Clinician Bios

Each clinician at the Evergreen Center is a Certified Herbalist with at least 800 classroom hours in nutrition, herbalism, and related topics.


Our student clinicians will begin taking new clients on September 16th, 2016!


Gunderson_Calyn_ImageCalyn Gunderson

Calyn aspires to help others be the best version of themselves, and to truly thrive. She believes that nature holds the answers to human health. Being raised on the Standard American Diet and living an instant gratification lifestyle led to a decline in her mental and physical health. After taking small steps in a more natural direction she noticed incredible results and found a new passion exploring alternative methods. She has always had an interest in helping people look and feel their best, believing that true beauty can only exist if health and vitality are vibrant. She loves discovering new outlets to help others feel great from the inside out through nourishing body, mind and spirit. She believes the human body is an incredible vessel and each person should discover how to honor and nurture their vessel in their own unique way. Calyn likes to focus on increasing vitality through mindful practice, nutrition, flower essences, and meeting new herbal allies along the way. It is her mission to educate and empower others by helping them take charge of their health by tuning into their bodies and intuition. Embracing and nourishing each individuals journey and health goals inspires and ignites her passion to help others and get creative finding solutions to fit any lifestyle.


thumbnail_IMG_1449Heather Marie

I find myself ever curious of traditional knowledge and stay inspired by the ancestors that came before us. Nature thrills me and I am intrigued by the never-ending connective-ness between everything, these observations continue to work as a tool in my practice. The underground roots of a tree are the subtle unseen layer to the tree, but if the roots are compromised the whole tree can become sick. The symptoms are the gross level to a much deeper subtle pattern in our being, causing our dis-eases.

How did I arrive at Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism (CSCH)? I have worked in massage and body work since 2003. I have discovered a personal practice of yoga philosophy and meditation that brings much light, clarity and reflection to this human path. I enjoy teaching/sharing these techniques with others, yet… before attending CSCH I still felt there was more to be learned about being able to help people on the biological level. I found myself here at the CSCH to fill that need, to understand how to comprehensively “dig” to the root of a person’s physical dis-eases. To understand the physical/pathological/physiological systems in order to understand the human being as a whole on a completely different level.

The human body is an intelligent vessel that needs much love, attention, and support. There is so much over heightened sensitivity or stress in modern society, this alone is a common thread in our discomfort, disease, sense of despair, fear and the like. Anxiety, eating patterns, loss of self purpose, digestive disorders, reproductive troubles… there is no separation in this web of life between the body and the mind, between our physical patterns and our mental patterns, between our mental patterns and our spiritual evolution. I am here to help trace the lines with you to find the root of these symptoms that ail you. Let us move gently, with awareness, and let us marry the knowledge of science and consciousnesses.

You can contact Heather at or (720) 840-4702.



arias-rochelleRochelle Arias

Hello friends, my name is Rochelle Arias and I am originally from Los Angeles CA. I escaped the city and developed my longing for nature through the love of my wonderful parents who, at an early age, exposed me to camping, fishing, hiking, and finding solitude within these practices, which would eventually teach me to find that same healthful silence within my being.

I consider myself to be somewhat of a selfish person. By selfish I mean the healthy version of selfish, in that I value the necessity of self-care, self-love, and living a life in proper balance by taking responsibility for, and making a genuine effort towards, meeting the needs of my spiritual, emotional, and physical integrity. Stumbling and making mistakes is all an integral part of this process. I cherish laughing, especially at myself, and really trying to read between the lines to see the positive, no matter how challenging that may be. I could not honestly encourage the needs of others without first addressing my own.

As a massage therapist for 13 years I found my gateway into alternative methods as it pertains to helping others. I highly appreciate and am endlessly impressed by the power of physical and emotional awareness gained through body-work therapy. Over the years I have had clients, friends, family members, and people being referred to me who ask questions in various categories about health. I have been blessed with being able to help (and even unintentionally motivate) people to lose weight, change their nutritional habits, exercise, and become more positive simply by offering my attention and being a constant reminder in their lives of the possibilities they can achieve. They value the feedback that I give and I want to offer optimum guidance for an individual’s circumstances.

