working with this age group. Play and self-advocacy over and over again—just like being a vital adult.

Meghan has also studied the history and theory of yoga at Naropa University and Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. She loves and honors the body, feeling its wisdom and emotional landscape deeply.

You might find Meghan camping with her doggy and hubby, looking up with gratitude at the trees as she wanders Denver’s streets, or dancing to live music.

Meghan is grateful to step into the lineage of holding space for people to find their most vital selves. She is very much looking forward to meeting you. You can contact her at Gratitude!

“Deep in their roots, all the flowers keep the light.” –Theodore Roethke

Liz Giles

Liz is a Colorado State licensed Massage Therapist (Scherer’s Academy of Natural Healing, Santa Fe, NM) with certificates in Clinical Aromatherapy (Front Range Community College, Ft. Collins, CO) and Advanced Vitalist Clinical Herbalism (Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, Boulder, CO), with three-plus decades of alternative, holistic health studies, formal and informal. Her business is Health In Essence LLC in Longmont, CO ( She also graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a certificate in Visual Communications.

She has been the volunteer silent auction coordinator for the American Herbalist’s Guild for three years running.

Liz has a special love of traditional herbalism which she began learning as a child from her Grandmother. A first generation Slovak, whose parents came to this country and worked the land on 13 acres of wooded Pennsylvanian acreage, her grandmother brought forth many traditional herbal folk medicines even in a time when herbal medicine was considered “old-fashioned” and “outdated” and was all but forgotten by the modern American population.

Liz’s father, also, was someone who influenced her love of all things natural and opened her eyes to the mysteries, powers, and beauty of what nature is capable of.

Her philosophy is that the body has innate wisdom to heal itself and asks only that we support it in the nature it was designed to function in, rest, proper nourishment, and movement. And when our bodies become out of balance, we offer it the nurturing and gentle nudge it needs, to reset it’s compass, in the direction of health.

Liz looks forward to continuing on this path of exploration and implementation of her advanced herbal knowledge to help people in need from all walks and stages of life, to counsel, educate and together grow in health. Her special interests are in working to resolve skin issues, digestive issues, stress management and strengthening the immune system and nutritional and herbal support and lifestyle hacks. She looks forward working with you!

Amy Jones

Amy’s passion and reverence for the power of plants and food as a primary source of healing wisdom started almost 20 years ago as an undergraduate when she stumbled upon books about herbs in her college bookstore.

Since then, Amy has immersed herself in the world of health, first working with school districts and public health departments and later moving into massage therapy, labor & postpartum doula work and women’s sexuality counseling.
Having dealt personally with disordered eating and a host of health complications as a result of her relationship with food, Amy has a particular focus on helping clients find a relationship to their body, health, and wellbeing that creates vitality & ever greater ease in their daily lives.
Over and over, Amy has found the wisdom and power of plants radically shifting health patterns in herself that she had come to regard as “just how her body is” only to find out that through nature, there was, in fact, a wholly new way to experience her own vitality and wellbeing.
The intersection between our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is the cornerstone of Amy’s work as a budding herbalist and nutritionist as well as the work she does outside the Evergreen Clinic, working with women on emotional and compulsive eating and body image. You can find more about Amy at her website


Sara Marie Miller

Sara is a Clinical Nutritionist, Herbalist and Flower Essence Practitioner at the Evergreen Clinic. Her experience is rooted in collaboration and wellness and she has moved around to study assorted healing and visual arts. She worked as a ceramicist, printmaker, musician and baker in Portland,OR. She moved south to complete an MFA in Printmaking from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and completed a yoga teacher training at the Glowing Body Yoga and Healing Arts Center. While there she deepened her love for breathing and getting into the flow of movement. She studied Thai massage and reflexology in Thailand and studied art abroad in Italy and Poland where she experienced the magic of massive farmers markets and pickled vegetables. She lived in Brooklyn, NY for 5 years, working in the arts and was called to move to the mountains and become a clinical herbalist. CSCH rose to the top of her list as the place to study and has been a miraculous place to heal, learn and now help others.