This same acknowledgement has carried over into, and brought me to the remarkable and imperative realm of herbal medicine and nutrition. Plants are a forgotten remedy that have been a success since primordial beings occupied this earth. That this fact has become an adulterated actuality is shameful and disastrous as we burrow deeper into the age of modern medicine and much of its damaging consequences.

I don’t know exactly what my “calling” is in this lifetime, but I believe that this path of holistic health that I consider priority in my life speaks to my deeper senses and intuition.

People have the ability to assuredly affect their own circumstances in opposition of decline. I aspire to assist in this healing process, and I hope to be a positive ally on your journey to a future of lasting health and happiness, vitality and vigor.

“Let there be JOY, let there be laughter, and with that, eternal memories to follow after.”  – RLA –



romero_clinic-pictureMadelyn Rattan Romero

Raised by an herbalist, Madelyn’s childhood illnesses were largely addressed using herbs, and she rarely visited doctors. When she fell ill during college, she realized she did not trust the medical establishment to truly heal her, and began learning to take care of her own wellbeing. Blessed with many wise and loving herbal healers in her life, Madelyn was able to begin addressing her health issues, and later enrolled in the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism to continue learning to heal herself.

Madelyn’s experiences have led her to believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn about anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and how to care for themselves in order to decrease reliance on a medical system that often immediately turns to pharmaceuticals. She believes strongly that the more people understand their bodies and how they work, the more they can love them and care for them. She enjoys helping to educate people in this regard, and is particularly drawn to Paul Bergner’s concept of “being a boring herbalist”- working with Vitalist practices, diet, and lifestyle changes to heal ourselves, and trusting the vital force within our bodies to heal us when properly supported. When using herbs, she is especially excited to work with the local plants people consider weeds, appreciating their sustainability, vitality, and the knowledge that strong medicine is growing on the side of the road. Like so many, illness led her here, but a burgeoning passion has kept her at the school. Her own experiences have fostered in her a desire to help others find the same healing.



chloe.marcellus.picChloe Marcellus

Hi there, I am Chloé Marcellus, and I am one of the student clinicians here at CSCH.  Thanks for taking the time to read my bio.  I am an aspiring Clinical Herbalist and garden designer, originally from PA.  I moved to CO in 2003 in pursuit of snow and a meaningful life. I moved to Boulder a year ago to attend CSCH to learn a side of the plant kingdom that involves their relationship with us through medicine and healing.

I have a background in gardening and growing vegetables.  This started in the late 90’s and has been a perennial career for me since I  started working in gardening centers during my summer breaks from fine art school.  For the last 20 years I have developed my knowledge and skill set in the field of horticulture.  Along the way, I had the fortunate opportunity of working with a fellow CSCH alum whose knowledge base of medical herbalism inspired me to deepen my understanding of the plants I’ve been working with, which was primarily from a horticultural perspective.  In 2013 I received my permaculture design certificate at the same time as managing crop production on a permaculture farm in Steamboat Springs, CO.

  I enjoy spending my time getting dirty, quietly observing spaces and systems. When I’m not playing in the dirt I enjoy practicing tai chi. Gardening and herbalism has given my life more depth and meaning over the years.  My hope is that I can support your needs through herbal and nutritional advice to help you regain your sense of balance and fulfill your health goals so you can enjoy all that has meaning to you.  I look forward to the opportunity to be your clinician and to share the knowledge I’ve learned over the years.



Haley_Severtson_PhotoHaley Severtson

Born in a small town in the pacific northwest, I spent many of my childhood days out in the forest building tree forts and playing in the woods. I was always surrounded by many plants and had a fascination with them. I have very strong childhood memories of accidentally running through fields of Nettles and being surrounded by the wild ferns and moss growing from the massive forests. It wasn’t until I moved to Colorado that my passion for the plants started to blossom. In my late teens, I became more interested in hiking and fishing. As the years went on, I took up rock climbing and mountaineering. Spending much time in the back country alone backpacking and free climbing, I started to notice the plants around me more, and gained an appreciation for them. Each one had a certain character about it that I could not explain, yet I knew there was something to it.