The core of all of these adventures and interests is an intrigue of nature and a love of working with others. She has found a true home in the plant spirit world and connects through painting plants and gathering flower essences. She worked with Wildcat/Earthstar Farms this summer, gathering herbs for local apothecaries and was reminded of how spending time with the plants is an easy and sacred way to recharge. She is interested in the liminal spaces of our reality and the grace of being in the midst of any kind of transformation. The air changes. Dis-ease is a call from the body to adjust and often the more we dig in our heels and resist the shift the louder our bodies will cry out. She is learning to listen and dance with transitions. She strives to create collaborative connections and brainstorm new ways of taking care of ourselves, each other and our planet.

Contact her at to set up a consultation.


Courtney Cosgriff

Courtney is a Clinical Herbalist, Clinical Nutritionist, and Flower Essence Practitioner at The Evergreen Center Clinic at CSCH. Courtney was born and raised in Morrison, Colorado and has lived in this beautiful state her whole life.  Courtney’s family is from Leadville, Colorado and growing up she frequently traveled back and forth between the front range and high country. Her grandfather was an avid mountain climber, outdoorsman, and conservationist who would often take the family on mountain adventures. Like her grandfather Courtney believes in the importance of keeping one’s senses open to the experiences offered by the world around us, and that there is no better place to clear the mind and quiet the soul than in the wilderness. At an early age Courtney developed a deep love for the natural world and as she got older this love grew as she came to understand her role in protecting it.

In 2012 after traveling abroad in Africa, Courtney began school at Metropolitan State University in Denver. During this time Courtney came to realize that something within healthcare was missing. Courtney was raised eating a Standard American Diet with no real understanding of what it meant to truly nourish the body. In addition to suffering her own ailments, Courtney began to see those closest to her suffer as well, a burden she felt she could not bear. Courtney than found the Integrative Healthcare Program at MSU, and in 2016 she graduated with her Bachelor’s of Science in Integrative Healthcare with a Nutrition minor.  In this program Courtney studied Holistic health, Anatomy and Physiology, Pathophysiology, Nutrition, Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine, Stress and Sleep, and lastly Herbal Medicine. When Courtney came to CSCH she truly found her niche, deeply resonating with helping others from the Vitalist perspective. Courtney takes a practical and compassionate approach with her clients, helping them to navigate a world that can seem so overwhelming so they can find health and balance in their lives.

In addition to this work, Courtney is also a beekeeper. Courtney first discovered her love of honeybees when she met a beekeeper at the age of 18. Her love spiraled into a long journey through which she became a beekeeper herself. She works at The GrowHaus in Denver educating the youth and community about honeybees and how we can help to protect them. In her business Honeybee Herbals, Courtney combines her work as an herbalist and wellness coach with her work as a beekeeper and educator. Courtney believes deep down that all life on this planet is interconnected and that our own health is deeply woven with that of the natural world. She believes that within all life there is a vital force but sometimes due to a wide array of causes that force is blocked and with a little help and love it can be awakened. You can contact her at :,

Johnnie Heider-Kuhn

Johnnie finally answered the calling to study Plant Medicine and Nutrition in 2016 after realizing it has been an underlying passion since early childhood. Hailing from the Wasatch Mountain foothills near Salt Lake City, Utah, he finds joy in Field Botany, Wildcrafting, Horticulture, and making tinctures. He believes most disease and imbalance stems out of a disconnect from our natural environment, our food, and our Inner Wisdom.

A self-described Mystic, Johnnie draws upon a Near Death Experience he had as a child, plus a profound mystical experience as a young College student, to support his clients in joining Body, Mind, and Spirit for optimal healing. Working as a Sleep Research Assistant at Washington State University from 2009-2011 piqued an interest in the role of sleep on overall Vitality. His commitment to understanding the human nervous system, psyche, emotional field, and consciousness in general serves as a platform to his practice. Johnnie specializes in herbal and nutritional therapeutics that can support normal sleep cycles, promote mental clarity, mood balance, integration of difficult spiritual experiences, and healthy digestive function. He offers a safe space for the GLBTQ+ community, and overall enjoys interacting with clients from all walks of life. He recognizes an underlying and rapidly-growing pattern of severe tension and nutritional depletion in the body and emotional field, especially when working with anxiety, mood imbalances, insomnia, compulsive behavior, and chronic pain.