I first began studying herbal medicine at Front Range Community College where I received my Holistic Health Certificate dabbling in multiple modalities, but herbalism is one subject I began to dive deeper into.  Attending CSCH has had such a positive impact on my life and my relationship with the plants, and I look forward to sharing that with other people. I’m very passionate about working with plant medicine that focuses on the emotional heart as well as the physical body, believing that our greatest harmony comes from also healing the mental and emotional aspects of our lives. I have a particular interest in helping people heal from emotional binge eating and sugar addictions. Also apprenticing with the school’s flower essence teacher Deanna, I have been learning more about the beauty and depth of working with flower essences. I believe true healing comes from nurturing all aspects of our lives. Let’s go on this healing journey together.



Carrie_Raissle_ImageCarrie Raissle

Carrie dreams of living in a world where everyone has the education, awareness, and desire to live as healthy and happy as possible. She grew up in a standard American diet household, where she developed many ailments as a young adult that are so common in today’s society. Dealing with all of these things in a holistic way truly sparked a lifelong interest in herbalism and nutrition.

As a child Carrie was always outside from sunup to sundown climbing trees, playing in creeks, and picking flowers. Always being unconventional, traditional college was not fitting for her soul. She went on a ten-year journey to find herself, her passions, and her calling in life. She traveled all over the United States as well as Chile as a river guide all the while using the rivers and plants as her allies. She not only found her love for the Earth, but compassion for other humans as well. She has a knack for understanding and holding a loving space for others to express themselves in a non-judgmental environment. Through being a conscious observer of herself, her surroundings, and her loved ones she has gained the strength to give back to others what they have given to her.

On this quest to find herself she stumbled upon the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. Carrie finally found an outlet to gain the skills, knowledge, and guidance to heal others and fulfill her calling to serve others. CSCH has given her more than she could ever imagine, and improved her life in all ways. Carrie is honored to be a part of this school and to practice the Vitalist tradition that our ancestors used so wisely.

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.” –Hippocrates.



Emmy portraitEmmy Huddleston

Emmy was born and raised in the South, and it shows in her patient, kind demeanor. In her youth, you could find Emmy climbing the great magnolias, exploring the deciduous woods, dissecting plants and their flowers (imagining and trying desperately to understand how they work), helping wounded animals, and following her dad around as he worked at the hospital. As an herbalist, she brings along the same curiosity, care, and attention to detail into her work with clients.

In the world of herbs and nutrition, Emmy has great interest in returning to vitalist, traditional practices. From traditional ways of diet and food preparation to vitalist practices and herbs, Emmy has a great deal of passion for assisting her clients in getting in touch with their own individuality and returning to maximum health physically, mentally, and spiritually.

She has great interest in working with any case- especially challenging ones. She is passionate about digging deep to find answers that may have been overlooked before and helping to empower individuals, and give them the tools to bring about positive change in own their lives.



ClinicbioheadshotCali Leola Simpson

Cali believes that the closer humans are to the spirit, wisdom, and teachings of nature the more connection, truth, vibrancy, and health they experience.  Each one of us is on a path of remembering that we are whole, complete, and vibrate pure health and vitality.  Cali’s mission is to help you remember how to return to this state of being and sustain holistic wellness in body, mind, and spirit.  Each one of us has the ability to remove obstacles, opening to the power of Nature to manifest health.  You and Spirit are co-creators in your healing with Cali’s compassionate support and extensive knowledge of herbs, flower essences, nutrition, and supplements as allies on your journey.  With patience and care, Cali will nurture your greatest balance and alignment to clarify your purpose and highest potential.  In working with her, there is an opportunity to reframe personal struggles; she believes disease, injury, and pain are doorways to transformation.  As there is no separation between the emotional imprint on the body and the physical symptoms experienced, she facilitates movement of stored emotion out of the physical form encouraging this transformation.  