Johnnie received his Bachelor’s of Arts in Counseling Psychology and Fine Art in 2010 from Whitworth University, and he is a student member of the American Herbalists Guild. He works as a Production Associate (Medicine Maker) at WishGarden Herbs in Louisville, and as a Clinical Herbalist at Herbs and Arts in Denver. With his husband, they currently operate a 1 acre herb, vegetable, and flower Urban Farm in Lakewood, having just completed their first season successfully.

He looks forward to holding space for your story, and supporting your quest for health!


Cristina Cantieri

Cristina has been committed to the healing realm path for ten years.  She is a Licensed Massage Therapist as well as a Certified Holistic Doula.  Cristina has been studying Earth Centered Healing and Wise Womb Medicine under Naomi Love for the last few years.  She brings in all of her knowledge and experience to provide compassionate care in each of her sessions.  Cristina will help guide you to reach your highest potential and feel vital in your mind, body, and spirit.  She believes in the body’s innate ability to heal—When we tune in and listen to what we truly need, we make room for the healing to begin.

Cristina’s love for plants and herbs began when she started to look for alternative ways to combat being sick at a young age.  From there, she truly dived into plant medicine, discovering herbal allies along the way.  She believes every connection with a plant allows space to weave new stories, and plant new seeds of intention.

Her core areas of interest include digestive health, stress management, women’s health, emotional stability, and food allergens.  With Cristina’s kind, nurturing, and earth-centered approach, she holds sacred space and provides a safe environment for her clients to share their personal stories and goals.  She supports her clients’ journey towards total wellness and finding balance in all facets of their lives.

To contact Cristina and make an appointment email

Michelle Buroz

Michelle blends knowledge with intuition in her practice, helping clients reach their goals and be the best they can be. She pulls from ancestral knowledge and weaves in her training of anatomy, physiology, and nutrition to better serve her clients as a Clinical Herbalist at the Evergreen Center. Michelle fully believes that by working with diet and lifestyle changes along with vitalist practices and herbs, we make way for the body to heal.

From a very young age, Michelle was interested in nutrition and the healing arts. As a child she often traveled to southern Italy where her grandparents lived. There she learned how to cook using herbs and keep an herb garden. It wasn’t until later in her life that her self-healing journey started and she began to understand how powerful herbal medicine really was. She explored many different ways to use nutrition and herbs for healing and found that the best was listening to her body and allowing for things to be fluid. She believes that life is in constant change, our health is always shifting and adjusting. For this reason she chose to help others and feels called to help her community through these changes.

Her background is in Psychology and she received her Bachelor’s at the University of Vermont. While in Vermont, she discovered her love for the outdoors and appreciation for community. In college she became fascinated with the human mind and body and its powerful ability to heal if given the right environment to do so.

Some of Michelle’s areas of focus include reproductive health, anxiety and stress management, skin health, and chronic or acute health conditions. She specializes in healing the root of disease and believes that we all have the power to heal from within. Michelle loves to empower her clients and equip them with techniques to live a healthier life.

Outside of the Evergreen Center you can find Michelle working at Rebecca’s Apothecary, making jewelry, dancing, and exploring her surroundings.

Contact her at with any questions.

She looks forward to working with you!

Olivia Brasseaux

Olivia’s journey to discovering her own healing path began as a young adult, when she was still what we would call “a teenager,” as she observed the ways that conventional society affected her peers and their health in school. With anxiety, depression and hostility prevalent among so many young people, Olivia sought to learn about alternative solutions to the multiplicity of emotional struggles she and her friends faced.

At thirteen, she began studying traditional Chinese Five-Element Philosophy at Tai Sophia Institute, now Maryland University of Integrative Health, directly with the school founders through the Transformative Leadership and Social Change Masters program, of which her mother was a student. There she learned how to cultivate herself as a healing presence through her language and speaking.

For high school, Olivia chose the path of independent learning and designed her curriculum based on this masters program and Five-Element theory. She had the opportunity to travel and study a broad range of subjects, including herbal medicine, environmental science, peace studies, writing and the arts with traditional healers and scholars.

Olivia has continually been drawn to the power of medicine words, healing conversations and shifting world views to reduce unnecessary suffering. She is excited now to offer her knowledge of herbs, nutrition and flower essences, as well as her full presence and deep listening to her clients, and is interested in working with anyone who aspires to enhance their overall well being through a connection to the natural world, traditional knowledge and wisdom, and integrating herbal practices into their daily lives.

Aisha Vieira

Aisha Vieira has spent her life bridging worlds. The first years of her life took place in the Atlantic forest of Brazil immersed in a plant medicine community. She knew from the age of 5 that she wanted to devote the rest of her life to plant spirit magic. She and her family have since been between the United States and Brazil, working with, spreading and protecting Amazonian medicine, wisdom and the elders of these traditions.

Her story is an interweaving of these lineages with the predominant western mind and culture.  Her passion has always been to marry the languages of science and spirit, so that human beings can remember they come from the Earth. She believes that nature is mathematical perfection, and all the medicine, health, wisdom, knowledge, joy, peace, and most of all abundance is there for us if we listen; it is our birthright.

Other than her roots and the core of where she comes from, Aisha has spent her years enriching herself with different sciences. She has been a student of yoga for 7 years, silencing the mind and coming into close relationship with the body. She has found breath, movement and mindfulness to be immense tools for healing, presence and transformation. Her passions have truly blossomed when she found the practices of the embodiment of spirit. She wishes to be of service to others in that way, so they can fully inhabit their bodies, their hearts and their lives in pure joy.

The quest to fulfill the desire of a scientific structure for the information she has inherently known from the natural world was quenched when she found the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. She has fallen in love with the Physiomedicalist lineages the school roots from and sees in them a structuralized and practical scientific approach to healing, working in stewardship and partnership with the wise forces of Nature and its mathematical perfection. Treating the individual, and still speaking the language of the soul with care, knowledge and expertise.

Kelly Baker

Kelly Baker is a clinical herbalist and flower essence practitioner currently living in Boulder, Colorado. She grew up close to the earth spending much time camping among the forests and mountains of the Western Slope and on the rivers of Western Colorado and Utah. This time spent in nature developed into a deep reverence for the gifts of the natural and wild spaces we are blessed with. She aims to help the respectful relationship between humans and nature develop once again.

She has been working with the land as a vegetable, herb, and flower gardener for the past 8 years, in Chico, California and the Roaring Fork Valley, Colorado. It was in the garden where she first met some plants that are generally regarded as ‘weeds’ but she discovered through research that they had beautiful healing qualities. This led to interest in ‘wild foods’ and when she returned to Colorado to live, she began looking and researching the local plants, finally declaring to mullein (the plant), that she wanted to be a ‘plant doctor’. She still loves using her body to work with the land, and loves being outside.

Always interested in health, Kelly followed her passion from the gardens into the classroom to study the medicinal properties of herbs and to become trained in the Western herbalist tradition. She is so excited to be of service by sharing this knowledge with her community.

She is fascinated with the potential of emotional healing as well as working with the the energetic aspect of our bodies.

Kelly is a deep listener and is here to support and encourage you.  She offers herbs, nutrition and cooking support, flower essences, lifestyle practices, as well as finding other health tools that inspire you, and fit with your life.  She is excited to meet you and begin walking this healing path with you!

Peter Simon

Peter Simon comes from a background unlike most clinicians. Growing up in Colorado Springs, Peter’s family had a moderate interest in natural health, which followed the popular trends in his family’s homeschooling group. He enrolled in the Boy Scouts of America at the first opportunity, where he developed a deeper appreciation for nature; and also achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. After high school, Peter enrolled in the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs’ Mechanical Engineering program, but quickly found himself unfulfilled. After a period of reflection on his love of nature, appreciation for traditional arts, and an interest in healing, he found himself enrolled in CSCH’s program; and now holds a certificate in Advanced Herbalism.  Peter is eager for the opportunity to bring this knowledge to those who do not have exposure to herbal medicine in a relatable and accessible manner.

When not practicing herbalism, Peter enjoys listening to music (primarily metal), storytelling, and exploring new experiences. He is fully comfortable working with members of alternative lifestyles.