Over the past decade, Cali’s own path of healing has led her through many certifications, to various different countries, studying raw food medicine, apprenticing with naturopathic doctors and acupuncturists alike and offering guidance as a registered yoga teacher, certified Thai massage therapist, and Reiki practitioner.  She studied philosophy and world religions at University of Oregon and the International Center for Management and India Studies in Bangalore, India.  Her approach to wellness offers a blend of science, research, intuitive sense, ancestral wisdom, and love.  Her warmth and down-to-earth nature make her teachings accessible and invite clients to relax in her presence. Cali has a deep reverence for mother nature and embodies this earth energy through a grounded and gracious spirit.  Her passion in herbalism resonates with the wise woman tradition: heart-centered care, consciously wildcrafting, and making medicine in the field.  While Cali’s enthusiasm for plant medicine is contagious, her enthusiasm for the medicine of human connection is even greater.  Cali’s intention is to focus her sessions around you as a unique individual, you will feel heard and met as she explores with you the various pathways toward your greatest vitality.  



Heather_Saba_ImageHeather Saba

Heather’s work with herbs is intimately connected with her story.  This makes her practice as a Clinical Herbalist very personal.  She believes that everyone has their own unique life story and is curious how herbs help convey it.  Through helping people identify with their herbal allies, find their personal nutritional balance, and define a healthy lifestyle that works for them, she hopes to offer assistance on the path of writing their own life story.  She encourages and warmly welcomes the diversity that comes from all walks of life and socio-economic backgrounds into her herbal consultations.  Her core areas of focus are stress-management, reproductive health, acute and chronic health conditions, emotional stability, and energy balancing.  Email her anytime to inquire more or book an appointment today:

Born and raised in the Appalachians of Virginia, Heather approaches herbal medicine with a background from the Wise Woman Tradition.  Growing up she would constantly inquire: ‘What can I do that is Natural?’ and ‘What is the root cause?’ in the face of all types of doctors.  Receiving little answers that rang true to her, she journeyed on to discover them for herself.  An avid traveler, Heather first realized her passion for Herbalism and preserving traditional knowledge of medicine while living in the Northern Andes of Carhauz, Peru as a participant researcher for the Center for Social Well-Being.  After receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociocultural Anthropology at the University of Virginia with a minor in Religious Studies, she broadened her horizons to learn how to apply her knowledge to the plants and then the people.  Her devotion lead her to work with and deepen her study of the plants of the Mountain West, learning their roots in physiomedicalism and native traditions at CSCH.  A permaculture enthusiast and perennial gardener, Heather also works for Dynamic Roots, a high-altitude herbal company, and Alpine Botanicals, a budding bioregional, biodynamic herbal apothecary-to-be.  She weaves her passion for writing with herbalism, ancestral knowledge, and anthropology through serving as the Herbal Anthropology Project’s blog writer.

When Heather is off-duty, you can find her dancing, cooking, in a yoga pose, exploring new pockets of land, meeting new plant communities, nurturing a garden, and hiking with her two pups Gaia and Luna.



Emilie_Lantelme_ImageEmilie Lantelme

Emilie’s passion for the outdoors and exploring all of its natural wonders began at an early age. She fell in love with the flora and fauna of the New England woods where she spent most of her time as a kid, exploring a plethora of recreational pursuits such as hiking, boating, backpacking, skiing, and immersing herself in nature’s rhythms whenever possible.

After graduating with a B.A. in Psychology and Communications from the University of Denver, she moved to Aspen, CO, where she spent the past five years, working as an environmental educator, journalist, ice hockey coach, ski instructor and yoga teacher. Looking for a change of pace and a new adventure, she decided to move to Asia shortly thereafter, working and traveling in and around Thailand. After struggling with various health issues while living in these areas of the world, it became clear how important of a role food and herbs played in her everyday life. This integral experience acted as a catalyst in her journey towards exploring more alternative healing modalities in order to help herself and others along the path towards healing.

Emilie is thrilled to be a part of the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism’s community of like-minded individuals who have a deep care and understanding of how to listen to one’s body. She believes that a person cannot flourish in this world unless they are treated as a ‘whole’ person, meaning their body, mind and spirit need to be revitalized in order to achieve good health. The Vitalist tradition is something that speaks to her because she has found in her own life that implementing a set of wellness habits such as a daily yoga practice, meditation and learning to cook nutrient-dense meals helps her to feel centered both physically, emotionally and spiritually. She continues to be appreciative of all that herbalism and proper nutrition has offered her so far, and hopes that by working as a clinician, she can help pass on this knowledge and empower others in their search for holistic wellness and sustainable living. Emilie is interested in helping those who would like to learn how to implement stress-reduction techniques and vitalist practices into their lives, as well as receive guidance in meal planning and time management in the kitchen.

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” –Hippocrates



Matt_Koontz_ImageMatt Koontz

Matthew Koontz is an alternative healthcare professional who specializes in nutrition and herbal therapies. He completed his herbal studies with Honors at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism and received his Nutrition Consultant Certification with Honors from Bauman College for Holistic Nutrition. His training included herbal and nutritional therapeutics for many health conditions, but he specializes in gastrointestinal issues, cardiovascular health, blood sugar control, and inflammatory conditions. With the support of herbal medicine, Matt can also help you with acute conditions including colds and flu, surgery recovery, and many types of pain. 

Through a long health journey of his own, Matt has encountered the difficulties of developing a healthy lifestyle and fostering vitality. He uses his own experiences to help others find their natural path to better health and believes we can always find more space and time for happiness. In order to find the best therapies for you, Matt will consider your constitution, condition, context, and commitment to create a personalized plan for you. For the best results, he will ally with your current healthcare providers and coordinate therapies.

If you’re curious about how Matt can help you improve your current health condition contact him by email at to schedule a 10 minute chat.



1T3A7788Jamie Mantey

Jamie is deeply devoted to the path of embodied, heart-centered health and happiness. The poetry of the plant world began speaking to her when she was growing up. Ever since, she has been observing nature’s cycles and deepening her understanding of medicinal plants.

Along the way over thirteen years, she has had the good fortune to study with many great herbalists. In addition to her clinical studies for the past two years, she has been apprenticing with shamanic herbalist and healer, Ann Drucker. Jamie relates to plants as powerful teachers and healers of mind, body, and spirit.

In the Evergreen Clinic, Jamie supports people’s authentic, vibrant aliveness by offering Herbal and Flower Essence Consultations, specializing in women’s wellness. In her private practice, she also offers Hands-on Healing (specializing in Mayan Abdominal Massage), Yoga and Meditation Instruction, Women’s Wellbeing Coaching, and Women’s Circles. She is the co-founder of an herbal coffee replacement company, Rasa Koffee,

Jamie delights in many forms of dance, and studies Indian temple dance, Bharatanatyam, in the T. Balasaraswati lineage. A student of myriad holistic, somatic, transformative and spiritual modalities for fifteen years, she holds a BA from Sarah Lawrence College in psychology. Jamie loves spending time in nature, laughing, and cats.



candace_lawley_image2Candace Lawley

A third-generation Coloradan, Candace was born in Boulder and has lived here all of her life. When she was in her early 20’s, she struggled with constant illness and fatigue. After years of numerous doctors offering unhelpful advice, she visited a nutritionist. It was there that she was given the suggestion to eliminate gluten for three weeks – if she didn’t see an improvement they would find another approach. Three weeks was all it took for her to feel like she was living in a completely different body, and it was at that time that she realized her passion for helping others live their healthiest life possible.

Seven years later, she still wholeheartedly believes that healing starts with nutrition, and is excited to help others find that healing. She is also a Reiki practitioner and loves using rocks and stones in her healing practice.

Random fun facts: in her spare time, she follows Pearl Jam around on their latest tour. She’d probably be sorted into Ravenclaw. Her favorite quote from a film is, “when the stars exploded millions of years ago, they formed everything that is this world. Everything we know is stardust.”

If you’re looking for someone who wants to work with you to be your healthiest, happiest self, at whatever pace you choose, Candace would love to be your clinician. Some of the areas in which she has experience and wants to help others include:

  • Digestive issues
  • Food allergen identification/elimination
  • Virus management (HSV1 & HSV2, chicken pox, shingles, etc)
  • Skin issues
  • Building/boosting the immune system
  • Incorporating exercise into your daily routine



Bonnie_McIntosh_ImageBonnie McIntosh

Bonnie grew up in two different worlds: in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia as well as the deserts and canyons of Arizona.  In Virginia, her days were spent exploring Appalachia on the back of her horse and fox-hunting.  In Arizona, she spent her time camping, hiking, and rafting rivers with her dad, a Grand Canyon river guide. It was the beauty and plant life of the Colorado River that sparked her love affair with plant magic. Although splitting time between two parents was difficult, experiencing these two extremely different landscapes instilled a deep love for the natural world and the stillness of wild places.

In 2012, Bonnie decided to explore the mountains of Nepal and found herself shadowing a midwife in the Himalayas.  During that time, her interests came into focus: to make plant medicine more accessible, and integrate this with birth work.  Many people do not have access to healthcare, or if they do, cannot afford it. It is important to Bonnie to offer alternative healthcare in a way that is approachable.

Bonnie’s values include coming up with solutions for clients wherever they are at,  recognizing the body’s innate wisdom, and creating a safe space, partly through nonjudgemental listening. She recognizes that the medical system can be traumatizing to some, and many people seeking alternative forms of healthcare are doing so because they have not had desired results with western medicine. She incorporates herbs, nutrition, and flower essences into her practice. Her areas of interest include stress management, digestive health, autoimmune disorders, reproductive health, and empowering a client through self education.

Bonnie is trained as a doula and it is her intention to pursue midwifery after graduating. She would like to start a doula business making birth more accessible to populations/identities that are often underserved, with a particular focus on the queer and trans community. 

To contact Bonnie and make an appointment, email




Leslie was raised in the Rocky Mountains, and is particularly interested in the medicinal plants available in Colorado’s unique ecology. She likes to engage her clients’ natural ability to heal themselves using a variety of techniques in the vitalist tradition, including nature cure, mind/body awareness, herbs, nutrition and flower essence therapy. With an extensive background in sustainable agricultural practices, Leslie also likes to empower her community through education on responsible wildcrafting, as well as how to grow food and medicinal plants at home.

Leslie holds a bachelors degree in Environmental Science with a minor in Eastern Religious Practices from the University of Colorado here in Boulder. She has been studying meditation and nutrition for the last ten years and as an avid outdoor athlete, is a huge supporter and practitioner of wilderness therapy. Her greatest hope is to offer clients a safe and welcoming place to connect with themselves and tap into the infinite pool of potential that is the vital force. 



Clare_Kritter_imageClare Kritter

Clare’s relationship to herbal medicine reflects the trees and lakes and prairies of her childhood, the shifting seasons, and the vast American West – from the Mountains to the Ocean to the Desert. It is inspired by her lifelong relationship to dance and the arts, her passion for social justice and human rights, her study of traditional Chinese tongue and pulse diagnostics, and her patchwork inquiry into medical and psychological astrology. But more than anything, Clare aims to build her practice around the values of trust, inclusiveness and accessibility, listening and non-judgment, and the recognition of the structural roots of dis-ease (especially along lines of gender identity, sexual identity, race and class, as well as ancestral trauma). Clare believes healing to be a collaborative process between the herbalist, the client and the herbs themselves, and will work to the best of her ability to ensure her clients feel safe, heard and empowered.

Previous to her work as an herbalist, Clare was working in the global women’s movement, supporting radical feminist organizations around the world in demanding the rights to health, freedom, and an end to violence. Clare believes practicing herbal medicine to be a natural, more embodied extension of that work, and has come to believe that using herbal medicine is, in and of itself, a radical act. In a culture that denies the innate wisdom of the body and of the natural world, Clare believes herbal medicine to be a tool of re-claiming our personal power, and re-claiming our right to thrive. For Clare, this work has become an act of re-shaping history and re-tracing tradition, reminding her that we each come from our own healing traditions –traditions that we can unearth and adapt in whatever way we can to bring peace to this hurting world, traditions that we can call upon to live into our power today.

In addition to the Advanced Herbalism program at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, Clare has studied TCM pulse and tongue diagnostics for Western Herbalists with Dr. Will Morris, completed an 8-month apprenticeship at the Ohlone Herbal Center in Berkeley, California, and studied Folk Medicine and Magic of Old Europe with Liz Migliorelli, a program exploring the indigenous healing practices of Europe. Using herbal medicine, nutrition, flower essences and Vitalist practices, Clare works to integrate her diverse background and training to support her clients on their unique journey towards wellness and balance. You can read more about Clare at



Amanda_Proscino_ImageAmanda Proscino

Operating within a culture that glorifies burnout and actively discourages self-love, Amanda provides clients with tools to navigate a dysfunctional world. She specializes in inclusive, nonjudgmental care and prioritizes the need to meet folks where they’re at. She acknowledges that optimal health is different for everyone- and that its path is not always linear. She strongly believes that access to a safe and respectful healthcare environment is a human right, regardless of socioeconomic barriers. She is committed to providing such an environment for her clients.

While competent in a breadth of topics, Amanda’s strongest interests lie in gentle & accessible therapeutics, intentionality practices, food as medicine, the use of environmentally sustainable & abundant herbs, and radical self-care.

Spending the majority of her life with problematic digestion, chronic pain, and anxiety, Amanda’s passion for alternative healthcare is deeply rooted in personal experience. Along with over 800 in-class hours of intensive herbal study, she comes to the Evergreen Center with a degree in Public Health, a background in city-based environmental youth work, and a commitment to social justice.

Amanda is a holistic herbalist, intersectional feminist, jewelry artist, and lover of street tacos. She looks forward to working with you! If you have any questions, needs, or booking requests, please feel free to contact her at



FullSizeRender-1Callie Longenecker

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Callie spent her growing years as the oldest daughter in a family of 7 children. From a young age, she always craved the simple pleasures of Nature and spent her time horseback riding and making friends with all of the little critters and plants around her. At the age of 15, she began apprenticing with a community herbalist and also had the opportunity of assisting with the birth of her youngest sister. It was at that point that she discovered her passion for herbalism and felt especially drawn to tending to women and children. Later on, she decided to move to Colorado to attend CSCH and further her work with herbal medicine and nutrition. Through her own journey with herbs, clean foods, flower essences, and self-care, she has overcome many personal health issues and is confident that the body is 100% capable of healing itself, given the right tools. Callie’s herbal care and support have a primary focus on female/reproductive health, as well as anxiety, depression, and insomnia. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, reading old books, baking, writing poetry, and playing piano. Callie is also a Certified Holistic Doula and plans to study Midwifery over the next few years. With her gentle approach and nurturing spirit, she provides a very safe atmosphere for her clients to share their personal stories and health goals. There is so much healing to be found in Nature and she strongly believes that everybody should seize that opportunity.




Elias grew up in the green forests of Maine, where he developed a deep love and affinity for the magic and mystery of the natural world. Growing up he experienced a number of physical and psychological conditions such as, depression, anxiety, emotional imbalance, challenges with focus and attention, disassociation with physical reality, nervous system impairment, and food allergies. A number of these conditions faded with time, others with adjustments of diet, lifestyle and herbs, but one common thread is that alternative health practices were much more successful at addressing these things for him than the conventional medical paradigm. This, in turn, fueled a passion and curiosity for exploring alternative therapies for assisting himself and others find peace with their self and embrace states of more balanced health and well being.

His life experiences took him down many paths which ultimately led to the study and exploration of a variety of healing and energetic modalities, to name a few, reiki, ‘Munay Ki’ (Incan shamanic practice), and spirit communication. Through interest in becoming more grounded and being able to work with people in more conventional ways he decided to study nutrition and herbalism which led him to the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, and is also working as an herbalist in a local apothecary.

Elias is passionate about the outdoors, hiking, adventures, foraging for herbs and tasty treats along the way, cooking, potion crafting, energetic medicine, and the arts, and is able to incorporate some of this into client sessions through working with nutrition and flower essences (for confronting and addressing underlying emotional and energetic patterns which may be sabotaging one’s overall health). One of the bigger focuses regarding nutritional support that he is able to offer is tools for assisting lifestyle adjustments towards being dairy free and/or gluten free. He has been a vegetarian for over 20 years and cultivated experience in food production and fermentation, and has applied it in learning how to make healthy and delicious alternatives to potential food allergies, as well as how to make probiotic foods for strengthening the gut. In addition he can help with vegetarians who are concerned they are not getting enough protein.



14608898_10209428677288003_886019205123172794_oDanielle Ryan

Danielle Ryan is an aspiring community herbalist, holistic nutrition and detox coach, Ashtanga yoga instructor, permaculture designer, and a deep supporter of each individual’s healing journey. She is passionate about giving her clients tools to better understand their own body, educating them on the abundant wisdom of the plants, and providing applied nutrition and lifestyle practices for optimal health of body, mind and spirit.

She aims for health to be accessible to all people, regardless of race, gender, age, or socioeconomic class. She educates her clients on the inner-workings of the human body, bringing transparency to the often confusing and uninvolved client and clinician relationship. Her goal as a healer is to empower others to confidently and compassionately take control of their own unique healing processes.

After graduating from Whitman College with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Philosophy, Danielle moved to Southeast Asia where she led groups of students into hill-tribes villages connecting them to simple, traditional ways of life, offering community service work as needed. Her love for international travel and healing brought her to many places in the East where she delved into every opportunity to expand her tool chest. She became a Certified Holistic Nutrition and Detox Coach in Indonesia, lived at the Shiva Yoga Peeth Ashram in Rishikesh, India, where she became an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, and studied Ayurveda with practitioners across India. After moving to Boulder, CO, she apprenticed with Whole Heart Botanicals where her love for herbalism blossomed. Danielle combines wisdom from these various schools of thought with the knowledge from Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism (CSCH) to offer a holistic approach to well-being.

Danielle is known to be a devoted listener, an uplifting spirit, and a holder of space for those around her to heal in their own time. She calls on the help of the elements and nature with great devotion, presence, and warmth to allow her clients to unravel the mystery of their own health.   

If you are interested in working with Danielle, you can email her at or (805)-455-8410.



Cara_Oneal_imageCara O’Neal

Cara‘s path through life has been guided by her heart, which leads her to helping others no matter which fork in the road she takes.  She has a genuine passion for helping people and educating others on health, wholeness and the power of natural healing.  Cara was drawn to study at CSCH after she experienced the incredibly healing power of herbs, Chinese Medicine and proper nutrition.  Having been on a path to healing for several years now, Cara is excited to help others to discover true health and to obtain an amazing quality of life. 

Cara grew up in Colorado not too far from Boulder, CO.  Cara holds a B.S. in Psychology and certifications in Life Strategies and Holistic Life Coaching.  Cara also has 10 years of experience in Human Services, working with a wide range of individuals on both the direct care and management side.



img_2450Lyndsey Hays

Lyndsey has always felt deeply connected to two things; nature and those around her. She grew up wandering the forests, grasslands and lakesides of Minnesota with her siblings and cousins. It was there were you could find her foraging and eating every plant, grass and leaf she could get her hands on. Since childhood her relationship with plants and humans has changed, but her heart remains the same; to gain a better understanding of nature and those around her, and to see both restored and made whole.

Lyndsey is a holistic healer who not only emphasizes restoring the body, but the mind and spirit as well. She believes that healing is not linear, but rather a journey that involves the intricate art of balance and a bit of magic. It is her belief that a simple and gentle approach can bring forth the most powerful and long-lasting change when coupled with willingness and dedication. Lyndsey strives to bring balance to people’s lives through nutrition, herbs, lifestyle transformations, supplements, and vitalist practices. These vitalist practices can include; meditation, stretching, positive mental affirmations, hydrotherapy, spending time in nature, various breathing techniques and prayer. Lyndsey considers it an honor to work with herbs and a great blessing to be able carry on the traditions of medicine women and men of old. The invitation into another’s healing journey is not something she takes lightly, but considers a great privilege and an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of humankind and the herbal world alike.

She has experience and is particularly interested in walking with and helping those who:

—Suffer from anxiety and depression, as she is well acquainted with both

—Are looking to make dietary changes due to food sensitivities or lifestyle alterations

—Suffer from constant or intermittent joint pain

—Strive to regulate and sync their moon cycles and other natural body rhythms

—Seek safe, simple, & alternative remedies for basic childhood illnesses (ages 2 and above)

—Are interested in alternative & herbal body care products

Outside of herbalism her interests include her family, community, music, hiking, swimming, skiing, the sun, being outside as much as possible, picnics, gardening, writing, meditation, yoga, cooking, making medicine, baking, organizing, board games and nesting.